Beintehaa 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surayya thinking about Usman and crying. She says Zain only thinks about Aaliya, and does not see my tears. She thinks of her arrest and Usman’s death. Zarina comes and hears her saying she has lost. She asks why is she saying this. Surayya looks at her. Zarina says till I m with you, no one can fail you. Zain talks to Shabana and Ghulam. Shabana says we are strangers for you now, Surayya broke all relations with us, we don’t have right on each other. Zain says you can take all rights, not one right to rest in your lap. Shabana cries. Zain rests in her lap and says I know we all did a mistake. Aaliya looks on. Zain cries and says we bare regretting, I promise you there won’t be any moment when I don’t care for Aaliya. He holds Ghulam’s hand and says he assures her he will never become the reason for Aaliya’s tears.

Surayya tells Zarina that Zain wants to marry Aaliya, why, what wrong I did, I slapped him and even then he did not deter. Zarina says I told this Nikaah won’t happen, so it won’t happen, we will not stop it, even then it won’t happen. Surayya looks on. Shabana asks Zain how will you take Aaliya home from where you took her rights and kicked her out. Zain and Aaliya look at each other. Shabana leaves. Ghulam looks on and leaves. Aaliya signs Zain to smile. Surayya asks Zarina how can be so sure, don’t give false hope. Zarina says no, I have heard few things and tells her. (Muted). Surayya is shocked. She hugs Zarina and smiles. Zarina thinks she will not let Aaliya come in Barkat Villa. Zain and Aaliya walk on a beach. She asks him to share his heart out. He smiles. She says what my parents said, you got annoyed right.

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She says of is it with Surayya’s words. He looks at her. She asks him to think what elders did. She says we have always been alone and fought problems, but not now. She says now we will share our pain and rests her head on his shoulder. Bilal sees them and informs Zarina. Zain and Aaliya come to the Dargah Masjid. Zain sits to make the Wazu. Jaane kaun ho par ho tum koi…………. Plays……………

Aaliya looks at Zain and thinks of their old moments when they made Wazu together. She smiles. Tu Noor hai………….beintehaa…………….. plays…………….. Zain looks at her and smiles. Tera sukoon ya junoon tera……………….beintehaa……………..plays……………. Bilal comes there and sees Aaliya staring at Zain. Zain ties the thread in the Dargah and sees Aaliya who is at the other side. He thinks of his words that they will make their relation much strong. Aaliya and Zain see each other and smile. Zain thinks of their Nikaah, as he sees a married couple taking blessings.

He says his Mannat is fulfilled now, will she do Nikaah with him, today, now, at this moment. They have an eyelock. He says tell me Aaliya, yes or no. She says no. Ye ishq hai……………. Plays………….. She smiles and leaves. Shabana asks Ghuman where did Aaliya go, did you find out. Surayya and Zarina come to taunt them, and say its pity to see you, you settle wherever you find a place. Shabana asks why did she come now, with which poison. Zarina says we came to tell a truth, don’t worry about our poison, think about yourself, as Allah will curse you soon. Shabana asks what did we do now.

Surayya says your daughter did 1 year drama, why did she come back now. Shabana asks her to ask Zain, who forced Aaliya. Zarina says great, he gave divorce and she went, he called her and she came, does she not have any respect or does Aaliya not respect you, do you know where is Aaliya. Surayya says yes, do you know where is she. Shabana asks do you know where is Zain. Zain comes to the Qazi Sahib and greets him. He requests him as he wants to do a Nikaah. He says good, where is your to be wife. Zain says she is outside, but we don’t have a witness. The man asks the people to become witness and bless them.

Zarina tells Shabana that this Nikaah can’t happen, understand this, the day her dreams break, Aaliya will cry as Surayya did. Ghulam says thanks, but we don’t need your advice, about their Nikaah………… Surayya says you are Namazi, you talk about Deen, don’t you know this Nikaah is impossible. Zarina gets Bilal’s call and is shocked. Zarina tells Surayya that Zain and Aaliya are doing Nikaah in Dargah Masjid. Everyone is shocked. They rush to see them.

The Azaan goes on…………… Aaliya offers Namaz. Ya Maula…………..plays …………… Zain brings clothes for them. Ali Ali dum ali ali………………plays……………. Zain says Qazi sahib and witness is ready. He says this are our dress for bride and groom. She asks is he afraid. He says no and you. She says no as you are with me. He says Malika E Zain, you are taking a big step, it will be tough to explain them,, but what will they do when we are ready. She smiles. He holds her hand and says once our Nikaah happens, everything will be fine. He smiles. Mann ko behlaye behkaaye koi khwaish………………..plays……………. She talks her hand away. They have an eyelock. He holds her face and she closes her eyes.

They sit to do the Nikaah. They see through the mid passage. He does Salaam to her. Beintehaa……………plays…………. They smiles. Qazi asks Aaliya does she agree her Nikaah with Zain. She says yes. Zain smiles. He asks Zain does he also agree to do Nikaah. Zain looks at her and before he says yes…… Surayya comes and stops the Qazi. Everyone come with Surayya and look at them. Zain and Aaliya are shocked to see their families. Surayya says this Nikaah can’t happen. Surayya walks to Aaliya hurriedly and looks on angrily. The ladies and gents stand in different sections. Surayya says she is Zain’s mum and Zain and Aaliya are divorced. She says they got divorced one year ago. Qazi sahib says divorced? He asks did Aaliya has a relation with any guy? Zain says what are you saying, she loves only me, we not realized our mistake and want to do Nikaah.

Qazi sahib says this is Haraam. Zain and Aaliya are shocked. Everyone there stand up. Qazi sahib says this is illegal, if you both want to do Nikaah, then this girl has to do Halala Nikaah with some other man. Zarina looks at Surayya. Qazi sahib says if that man divorces her by his wish, then she can remarry again. This is called Halala Nikaah. Surayya says this is Allah’s Imaan and this is your fate, Halala Nikaah. Zain and Aaliya look at each other being shocked.

Shabana asks Aaliya to forget Zain. Aaliya says she can’t, its impossible. Aaliya tells Qazi sahbib that she refuses to do Halala Niikaah being a true muslim.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What will happen now??

  2. zaya dont steal my name and guys did u know beintehaa comes on at 10 in uk and 11 india?

  3. Btw zaya r u frm UK???

    1. Yes r u?

  4. i dont understand d precap

  5. True lovers zain and aliya we love u

  6. What time does the show come in india now? I was not able to watch itwas yesterday! 🙁

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