Beintehaa 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 3rd April 2014 Written Update

Zain thinks he should forget his nervousness and clear Aaliya’s misunderstandings. Aaliya thinks she is not afraid of Zain and should speak to him. She sees someone going towards the well. She follows her and calls, but the woman does not reply.

Zain is nervously waiting for Aaliya. Aaliya comes and says she wants to speak to him something. He says even he wants to speak. She asks about what. He thinks she wants to listen me first and get me into some trouble, but he will not. She asks if he knows what she wants to speak about. He says of course he has idea. She asks if he has felt weird before. He says he is not feeling weird. Aaliya asks him to come with her. Zain thinks she is going fast forward. Aaliya says she saw a shadow near the well. Zain asks if she was talking about shadow and

well all this time. She says yes. He asks which shadow did she see. She says she does not. He says it must be chudail. There is a warning sign written near the well. He did not see anyone from his childhood. Aaliya says she even called that shadow, but she did not hear her. Zain says Shadow will repent for ignoring Aaliya.

Aaliya informs Chandbibi about the shadow. Chandbibi says nobody goes near the well. Surayya comes and asks Chandbibi to prepare breakfast. She asks Aaliya why is she looking tensed. Zain comes and says she is like tht from yesterday night. Aaliya stops him and takes him back to their room and asks why can’t he keep the secret. Zain jokes where will she go with her sister/chudail, if she will go on a party. Aaliya thinks she will know the truth of shadow somehow.

Gowhar remembers Rizwan and calls him. His phone is out of reach. Nafisa sees her speaking to herself and gets happy. Gowhar thinks of asking Nafisa, but then thinks if Shaziya gets to know, she will kill her. Nafisa calls Rizwan and asks him to come soon. The moment they were awaiting has come now and before Shaziya knows, she will break her sister’s heart. She says Rizwan she will do the same thing that Shaziya did to her. Nafisa sees Shaziya standing behind her and they both start fighting and then disperse.

Aayath meets Aayath and asks why did he call her here. Rizwan says he came to Bhopal not on a business trip, but to meet her. He says he wanted to tell the truth before going back. He gives her gift, but she does not accept it. He says he knows she has been betrayed, but he won’t do that. He asks her to go home and check this gift. He asks her to think if she feels for him or not, if yes then they will meet again, else not.

Aaliya goes to Usman and says she wants to talking to him. He asks if she fought with Zain again. She asks if somebody stays near the well behind their house. He says nobody stays there, but she should not go there. She says she saw a shadow there. He says she must have misunderstood because of her tiredness and asks her to go and rest. Aaliya thinks Usman is right. She sees windows open and goes to close them. She sees woman again near the well and the woman is Surayya. Aaliya is shocked to see her and thinks what is she doing near the well. Aaliya comes to her room and sees Zain sleeps. She thinks of waking him up and informing that she saw Surayya near the well. She remembers chandbibi’s words that that place is locked and nobody is permitted to go there. She thinks it was Surayya itself yesterday also and why had she gone there, is there a hidden secret.

Surayya comes back to the house. She turns back and gets afraid seeing Usman. Usman says Aaliya has seen you near the well.

Aaliya has not yet slept. Zain asks has the party of 2 chudail’s finished. She says she does not want to fight with him and says she saw the face of that shadow. Zain starts joking. She says she saw Surayya near the well.

Usman says Aaliya I told you not to come near the well. Zain asks what is there near the well. Usman says Zain.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. The news that i am going to tell i am not confirm abut it -“surayya goes near the well every nite and weeps saying a name ‘barkhat’ holding a white dress of a baby girl which has a blood stain on it ” i think that name barkhat was the name of the first child of surayya nd osman nd he/she died but they dont want to tell this to anyone. Accept surayya nd osman nobody knews abut it thats why i can say that he/she was the first child of surayya nd oswan

  2. Very nice I think surraya parents has died in the old barkath villa zain and Aliya look beautiful

  3. I hope this track does nt drag too much. Aaradhya if wat u r sayin is true, why are dey hiding it form der children dey shud tell them . shabana n ghulam shud aleast no a bit bout dis n inform aliya or zain otherwise it will drag. speakin of ghulam , hw come he is nt at his home buh shabana n aayat r.

  4. i feel sorry for gauhar rizwan is cheap with 2 women

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