Beintehaa 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nafisa smirks seeing reporters surrounding Surayya and questioning her why she is so cruel to her daughter-in-law. Surayya shouts at reporters and says it is enough of their question and asks them how much they will insult Abdulla Family, can’t they see her injuries. She looks at Aaliya and says it is all because of her.

Rehan calls Fahad, informs him about Usman’s condition and asks him to come soon with family. Surayya and whole family rushes home and Surayya asks Rehan how is Usman. Zain also asks the same question. Rehan says he and Fahad have to be strong for Surayya. Surayya says she wants to meet Usman and asks Shaziya to bring her make up box. She does her make up and gets into Usman’s room. Alvidaa….. song plays in the background. She goes near Usman and says her parents married her a man who did not accept defeat. She holds his hand, kisses it and says she needs him and hugs him. Tears run down Usman’s cheeks.

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Aaliya reaches Barkath villa with her parents. Zain tries to stop her, but Dr. Habeeb says at this time, nothing is important than Usman. Surayya asks Zain to go and attend Usman. Shabana tries to go, but Surayya stops her. She says whole night polic tortured her and she was humiliated. She says as her brother’s wife, she has a right to think who can meet Usman and who cannot, says she is stopping a girl’s mother because of whom Usman is in coma, if anything happens to him, Shabana and Aaliya will be responsible for it. Shabana says she cannot think of harming Usman. Ghulam pleads to let them meet Usman. Even Aaliya pleads, but Surayya pushes her towards her parents.

Zain touches Usman and says his hands are warm, says he is feeling cold and if he can sleep with him. He sleeps next to him and reminisces his childhood days, his fights with Fahad and Usman taking his side and other incidents where Usman protected him and took his side. He says today he wants to complain about him and says doc say your condition is critical, if he is angry that he wants to leave him, he can punish him and pleads him not to leave. Usman opens his eyes hearing him and Azaan/holy prayers. He says Aaliya and then falls unconscious. Zain is shocked to see vital signs monitor going blank and realizes his dad is no more. He pleads him to wake up, but in vain. He calls doctor and everyone.

Precap: Zain attends Usman’s funeral and alleges Aaliya for Usman’s dead. He repeats talaaq twicde, but Aaliya stops him before repeats thrice.

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  1. Its sad to see Zaya misunderstandings about Usmam’s death. :'(

  2. Sad episode 🙁

  3. Very sad tearful episode

  4. I think that hamsafar came on hum tv in US but on colors in UK!!

  5. Friendss.Happy friendship day…

  6. Guys do u remember that episode when all the people from the beintehaa family were commenting
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