Beintehaa 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zainr telling Zain about Aaliya and her family facing much problems, don’t know who is doing this. Zain says he knows everything, Surayya is doing this. Zarina is glad and says no way, how can you think this about your mum. Zain says he is thinking right. He leaves angrily. He comes to Aaliya and sees her offering Namaz. He sits behind her and looks at her. Aaliya thinks Rahman’s word to think what is right, will Allah be happy with her decision. Zain tells Aaliya thay they are doing this to scare us, they don’t know we are strong and our love is also strong, we won’t be scared, right. She hears him after ending the prayers. She keeps the Quraan and stands still.

Zain walks towards her and says we will not lose to everyone. She says its not about losing or winning Zain. She says we forgot Allah in our love, Allah who has put love in our hearts. Zain says what are you saying Aaliya. She says I m saying right, all this comes later, first comes Allah and we are going against him without knowing, we lost our senses in Masjid too, do you remember what Qazi Sahib said, Allah hates Talaaq and we did this, we did Gunaah, we did Talaaq. He says not you, but me. She says but we both have to pay the price, I will do the Halala Nikaah, I will do this sacrifice and give this last test, this is last way to get each other. Zain cries. Aaliya holds him.

Zain nods no. He says there will be some other way. She moves away from him while he looks at her. She says she will do Halala Nikaah. They both cry. Beintehaa…………………plays………………..Shabana and Ghulam hear this and are shocked. They come to Aaliya. Shabana asks is she mad to agree for Halala Nikaah. Ghulam says Aaliya you are saying this. Aaliya says I know you have many questions, even I have, but if Zain and I have to stay together, we don’t have any option, the answer is just Halala.

Fahad says what should we tell this, mad love, they both have agreed to do Halala Nikaah. Zarina asks where is Surayya going. Surayya says yes, my responsibility comes now as I m Zain’s mum. Rehaan spends time with Zara and Kabeer. He sees Aaliya’s pic and gets upset. Zara asks him to put the pic frame on wall. He says yes, I will, we will frame this well and then put it. He keeps it on side table. Surayya comes and hears them. Kabeer says he is missing Aaliya. Zara says me too, do you also miss. Rehaan says I told you……….. and sees Surayya. He asks them to go and do their homework. He takes them inside.

He comes and shuts the door on Surayya’s face. She rings the bell and he opens the door. Surayya asks did you get the news. Rehaan asks what. Surayya says Zain and Aaliya decided to do Halala Nikaah. Rehaan says but deciding and doing is……. Surayya says a big sin, who will explain them, I want to stop them and you can help me. Rehaan asks what. Surayya asks him does he love Aaliya. Rehaan is shocked. He says what. She says Aaliya and your’s dad also wanted this, I also want you to marry Aaliya, only you can marry her, as you loved her as Zain loved her, I mean knew her. She says you know her better than Zain, when I saw you both in Hyderabad, I thought what a perfect couple.

She says same class, thoughts, attitude. She asks him to think Aaliya is already Ammi for his kids, she just have to become his wife. He says you will save her from sin, if you give her divorce by your wish, she can get back to Zain. Rehaan thinks. Surayya thinks Rehaan will never do this, if Aaliya comes to you, she won’t get back to Zain, I want this.

She asks when will he reply, silence means yes most of the times. Rehaan says my silence means no. She is shocked. Rehaan says its true my children call Aaliya Ammi, and she gives them mum’s love, it does not mean we marry, we don’t have true love in between us, Aaliya and Zain have true love. She says yes, they can’t get love till Aaliya does Halala Nikaah, so marry her doing Halala nikaah and you can divorce her to make her go to Zain. He says you forgot, planned Halala nikaah is Gunaah and I m not interested in doing Gunaah, Allah hafiz. She leaves. Aaliya and Zain meet. He holds her hand and says its my mistake, why will you give sacrifice alone, I won’t be able to forgive myself.

She says Zain, this Halala Nikaah will hurt both of us, your sacrifice will be equal, we will fulfill this test with honesty, you have to trust me and I can give any test, Allah Hafiz will be always there. Yeh Ishq hai………………. Plays…………… He hugs her. Bilal tells Zarina who will get ready to marry Aaliya, even Zain’s best friend said no. Zarina says I will take a proposal. Bilal says what are you saying. Zarina says we will be the one who wins from Surayya and Zain, I don’t think Surayya can win. She says its beneficial if we support Zain, if Zain can give anything to save Aaliya’s Dhaba, what will happen when anyone say I will marry Aaliya and give her divorce so that she can come to you forever. Bilal says any donkey will marry her. She smiles and says yes.

Zain asks Aaliya who will marry you. Someone comes and says I will do Nikaah. They turn and are shocked to see Bilal. Bilal says yes, I thought a lot and decided I will marry her, I mean with Bhabhi, I will do Halala Nikaah. He says but you have to agree to me. Zain asks what. Bilal asks her to come home to Surayya, she cries missing him, please come. Bilal brings Zain home. Everyone is happy seeing her. Zain hugs Rahman happily. Rahman says you did good coming here. Surayya asks why did he come, you feel I m culprit, will I send anyone to beat you? Zain says I was wrong mum, I was scared that I will lose Aaliya again. He holds her hand and thanks her for agreeing for the Nikaah. He apologizes to her. Surayya is shocked. Zain smiles.

Aaliya gets ready and Zain asks will she be able to do Halala Nikaah. She asks will you be able to send me with someone. Rehaan looks on as Bilal sits as groom to marry Aaliya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. it will problem if marry bilal to aliya

  2. Bilal will get kidnapped n rehash will marry aliya
    Probably Bilal didn’t want to marry aliya so kidnapping is fake
    But rehash will marry aliya
    I think he won’t divorce her after cos he loves her

    This is from all the spoilers I hope zain n aliya get back together

  3. Sorry I meant rehaan
    Spelling typo

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