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Beintehaa 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain writes a love letter to Aaliya and says he loves her. He looks at Aaliya and thinks tomorrow morning she will know what he wants to tell her. Aaliya wakes up in the morning but does not see Zain’s letter. Zain wakes up and thinks if she read his letter or not. He starts searching letter. Aaliya asks what is he seaching. Zain says letter and asks if she read it. Aaliya says she is late and will read it later. Zain thinks when she understand his feelings.

Meer Khan scolds Barkath for failure of her plan. Barkath says there is one more “Will” which will be executed automatically if Usman is dead.

Usman and Surayya praise their children for getting united again. Fahad says credit goes to Aaliya. Surayya remembers Barkath crying and telling about Aaliya scolding her and makes an angry face on Aaliya. Usman praises Aaliiya for being so good. Zain thinks Aaliya is so humble and well cultured and thinks of telling about his feeling to her. Aaliya thinks Zain gave his property share to Fahad on her insistence and thinks about telling about her feelings to him. Aaliya writes I love you on the rawa she was cleaning. He writes I love you in the parantha with jam. Shaziya takes his paratha and gives it to Saif who sits next to Aaliya. Servant takes rawa to clean it and keeps it in front of Zain. Aaliya signals Zain to look at the rawa and signals her to look at his paratha, but they both don’t look.

Barkath brings juice for the family and thinks this house has so much happiness around it, but Usman will be no more soon. She serves juice to everyone and poisonous one to Usman saying she specially prepared it for him. Aaliya watches everything silently. Barkath says she prepared juice without any preservatives and then thinks she will not kill Usman so easily.

Zain sees Rizwan taking breakfast for Aayath and asks if he is taking it for Aayath. Rizwan gets shy and asks him to leave now. Zain says he can tell it to him. Rizwan says Aayath and him are just friends. Zain says for best friend he did not do anything till now but for Aayath he is taking breakfast with bouquet. Rizwan says Aayath is very egoistic. Zain asks if he said I love you to her. Rizwan says no. Rizwan then takes breakfast to Aayath’s room and goes with juice glass near her. He calls her slowly, but she does not hear him. He then calls her loudly. Aayath gets shocked hearing him and shouts. Rizwan drops juice on Aayath’s paper work. Aayath starts scolding him and Rizwan runs form there. Zain taunts Rizwan. Rizwan says Zain that even he did not tell I love you to Aaliya yet. Zain challenges him that he will say I love you to Aaliya soon.

Surayya gifts a car key to Barkath. Barkath surprisingly sees at he key. Zain says it is her car key. Barkath thanks Usman and Surayya. She then thinks she was thinking of killing Usman, but Usman himself given her a plan to kill himself now. Barkath says she has to learn car driving first and who will teach her. Zain and Aaliya say they will teach her.

Precap: Zain teaches car driving to Barkath. Barkath hits someone from her car.

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