Beintehaa 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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  • Beintehaa 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

    Zain anxiously removes cloth from dead body’s face and is relived that it is not Aaliya. Beinteha… song plays in the background. He goes to ceramtorium and starts calling Aaliya. Ali calls Zain, Zain says they have to find Aaliya at any cost as he saw Aaliya’s broken cycle. Ali says nothing will happen to Aaliya and we all will find out Aaliya. Zain shouts Aaliyaaaaaa.

    Zain hears Azaan sound. He sees someone opening truck’s shutter and gets happy it is Aaliya. Shukran Allah Wal Hamdulillah…. song plays in the background. Aaliya runs towards Zain and happily hugs him. Aaliya professes her love for him and says if they would not have met again, she would not have told him I love you. Zain reminds him that he told her I love you many times. She asks if she told it to him. Zain jokes as if he has 100-150 Aaliyas in his life. Aaliya says he cannot handle 1 Aaliya, with 100-150 Aaliyas he would have gone mad. She then holds her ears and says him sorry. He also holds his ears and says her sorry. She says she will not get angry on him again. Even he says the same. She says she will not do kitkit with him again. Zain says she should do kitkit. Aaliya says she will do kitkit from 5-7:30 from tomorrow.

    Zain and Aaliya reach home. Ghulam, Shabana and whole family get happy. Shabana says it is Shab-e-meraj/night of prayer and says nothing would have happen to them. She asks why did they run out without informing them. Zain says they got back each other today. Zain then changes his words and says he lost Aaliya and found himself. Ghulam says that is the specialty of Bhopal. Badi phupi asks them all to come in.

    Surayya calls Zain and asks if he stuck in riots. Zain says he was in home. Surayya asks him not to tell lie and says he gets into trouble whenever he goes to Bhopal. Zain says Aaliya got stuck in riots and he had to go out to bring her back and gives phone to Aaliya. Aaliya speak to Surayya, but Surayya cuts the call saying she will speak later.

    Shabana comes there and asks Zain and Aaliya to take bath and rest. Zain says she was stuck in tempo whole night and he is also tired, so they should rest. Aaliya’s cousins come there and try to take Aaliya from there. Zain says she is tired and needs rest. Girls say he is telling as if he will massage Aaliya’s legs and takes Aaliya with them. Zain after some time finds Aaliya and romantically touches her and says her good morning princess. Aaliya says if she is really awake. Zain kisses her forehead. Aaliya asks why did he kiss her. Zain says he is his wife and his queen, so he kissed.

    Zain is about to kiss her on her lips, but phuphi comes there and they both part away. Phuphi asks Aaliya to come in kitchen with her and goes. Ishq dua….. song plays in the background. Zain holds Aaliya again and tries to kiss her on lips, but Shabana comes there and asks Aaliya to feed sweet to Zain and asks Zain to romance Aaliya later. She is about to feed him sweet when his cousins come there and asks her to come. As soon as they go, Zain again holds her. Aaliya says he is getting too naughty after telling I love you and runs from there. Zain follows her and says her whole family is not allowing them to romance and says let us go to our home in Mumbai now. They both hold each other’s hand and smile romantically.

    No Precap.

    Update Credit to: MA

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    7. StrawberryPie

      I know updating is not easy, plus u r doing it for free….. but its a request please try and update faster as we all are eager for the written episode and this is the is the fastest ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Yes I agree!

      2. tell me about it

    8. I know it takes time to update but plz try doing it faster

    9. Yippi… They both express their feelings….they said I LOVE U to each other….

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    12. Finally they confessed their love

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    13. really they express!thats so sweet

    14. I saw in another website

      1. StrawberryPie

        Which one?

    15. StrawberryPie

      Hey didnt Zain say ILU before Aliya?

    16. oh dats very sweet

    17. StrawberryPie

      WHoaahhhhhhh!! WHts going on??? (i’m talking about when they get up in the morning)

    18. Update fast!!!!

    19. hi every1…

    20. arey yaar update fast plzzz

    21. Im glad they confessed their love, it was starting to drag really badly. OMG it’s so sweet though. Now its going to be the difficult part where barkat is going to play with their feelings and try to separate them. Cant wait until her reality is exposed.

    22. Awww…. So cute of zaya….

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      Love it yaar

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      luv u zain……….

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      Very nice program

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