Beintehaa 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain and Aaliya sadly look at each other via net and cry. Jo bheji thi dua….. song plays in the background. Aaliya comes to her room, locks door and starts crying vigorously. she picks Holi Quran and tries to find answer in it, says Quran is remedy for all her wounds and says says Allah/god she married Zain keeping him witness and asks how can she be haram/forbidden for Zain now.

Zain and family reaches home. Zain says Aaliya is not forbidden for him. Surayya comes near him and says Aaliya is not your wife now and cannot be in the future and says there is no use venting out his anger on her as she stopped him from a sin, else he would have married Aaliya. Zain says she thinks helped him, Aaliya and whole muslim community, but killed him instead. Zarina ask him to behave as Surayya is his mother. Zain says why did she give him birth. Zarina says Surayya is my sister before your mom and she will not tolerate he sister’s insult. Zain says nobody can stop him from getting closer to Aaliya, not she or any community. Rahman says he wants to talk to Zain and takes him from there.

Ghulam and Shabana get worried about Aaliya and ask her to open door. Aaliya opens door and says she is not a coward and will not feel a defeat from human law or shariat/muslim law. Rahman on the other side says according to Islam, he cannot marry Aaliya now. Shabana says Aaliya that she has to perform halala nikah. Aaliya says she cannot think of anyone else than Zain. Shabana says she knows and that is why she stopped her. Rahman says Zain that halala is not an easy thing and even Aaliya did not know about it, says if he wants to unite with Aaliya, she has to marry someone. Shabana asks Aaliya to forgive Zain. Aaliya says she cannot. Shabana slaps her. Aaliya asks her to beat, but she will not change her decision as she loves only Zain. She sees Zain standing in front of her. Shabana and Ghulam also see him there and ask why did he come here and what he wants. Aaliya holds his hand and says he came for the sake of my love, does not know much about his religion and learnt namaz/prayers recently, but his love is pure and takes him from there. Beintehaa…… plays in the background.

Zain and Aaliya reach mosque and stand in between people while still namaz/prayer is going on. Everyone are shocked to see a woman entering mosque and that too between prayers. Aaliya says Moulvi saheb that she wanted to marry Zain after her divorce from him, but was stopped as according to islamic law, it is forbidden. She says she follows Islam and is performing namaz since age of 9 and concentrated on her islamic studies since childhood and she did not get afraid of Allah/god but loved him. She says she learnt loving from god and when love is god’s biggest gift, why people are calling it it as haram/forbidden, so she does not agree islamic law. Everyone are annoyed hearing that. Aaliya holds Zain and says her love cannot be haram at all and says when a husband realizes his mistake and wants to accept her, why should wife marry someone else? says she does not accept this law and does not want to perform halala nikah.

Precap: Zarina asks goons to get back Zain. Goons beat zain on his head and he falls unconscious.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ya Allah why is xairns getting zain Beatten. Aaliya will marry rehan as the halala marriage and then marry zain.

  2. I think Zain might have amnesia because of the beatings and forget everything

  3. Yeh I agree Rose nd plus if da Cv’s wanted ZaYa 2 b back again den y did dey divorce dem nd I didnt aspect dat frm Aaliya as she was da 1 who was religious… …But if she loves Zain dat much y doesnt she just marry Rehaan nd den etc…

  4. I wish there was such a rule in which if u marry twice u need to give talaaq twice.i know its dump but i am big fan of zaya i dont want them separated

  5. Who does Aaliyah think she is going against Islam? Islam says she must do halala Nikah and she she thinks she is above Islam. If they get married without a halala nikah then this is an insult of Islam and the channel should be ashamed.

  6. You are right shamyla cuz if hindus cant bare insult of their religion then why wuld muslims??
    This show shuld be banned bcz this is insult of islam infront of love…
    No1 can beat islam for muslims and bhagwans for hindus

  7. I used to like Aliya and Zain but now I hate the directors of this drama. They did no research as to how Muslims would feel. They have insulted Islam, muslims, Shariat, and Above all Allah swt. I am sickened.

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