Beintehaa 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya transfers her 51% property share Zain’s name and asks lawyer to give it to Zain. She comes out and sees Surayya there, who tries to feed her sweet, but Aaliya stops her.

Zain reminisces Nafisa’s confession and then Aaliya pleading in police station that she is innocent, he divorcing her and she pleading him not to divorce her. He thinks Aaliya was right, he made a big sin.

Nafisa informs Aaliya about her mistake and pleads her not to complain about her to police as her children’s life will spoil. Aaliya says because of her mistake, her life is ruined and even Usman died. She says will not forgive her, but will keep her mistake a secret as she does not want to spoil Aroob and Sana’s life. Nafisa thanks her for keeping her secret and says she knows everyone will not forgive her. Aaliya hugs her and apologizes her for not forgiving her.

Zain searches Aaliy and does not find her. He calls her and says he came to know about her innocency and her to give him a chance. Aaliya says she is a muslim and after divorcing she cannot meet him again. Zain pleads her again to give him chance and not to punish her. Aaliya requests him not to reveal Nafisa’s secret to anyone as she does not want another house to be ruined and says she has forgiven him, says him final good bye/Allah Hafiz.

Surayya is busy in Zain’s engagement party and guests. She sees Zain and asks why is she not yet ready. Zain apologizes her and says he cannot marry Sanam. Aaliya and everyone are shocked to hear that. He apologizes Sanam also and leaves from there. Zarina asks Surayya to calm down and give Zain some time, says she will take care of all her problems.

Nafisa informs Zain that Aaliya is going in a taxi and to stop her. Zain runs towards parking lot and shouts for Aaliya. She hears his voice and asks driver to move.

Zain reaches Rehan’s house in the morning and finds it locked. He reaches Bhopal then and sees Shabana/Ghulam’s house locked. Their neighbour says they went without informing anybody. Zain asks him to inform him if he gets any info. He comes back home and sadly looks at his pic with Aaliya on internet. Khudayaa ve ishq ye kaisa ajeeb re…. song plays in the background. Surayya sees him sad and cries. Zain calls Rizwan and asks if he got any info about Aaliya who says no. He then goes to office and leans on Aaliya’s chair. Shaziya comes and tries to sit on Aaliya’s chair, he asks her not to sit on it. He calls Rizwan and says it is over 1 year now, even now they did not get any info about Aaliya. He looks at their marriage pic and cries.

Precap: Zain sits next to Usman’s grave and says Aaliya must be loving him wherever she is and he promises Usman to fight her soon.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Fast plzzzz. For da whole weekend was waiting for beintehaa.

  2. Same to see what happens
    Love aaliya and rehan and their chemistry

  3. Excuse me an u wer waiting for rehan and aliya s chemistry

  4. We only watch beinthaa for zaya chemistry!!!!!!

  5. Well as Zain has realised his mistake I think he might try to find to find Aaliya

  6. it is so sad 🙁 poor zain

  7. I love harshad’s acting. Since last 4-5 episodes I was feeling sad for Aliya but today Zain’s (Harshad) acting made me cry 🙁

  8. Iam feelng so sad for zain allaha kare dono jaldi samane aiayaa aur dho no ko milayaye and dnt do the secnd mrg for aaliya plz i wil stop watchng the serial

  9. I loved todays episode. Te fct that nafeesa was repentant and when zain told shaziya not to sit in aliyas seat. Btw what song was playing when zain was looking for Aliyah near the end when he calls rizwan

  10. I just want zain and aliya to get back together and i feel really sad for zain because aliya left him all alone. I just want zain to find aliya fast in the serial.

  11. Zain is too rash and he always midunderstands… i love aaliya tho!!

  12. Zain acting was nyc:)

  13. s..aliya is right to take a desition to leave zain,,,always he misunderstanding ,,,is it love no..gud punishment to zain i love aliya..superb top serial in colors

  14. The problem is 3 talak finish and now very hard for them to get back together.i hope they will get back together by any mean

  15. watch zain and aaliya

  16. i wish they will come together asap missing their charm their cuteeee fights

  17. really missing zain & aaliya jodi yaar

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