Beintehaa 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone in the mosque get angry on Aaliya and Zain. Rehaan comes to Aaliya and Zain’s rescue. He says if they want, they can marry under legal laws, and no one can stop them, but they are not marrying as they don’t want to go out of religion, it means they love their religion and respect it. Qazi sahib says we have seen their love and respect, Aaliya can’t remarry Zain again. What will we do now? Will they do Gunaah or Haraam, they will say remove the Halaal, everyone will raise questions and ask is this required or not. Aaliya says my question is of a Muslim, of a woman, how can I give my love to some strange man, who is Shairiyat to decide this for a woman. Aaliya holds Zain’s hand and everyone look at them. Rehaan supports her. Qazi Sahib leaves. Zain says I won’t let Aaliya’s Nikaah happen with someone else, her question is not wrong. The people get angry and Rehaan stops them. People then try to separate zain and Aaliya. Shabana asks Rehan to take Aaliya from there. People separate Zain and Aaliya with great difficulty. Rehan takes Aaliya with him and Rahman takes Zain. Zain runs towards Aaliya’s car. Rehan says it is not the right time and to go from there.

Aaliya runs out of car and hugs him. Zain says we will be remarry and if need be, we will change our religion. Aaliya says we will not change our religion and will do what god and our parents say and tries to part ways with him, but he holds her hand. She says Aaliya is only his till her last breath and it is her promise. She leaves with her parents. Zain then apologizes Allah for thinking of changing religion and asks to forgive him, says until Aaliya is there, he will believe in Allah. Rahman asks Zain to come home.

Fahad informs Surayya and other family members that Zain does not want to come home and has bought a house near Aaliya’s house. Nafisa thinks she cannot tell Surayya her truth, but she will get back Zain. She says Surayya that she will get back Zain. Zarina says he will not come back and suggests to wait until Zain’s love fever gets down. Shaziya says aunty is telling right.

Bilal says Zarina that Zain and Aaliya’s love is increasing day by day, what shall we do. Zarina says it is fire and one side it is Zain/Aaliya and Qazi sahib on the other side. Bilal asks which side they are. Zarina says we will be on winner’s side and will burn the loser. Shaziya comes and asks whom she wants to burn. Zarina gets irked seeing her and says she is talking about Qazi sahib’s words for Zain and says we all will burn if Zain marries Aaliya without halala nikah. Shaziya says she has to give medicine to her son and leaves. Bilal starts staring at her. Zarina asks him to stop staring her. Religious group people who were in mosque meet Zarina and she asks them to control Zain. They angrily leave from there.

Zain calls Aaliya and says he has bought their new house’s items. Group of people call his name. He says yes. They then start beating him and say their mom is worried about him and he is being a girl and asks him to go and serve his mom. Rahman comes there and group runs from there. He sees Zain’s head bleeding and tries to wake him up, but he falls unconscious.

Precap: Aaliya sees injured and semiconscious Zain and tries to speak to him, but he does not respond and falls on her shoulder.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This episode yet again has insulted Islam. Does aliya think she can change Sharia law? change islam? The things she said are an insult to islam and Muslims. I am disgusted.

  2. Colours should be ashamed. They should think of the repercussions of such an episode. Zain saying that they will change their religion…haha! What stupidity. Fighting in a mosque/darbar? Astaghfirullah.
    I have no words. The things she is saying aee haram.

  3. I also expressed my concern over this that the stupid cow thinks she can change islam daft cow. This drama is so rubbish its a typical indian drama full of bullshit. She can go to hell for this and so can the people who made this rubbiah drama

  4. May Allah forgive the people who are writing the story of beintehaa

  5. I am disgusted with this how can u say something like that about Islam . Islam is a religon and everyone should respect each other’s religon and not make stupid things out of it in a typical indian drama

  6. My dear don’t get upset or feel that the drama has insulted Islam. Islam is a blessed religion. If u look at the series, u would understand that as everyone of us gave our challenges in life, then it makes us sometimes to question our God or even ask questions. Sometimes we are only but humans to question our religion, after al what unite us together is God’s love. So in my own understanding I sincerely do not think the writers are trying to offend any religion. I am a christain, but is learn from everyone. Thank u.

  7. No Elizabeth they should do their research about the religion first before saying such things. They can go to hell

  8. If you question your God then you question your faith. Islam is a religion that us muslims follow. WITHOUT question. The Holy Quran was given to us by our Allah to follow and the steps and stories of our Beloved Prophet pbuh are an example. This is also in Shariat. To even think about changing or challenging Shariat is a sin for a Muslim. Colours really have offended the muslim population with this storyline and haven’t thought it through like they should have.

    1. Sorry Sis, I am Also Muslim..! But I do ask question to God as well..! And as per islamic laws..! You not supposed to be watching any Drama..! You should be checking Islamic channels..! I agree with what Aliya saying..! you mite would understand when it might happen to ur close ones..! what do u expect..! Girl get married to other man and live wid him fr 3 mnths? – thn divorce him? How does that make any sense? That is disrespectful to girl..! Coz its pretty obvious in real cases you wont find guy who will marry you only for 3 months (thats a pretty like contract n nt marriage) and thn going back to your husband? (dats obvious that husband will always feel bad abt his wife being wid another man and had physical relationship) Islam must have brought this rule back then to protect girls and so that guys think 1000times before saying divorce..! But now time has changed…! So stop commenting here saying its haraam n all..! Being muslim Watching Tv is haraam dats wht I know..! — but with time people has made it nrmal..! (sorry for being rude – but keeep commenting n saying its haraam n writers r bad n all, you doing bit too much…! its better if you stop watching it ..! then you wont find any issues in it..!

      1. You ASK question to God…that’s fine. You don’t question God..that’s the difference and yes I am aware we shouldn’t be watching dramas but since we are the dramas shouldn’t show people saying they are not going to do wht Shariah law says. As for the fact that they got married twice so dont need halala……..well I am not educated about Islam that much so I don’t know the answer to that.
        The only thing that annoyed me is that she was refusing to do what Shariah says and she said ‘ main is Sharia ko nahi ma anti’

  9. islam z perfect

    Islam is the parfect way of life. This drama is degrading islam by changing islamic share’iah whatever they want. In islam a husband devorce his wife only in one word. He dont have to repeat it three months. After devorce 3 month z calld iddha, dat z a period they can return to their marriage if they wish. Husband devorcing wife 3 times means they 1st merry ,after some time they got devorce. And again they get merry, after some tine devorce. And again 3 rd time they merry. If the husban devorce her this time he will not be halal to her unless she merry another guy n have s*xual relationship with him. In this drama zain still can merry aliya cox they have only merriied once devorced once. No metter howmany times zain utter the word talaq. Its not the number of uttering talaq. I hate dis drama. Dis z not an islamic drama. U call something else to this. 90percent of dis drama is opposed tonislamic religion. If you wanna make a drama in islamic way do a research abt this religion. Read da english translation of da qur’an. Islamic sharee’ah is not made by humans.its made by Allah the most High the most Merciful!! Islamic sharee’ah is on the Quraan and sunnah. Im proud to be a muslim. Its da best way of life.

  10. islam z perfect

    Please watch this video by dr.zakir naik showing proof from da quraan and sunnah. (3 three talaq divorce in islam.flv – YouTube)
    There are many other things in this drama dat r opposed from islamic sharee’ah. It is better you be away from making things abt islam if you dunno this religion. May Allah guide the producers, actors n supporters of this drama to the right path. Ameen

  11. Don’t take me wrongly but i want to ask you something…
    Please answer me..
    Aaliya and Zain married each other two times..
    And the divorced only one time…
    Is it possible that they are still married?

  12. I have a doubt. How did aaliya marry zain 4 de 2nd time without halala nikah?

  13. islam z perfect

    If the iddah time z over and they havent reunite during dat time then they should make a new marriage contract. As far as i knew zain n aliya havnt merried 2nd time. N there isnt more tyan one thalaq in one marraiage. For each marriage there z only one devorce

  14. islam z perfect

    I sees everything abt marriage in dis drama is not in islamic way. Tellin “qabool hey” is only for da husband. And da dowry thing is also not in according to islam. Where z the wife’s father’s right in marriage in dis drama? Aliya can marry zain in halal way. Cox they have married n devorce only once. And Aliya’s father cant prevent her from goig back to zain. I cant explain everything by typing. Its better if you search from quraan and saheeh books if you really wanna know da truth.

  15. islam z perfect

    And one point. In islam a marriage cannot be repeated. As monica is saying aliya and zain got narried two times. Dats again something opposite to islam. Its an innovation t o islam. Its neither in quraan nor in sunnah

    1. So in that case they can marry without halala nikah?? ..!

  16. Who’s giving dislikes for the questions suporting islam? Dumbwit ppl 🙁

  17. Ash.haz (islam is my religion!!ANY PROBLEM?)

    Seriously who ever is disliking the answers its shame of their own religion cuz if they don’t respect the other religion then they even don’t respect their own religion……
    Its my religion any problem -_-

  18. Please read today’s edition of Arab News or Saudi Gazette, where you can find news about “MAN DIVORCING HIS WIFE FOR NOT CLOSING THE CAR DOOR”. Just for everyone’s information, how Thalaq word is misused.

  19. islam z perfect

    Sal4armaan, aliya can marry zain. Its a halaal nikah. U ppl still dont undrstnd wat m tellin. Dis z v sad. These producers r giving wrong infrmation abt islam. They r chamging islam in any way they want. I will not call dis an islamic drama. Its not based on islam. They justing innovating, degrading, insulting islam.
    Aliya n zain have still 2 chance. ( 2nd merriage n 3rd merriage) ther both become haraam 4 each othee only after da 3rd marriage’s devorce. Its v difficult 2 me to explain as m not good in english.

    1. No Worriess..! I got it..Your english is fine 🙂 ..! Thanks for the information..! 🙂 ..!

      See these writers tries their best to bring out new dramas that can be seen by everyone..! if there will be no islam based drama thn ppl like us will be saying they are unfair as they only bring drama based on hinduism..! Being Muslim even M still not perfect in it with the knowledge…! so they are maybe non-muslim and still trying their best to give importance to islam and muslim people..! I think we should just respect the fact that recently many ppl come up with drama based on islamic culture..! and not to forget these dramas are not for religious reason they are there to entertain us and to spread love around us..! which I think Aliya and Zain love story proves that if two ppl love each other thn thr r many ways to get together..! – And not Just Islam but Many dramas shows wrong thing about hinduism tooo..! (writers r humans just like us..) .. they tend to make mistakes..! 😉

  20. Qubool hai was better than beintehaa in representing islam….

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