Beintehaa 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain sees caterer’s mail on his mobile and is shocked to see Aaliya’s name in it. He runs to his car and checks the mail about requesting him not to evict her dhaba and words which his dad used to tell. Ge replies her back. He ten sees her dhaba’s pic on facebook and sees Bilquis’s pic in Aaliya’s name, thinks she cannot be his Aaliya.

Rehan reaches Shabana’s house and gives her Ghulam’s medicines. He asks about Aaliya. She says she is always busy with her dhaba and does not take care of herself. Rehan asks her not to worry, he will go and check. Shabana thanks him and says Aaliya listens to him.

Aaliya gets Zain’s message that she is mistaken, he is not evicting his dhaba, etc. She thinks she must be knowing this person. Zain reaches mass marriage venue and thinks he does it usually thinking he will find Aaliya someday there. He imagines Aaliya sitting as a bride and smiles. Aaliya is seen praising Bilquis who is wearing bridal dress. Bilquis takes their selfie and says she has not posted her pic on facebook, though there are many pics of her dhaba. Rafiq comes there and jokes. She asks him to go and take care of the catering. He asks if MKB company will evict their dhaba. He asks him not to worry, she will handle.

Zain smiles looking at the mass marriage. Aaliya is seen standing nearby, but they both don’t see each other. Aawo ge jab tum o sajna…. song plays in the background. They both walk together without noticing each other. Zain sees a bride getting nervous and consoles him. Aaliya consoles Bilquis on the other side. Bride says he is nervous as his friends told after marriage, his wife will dominate and he will have to listen to her whole family. Zain says when both husband and wife are united, nobody can separate you both, says if you give her trust, love, etc, she will be with you, but if you don’t, she will leave you. He says your wife will come believing you and you should believe her and not leave her alone. Bride says he is relaxed hearing him.

Zain and Aaliya reminisces their marriage and gets emotional. Barse ga sawan….. song plays in the background. They both says they accept when moulvi saheb ask Bilquis and his groom if they accept their nikah. They both then get up and walk out of the venue.

Surayya sees Zarina tensed and asks about it. She says nothing like that and says she had sent servant to get medicine. She then goes and collects courier and says Surayya it is for her. Surayya opens the box and gets afraid seeing her childhood kandkerchief, she asks Zarina to throw it. Zarina asks if it is blood on it. Surayya says yes and runs to her room. Zarina thinks this is just the beginning.

Zain and Aaliya come face to face and identify each other.

Precap: Ghulam informs Rehan that MKB’s goons are breaking our dhaba. Rehan says when Aaliya knew about it, why did she go there.

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  1. Update fast plzzz

  2. Finally aliya remembered zain

  3. They meet finaly

  4. Zain and aaliya will surely come together once again….

  5. What does it mean that they come face to face is it the precap or ….please smebody tell me wat it is!!!??!?!

  6. Bandana it means that they saw each other. N I m so happy that they saw Escher hope everything goes fine n they get reunite again. Can’t wait to see them together

  7. Finally thought it would take freve!!
    N if zayn is daydreaming again abot aliya im gonna kill my pillow!!

  8. Zain and Nadia’s are dating each other.

  9. Omg bandana I think in today’s epi zayn sees aliya but she doesmt see him she sees rehan and this is wjere rehan expresses his feelong but zayn thwn comes In front of aliya jus my interpretation

  10. Oh gosh beintehaa is on now Plz update argghhh
    Unfortunately I’m unable to watch beintehaa but doesn’t mean I can’tread da written update I hpe Zain & Aliyah reunite they r a gr8 couple who agrees wiv me ???!!!!

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