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Beintehaa 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya thinks Kikit does not even call her. She remembers the moments spent with him. Dil me…. song plays in the background. She turns back and sees Zain standing there. They both come towards each other. Zain thinks Aaliya is looking fit away from him and enjoying alone. Aaliya thinks she can see party’s tiredness on his face, but she cannot see sadness. Aaliya’s cousins come there and ask Zain how is he. He says he is fine. They take Aaliya with them and starts taunting Zain that he came behind Aaliya just after 1 day. Shabana and Ghulam meet Zain. Shabana says it is good he came. Ghulam says she means you would have come with Aaliya, but he came somehow though late.

Aaliya asks Zain if he is hungry. He says he is not hungry after traveling. She says she would have come back after 2-4 days. Zain thinks she is too arrogant and says he came on Usman’s insistence. Aaliya says he listens to his mind, then who can force him. Zain says dad can force him like he did once in Bhopal in front of her. She remember their forceful marriage. Aaliya angrily goes from there. Zain thinks she thins our marriage as mutual understanding and when he added a tag of forcefullness, she got angry.

Ghulam says Shabana that every couple fights and there is nothing wrong between Zain and Aaliya. He taunts her that she will prepare special food for Zain and he will also taste with Zain.

Zubair’s mom/Badi phupi meets Zain and says he would have brought Zubair with him. Zain thinks that is the least thing he would have done. Phupi asks if he and Aaliya fought and says how can they when Zubair was there as Zubair is too loving and will compromise anyone. Zain says Aaliya came here without informing him. Aaliya on the other side says Zain did not listen to her at all. Phuphi says Zain that she will speak to Aaliya and Ghulam/Shabana. Aaliya on the other side says Zain does not like panchayat and she will sort things herself. Zain says Phupi that Aaliya does not like panchayath.

Zain comes out and sees Aaliya on a swinger. He thinks she wants to call panchayat and wants me to kneel down and apologize. Ali meets Zain and says he came to meet him. Ali gives him keep keys. Zain says he is feeling suffocated and takes keys from Ali. He looks at Aaliya. Aaliya thinks if he is feeling soffocated, then why did he come, he should go back.

Zain drives jeep and feels good. He sees a man there with baloons in the middle of road, calls him uncle and asks why did he come in front of his jeep. Man says he is not an ucnle, sits in Zain’s jeep and says he needs a lift. Zain starts his jeep. Man introduces himself. Zain also introduces himself. Man asks if he is single or married. Zain says married. Man asks if he fought with his wife and says even he used to fight with his wife. He says his wife likes heart shaped balloon, so he is taking it for her. He asks Zain what is his wife’s name. Zain says her name is Aaliya and she does not like him. Man says love needs charging everyday and it charges by saying I love you. He says he says I love to his wife everyday. He gets down from the jeep and thanks Zain for the lift.

Zain follows the man and sees him going into a cemetery. Zain sees him decorating his wife’s grave. Man says he fought with his wife and they both did not say sorry, his wife walked out of the house as he screamed her to get lost. His wife met with an accident and diet. He says he come everyday with flowers, chocolate, balloons, etc., and says he did not gift her when she was alive. He asks Zain to profess his love to his wife and says life is very unpredictable and does not give a second chance. Zain gets up and starts running. He drives his jeep and remembers how he ill treated Aaliya and how she helped him in cold storage room and other incidents.

Zain reaches home. Shabana says he came on the right time. Ghulam says there is curfew imposed across the city and Aaliya is missing. Ali says Aaliya left in her cycle when Zain when he left in jeep. Everyone gets tensed. Zain says she would have come back by now and asks if she said anything. Ali says she did not say anything. Zain tries to call Aalilya, but her phone is out of reach. Shabana gets tensed and asks everyone to search Aaliya. Zain says he will go out and search Aaliya. Ghulam asks him not to go as he does not know Bhopal well and asks Aaliya to go out. Zain repeatedly tries Aaliya’s number, but it is out of reach. Zain then remembers man’s words that life is unpredictable and to express his love for his wife.

Precap: Usman calls Shabana and asks if everything is alright. Shabana says there is curfew across the city. Usman asks her to let him speak Zain. She searches Zain, but he is not found there.

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