Beintehaa 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya informs Rehan that Zain gave her third divorce at last. She then starts crying vigorously and tells Usman that Zain at last gave her third divorce when she requested him many times not to give.

Zain searches Surayya in her room. Zarina meets her and says she is his aunt and says it is good he got out those Bhopali’s clutch, else they would have ruined his life. Surayya comes there and says she is happy that he listened her. She sees his wound and gets worried, says wounds have to heal fast and says his and Sanam’s marriage will happen today.

Aaliya sits in her hotel room sadly, Zain in his room on the other side with just a door apart. Tujhe bhuladiyaaaa…. song plays in the background. She removes his blazer, puts it on ground and sleeps on it.

Shaziya checks food and says waiters that she will reward chef. She sees Fahad says she saw kazi saheb there and his dress was not matching with the background. Fahad says it is his religious attire. She then sees Surayya in colorful saree than black and says she is looking beautiful today, asks how did she find a girl for Zain so soon. Surayya says she wanted Zain to marry Sanam long back, but these manhoos bhopali’s came in between. Nafisa also reaches there and says she did not want miss Zain’s second marriage.

Zain starts drinking alcohol and reminisces Aaliya requesting him not to divorce her but he divorcing her under Surayya’s pressure. Rehan comes there and says he wants to talk to him about Aaliya and her complaint. Zain says even he wanted to talk to him. Rehan leaves a recording and asks him to listen to it. Bilal comes there and introduces himself and informs him that Fahad is waiting for him with sherwani.

Nafisa sees Rehan and asks him not to give the tape to anyone. Rehan says he gave it to Zain. Nafisa gets tensed and runs into Aaliya’s room searching her, but Aaliya is not in her room.

Sanam sees Zain sitting sadly in his room and asks him what happened. He says he is marrying her for his mom’s sake and says his divorced happened just now and he has not got out of it. He says he cannot love her and she is just his friend, asks her to rethink about the marriage. Sanam gets emotional, wipes her tears and says our families know each other from many years and she took this decision after much thought, she will wait for his love, will get a good friend and asks him if they are friend now. He says friends and apologizes her. While moves, Rehan’s given tape recorder falls. Zain plays it and is shocked to hear Nafisa’s confession of complaining against Surayya and him and making cylinder blast, etc. and saying that she wanted to take revenge on Surayya as she ruined her life and brought Shaziya home.

Precap: Zain says Surayya that he cannot fulfill his promise and cannot marry Sanam.

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  1. I think it’s upsetting it’s too late don’t know wats going to happen to Zain and aliya

    1. Yh I watch it
      I hope they forgive each get Nikaah again and have a baby

  2. Guys who ever is seeing it . Tum logo ko pata hain ki mere friends circle mein ek nai ladki aaye hain aur guess what uska naam sanam hain lekin shock toh mein tab hui jab maine use dekha her almost face was just like this beintehaa sanam. i mean her eyes nose …n whatever else n the main her voice cant forgot her face . Whenever i see her i always remises abut this sanam(priya shinde) i wish like kill her there only n she is a bit chewing gum type…i hate sanam by name n by their personality but nt all of them!!

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