Beintehaa 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nafees gets Usman’s call who asks her how can she ruin his family when she is an elder bahu. She confesses that she did it to teach Surayya a lesson and apologizes him. Rehan records whole conversation. Nafisa opens her eyes and sees Rehan there. Rehan reminisces he taking help of a mimicry artist to speak in Usman’s voice and speak to Nafisa from Usman’s phone. He plays his recording. Nafisa gets tensed hearing her confession and requests him not to tell about her mistake to anyone. Rehan says Zain is like his brother and he will not let her ruin his life and leaves from there.

Zain searches Aaliya in the juncle everywhere. Even Aliya is searching Aaliya. Rehan on the other side thinks of stopping Zain from divorcing Aaliya and gets into a car to reach Zain/Aaliya’s place. Zain and Aaliya both meet while searching for each other and get happy. Zain says she frightened him unneccessarily. She says he made her cry unnecessarily. They both take shelter in a hut. It is cold outside. Zain gives his jacket to Aaliya and tries to lit firewood. Aliya gives him matchstick. He lights firewood and they both enjoy its heat and look at each other emotionally. Aaliya sees Zain’s hand injured and gets worried. Ye duriyaan… song plays in the background. Zain asks her not to tear her dupatta and tie on his wound like a hindi film heroine. She says he will not and ties his kerchief instead.

Aaliya wakes up in the morning and sees Zain still asleep. She blows air from her mouth on his face and he wakes up. He tells what he wrote in his love notes and says she remembers all his love notes. He gets emotional and restless hearing that. He goes near her and says next time when she is lost in juncle, not to sleep near fire, she will get burnt.

Zain and Aaliya reach their hotel and go to the restaurant for meals. He gets up saying he will order something for them and clashes with a girl. Girl hugs her and introduces herself as Sanam. Surayya comes. Sanam says as she heard about you missing from Surayya, she got worried about him and came with Surayya. Zain reminisces his promise to Surayya that he will divorce Aaliya and marry Sanam. Zain looks at Aaliya emotionallly and says he will end the relationship which brought sorrows to his family and says even she will be be happy getting freed from this relationship and then divorces her finally for the third time. Aaliya sadly reminisces her marriage with Zain and repeatedly qubool hai thrice.

Precap: Rehan says Zain he wants to talk to him about Aaliya’s complaint and gives him recording tape.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I am gutted that Zain gives the final divorce how sad for both of them

  2. I cried at today’s end epi 🙁

  3. Foolish. serial is going bored thought that rehan will stop zain saying thalak yaakkk

  4. guyz ab ye serial bakwas ho chuki hai…matlab ye k accrding to muslim rituals zain aur aaliya ko dobara shadi krne aaliya ko kisi aur se shadi krni padegi may be wo rehan se shadi karegi..

  5. Its not good plz change the writer.zain plz don’t marry sanam plz plz plz plz plz

  6. Oh my god, whats going on, beintehaa is very bad ,

  7. i have read that aaliya will refuse to meet zain :'( :'( 🙁 🙁 :'( :'(

  8. bye bye Guys take care sweet dreams

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