Beintehaa 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 28th April 2014 Written Update

Aaliya’s blood test report comes. Usman, Ghulam and whole family ask her to read the report and look at her eagerly. Aaliya reads the report prays god to help her tell the truth. Aaliya says report is negative. Ghulam and Usman say it is ok. Shabana says Aalliya not to worry, god will give her a child soon.

Aaliya comes back to her room and remembers Shabana, Surayya and whole family getting happy that she is pregnant and then getting sad hearing report is negative. Zain comes and sees her sad. He says her he knows everyone is sad and nobody came to know the truth about our relationship. He says she should be happy that she is not happy, else he had to find her child’s father. She cries profusely and says he is shameless. Zain says why was she crying, if she was tensed that her report was negative, if she did something on the day of holi. Aaliya beats him with pillow. He holds her hand and they both look romantically to each other. Ishq dua…. song plays in the background. Zain says if she would have been pregnant, people would have lost faith on friendship. They both start laughing and play with pillows. Barkath hears their conversation and says she will make them together soon.

Barkath plays cards with her brothers and says if he loses, Zain will be punished. Zain says what is his punishment.
She says he will have to take Aaliya for a date. Zain says she does not have time for Aaliya. Barkath says why does he look at her always and starts talking to himself, that is the sign of love. Zain’s soul comes and says a poetry/shayri. Zain asks his soul to shut up and goes. Barkath says see Zain talks to himself and says he also does not listen to his sister. Zain says he will listen to her and will take Aaliya on date. She says there is also a twist and says she will have to listen to Aaliya and do whatever she says. Zain says he will do whatever she says.

Zain is ready to go on a date and says Barkath took a very difficult promise, how will he take Aaliya on date. His soul comes and says he should practice telling truth and asks Zain to tell Aaliya the is very cute and beautiful. Zain says he will not tell that. Soul says he promised to tell truth and asks him to tell Aaliya that she is beautiful and nobody is like her in this world. He asks him to close his eyes and tell the truth. Aaliya comes and stands in front of him. Zain does not see her, closes his eyes and says mamu ki bhaji you are very beautiful and he could not tell it, her soul is more beautiful than her and she thinks about other always, so he wants to tell her I lo….. His soul asks him to tell. Aaliya’s phone bell rings. Zain hears that and opens his eyes. He does not say anything further.

Aaliya is getting ready and thinks why did kitkit call her out at 6 p.m. after getting ready. She will meet him anyways. She tries different dresses and likes blue, but says she does not like blue. Servant comes and says Zain is waiting for her. She gets confused what to wear. Zain angrily says it is already 30 minutes and she must be still getting ready. He sees her coming down and thinks late lateef has come dressed like she wants to lure him. She comes and asks him sorry for coming late. He is about to scold her, but remembers Barkath’s words of not scolding Aaliya. He says Aaliya that is okay and says she can come even 2-3 hours late. Aaliya says she knows he is angry. He praises her and says she is very beautiful and smart, etc. Aaliya thinks that happened to kitkit today, why is he behaving like this.

Precap: Zain says Aaliya that her eyes are very beautiful and says he likes her a lot.

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