Beintehaa 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 22nd April 2014 Written Update

Aaliya is helping cooks prepare food for tonight’s party. Zain and Barkath wait for her outside. Man mast magan, bas tera naam dohraye…. song plays in the background. Aaliya comes running and asks sorry to Zain and Barkath for coming late. She asks Barkath to sit with Zain in front seat. Zain starts the car and leaves without before Aaliya sits in the car. He stops the car after a distance. Barkath says she will bring Aaliya. Zain says she herself will come and horns. He watches her coming from the mirror. Aaliya comes slowly and gets into the car. She asks Barkath if AC is not working. Barkath says it is working. She asks then why is car’s temperature high. Barkath says it is because her bhayu/Zain is hot. Aaliya says he is hot just by nature.

Zain, Aaliya and Barkath reach shopping mall. Barkath sees the whole mall excitedly. Zain asks her to pick whatever she likes and not to hesitate. They go to a dress shop and start selecting clothes. Aaliya shows a dress and says it will look good on her. Zain gives his choice dress and says this one is good. They both give a lot clothes to Barkath to trial. Barkath goes to trial the dresses. Aaliya asks Zain sorry. She says Barkath’s party is very important. Zain asks what about him…He then changes his words and then says he was calling her for Barkath’s shopping. Aaliya asks how to ask sorry then. Zain says she does not know. She asks if she has to to say sorry holding her ears in front of everyone. Zain just stares at her. She tries to hold her ears and say sorry. Zain holds her hands and asks her not to do that. He then smiles. Ye ishq ishq hai…. song plays in the background.

Barkth excitedly shops fake jewellery. Zain says these are fake. Aaliya says let her according to her wish. Aaliya gets happy looking Zain helping her. She tries an earring. Zain gets happy seeing her. Beintehaa… song plays in the background. Barkath likes an earring and asks if she can take it. Aaliya says yes.

Barkath comes home and asks Shabana why are the preparations happening at home. Shabana says she will know in sometime. She gifts her a dress and says dunno if she will like it. Barkath says she will like it as she has brought it with love. She checks the dress and likes it.

Shaziya takes out sarees and asks Saif if he likes it. She says she is elder bahu of this house. Saif says badi ammi is elder bahu. Shaziya scolds him and says she will teach Nafis a lesson. She sees Nafisa standing behding and gets worried. Nafisa asks what was she talking about. Shaziya says nothing and says we should be united at this moment.

Usman is getting ready for the party. Surayya says it is his daughter’s party, not his. Usman says so what, he is very happy today. He says he is a father of a pretty girl and husband of beautiful woman like him.

Zain is getting ready. He tries to wear a tie, but cannot. Aaliya helps him wear his tea. Man mast magan… song plays in the background. ZAin looks at her romantically while she helps him wear the tie.

Precap: Zain gifts Aaliya an earring. She says Barkath liked these. He says so what, he liked it and bought it for her.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Awwwwweee cuteee thankss:*

  2. Wow its very cute of zain

  3. So cute. The way zain looks at aliya the moment was wowwwww….. ROMANTIC

  4. According to the new promos, Aaliya is going to be pregnant!!!!

    1. Yes that’s true!

  5. todays epi wz gr8!!! luv zaya lodz…m addictd wd ds serial….btw vil b xciting 2 c zain’s reactn wen aliya happily accpts d earings saying “ds is so sweet…1 hug toh banta hai!!” <3<3:)

  6. awsm episd luv u zaya

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