Beintehaa 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain romantically carries Aaliya into a house while it heavily rains outside. They both look at each other romantically and sensuously french kiss. They both start making love.

Surayya is in a kitchen preparing food angrily. Nafisa and Shaziya try to talk to her, but she angrily stops them.

Zain and Aaliya make love passionately consummating their marriage. Aa tujhme bitawoon ratiya…. song plays in the background.

Aaliya wakes up in the morning and sees Zain still sleeping. She kisses his forehead. Ishq dua… song plays in the background. Zain wakes up with her kiss. She greets him good morning. He says good morning malika-e-zain. He tries to liplock her, but she stops and says it is already 7 now and we have to attend Zubair’s court hearing. Aaliya thanks him. Zain also thanks him for making his life.

Zubair reaches court and is surprised to see Surayya entering the court venue. Court hearing starts and lawyer asks Zubair where was he that night. Rean asks Zubair to tell him where was he and if he has any evidence. A girl comes and says she is evidence. Judge asks him to come into witness box. Girl says judge that she was with Zubair whole night and he is hiding that. Judge gives judgement as Zubair innocent and frees him, closing the case. Shabana, Aaliya, badi phupi get happy. Badi phuphi hugs Zubair happily. Zubair thanks Rehan. Rehan says he is lucky that this girl came to rescue him in time, he is feeling weird though. Girl says Zubair was trying to protect her modesty, but she could not control herself from telling the truth. Zain apologizes Zubair for misunderstanding him. Zubair says he should thank him for his help. Zain says he should thank Aaliya either. Fahad asks Zubair about his work. Zubair says his dubai visa is expired. Fahad and Zain say he can work with them and stay and Mumbai. Zain requests Surayya to let Zubair stay with them as Usman would also feel good. Surayya nods yes. Zubair thanks her.

Aaliya eagerly waits for a moon in garden. Zain asks what is she looking at. She says she is waiting for Ramzan’s moon and tells him the importance of Ramazan. She asks if he fasts during Ramazan. He says no. He says it is one of five pillars of Islam and asks him to fast this time. She says we both will pray for Usman and he will get well soon.

Surayya catches Zubair peeping into Aaliya’s room and asks him what is he looking at. He says he wants to talk to Aaliya. She says already he has made a confusion between Aaliya and Zain’s lives, she wants him to make Zain suspicious over Aaliya and hate her. She reminisces calling a girl and asking her to help Zubair in exchange of money and then striking a deal with Zubair to free him and give him 25 lakhs and visa. She asks him to tell Zain so many stories about them that Zain starts hating Aaliya. Zubair says Zain loves Aaliya very much, then why is she doing that. Surayya says Aaliya made her family against her, so she will be punished and will be insulted and kicked out of her house.

Precap: Aaliya watches Ramazan moon and greets Zain Ramzan mubarak. Surayya says this Ramazan is Aaliya’s last Ramazan. She says Aaliya she is forcing Zain to fast as he has not fast in his life yet.

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