Beintehaa 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain and Aaliya reach Barkath Villa after their marriage with whole family. Zainda rahti hai unki mohabbaten….. song plays in the background. Surayya greets them in. She picks Usman’s pic and tells that she fulfilled her promise by bringing back Aaliya to her home, says she took a lot of time, but corrected her mistake and brought her back in. She says Aaliya that till now she had not accepted her as her bahu, but today she accepts her as her bahu oathing on Holi Quran. She prays for her and Zain’s happiness and asks Aaliya to enter her house. Zain and Aaliya holds each other’s hands and walk in.

Zain thinks he promises to take care of Aaliya and be with her always. AAliya asks him till now how many promises he has made. He says many and today even Fahad wants to promise her something. Fahad says he is happy about her coming back and prays for her prosperous life. He says we should celebrate now. Rahman says it is a good idea. Zarina says I will arrange everything. Zain says mom is there to take care. Surayya says she has thought of retiring from today and wants to give her responsibilities to her 2 bahus, Aaliya and Shaziya. Nafisa gets sad hearing that. Shaziya says it is a good idea. Surayya asks them both to prepare today’s lunch and asks Zain to complete family’s ritual.

Zain remembers Usman asking him to carry Aaliya to his room during their first marriage. He picks her up and takes her to his room. She sees decoration and asks if he did this all. He says after she went, he wanted to feel her presence, so she arranged their room as she likes. He points out at each item and tells what he feels about them. She says if she would have known he misses her so much, he would not have gone at all. They both kiss each other romantically. Beinteha…… plays in the background.

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Bilal asks Zarina what will she do now as all her plans failed. She says she will not leave easily and says she will shake hands with someone. Shaziya comes and says she should get a secret keeper and she is the one. They both shake hands. Zarina congratulates her that Surayya considers only her and Aliya as bahus. Shaziya says she will be happy when Nafisa is kicked out of this house. Zarina says we will plan it and asks her to prepare food as she says. Bilal says both their thoughts match. Zarina jokes that if she had a daughter, it would have been like Shaziya and she would be Bilal’s sister. Bilal gets irked hearing that.

Zain starts romancing Aaliya and she asks him to stop till night. Surayya comes there and says she wants to gift her something. Aaliya says she was coming to her room to ask a gift. Surayya asks what she needs. Aaliya asks her to forgive Nafisa. Surayya gets angry hearing that. Aaliya says she just asked her gift and giving it or not is up to her. Surayya says she cannot forgive Nafisa. Zain says he knows what Nafisa did is unforgivable, but he and Aaliya want her to forgive Nafisa. She says she will think about it. Shaziya and Zarina come there. Aaliya asks if she arranged lunch preparation. Shaziya says as per rituals, Fahad prepared food first time in both marriages, so Zain should prepare food today. Aaliya says let us both prepare food, but Zain says he will fulfill ritual. Aaliya thinks Zain does not know even to boil egg, then how will he prepare lunch.

Precap: Zain with great difficulty tries to prepare lunch.

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