Beintehaa 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shaziya tries to brainwash Surayya and says Shaziya’s family is shameless to come back after being insulted and Zain is taking care of them instead of his father. Surayya says she could not even talk to Usman when he left to hotel and says it is all because of Aaliya.

Zain says Usman that today is their Dubai client’s meeting and Fahad has prepared the presentation. He says his both son’s will handle the meeting efficiently. He gets emotional seeing him in coma with just eyes open.

Fahad cries and says Zain that he cannot see Usman like this. Zain says we both will get Usman back soon and asks if he is with him. They both emotionally hug each other.

Zain and Fahad reach their hotel. Inspector says he is sorry about Usman’s accident and will find the culprit soon. Zain scolds his staff for being so careless. Inspector starts his investigation and says he will inform him whatever evidence he gets.

Shabana is with Usman praying for him. Surayya comes there and asks her to come out. Once she comes out, she drags her form there and asks her to get out from her house. Shabana says she knows her state of mind and says she will share her sorrows. Surayya says she is the reason for her sorrows and says Aaliya is the reason for accident. Ghulam and Shabana shockingly hears her while Aaliya, Zain, Fahad hear her silently. Surayya asks Shabana if Aaliya did not tell her anything. Zain interferes and asks why has she started again. Surayya asks him to stop right there and starts alleging Aaliya again that it is because Aaliya’s insistence Usman went to office and met with an accident. Aaliya sadly goes from there while Zain follows her.

Aaliya sadly informs Zain that his cabin was ready which she and Zubair designed. She wanted Usman to approve it, so she asked Usman to go to office. She says Usman is very dear to her and everything is because of him. Zain emotionally hugs Aaliya.

Ghulam says Surayya that it is just a coincidence that Usman met with an accident in hotel life. Badi phupi says Ghulam is right. Surayya asks what if Ghulam would have been on wheelchair instead of Usman and asks badi phuphi how dare she come back when she kicked her son out from here after his mistake 2 days back.

Inspector comes there. Maid informs Zain about inspector’s arrival and comes down with Aaliya. Inspector says someone purposefully tampered lift. Fahad asks who will try to kill his father. Inspector shows a watch and says he got it near lift. Shaziya says she saw this watch on Zubair’s hand and it is Zubair’s. Everyone are shocked to hear that and look angrily at Zubair. Inspector says even he saw Zubair in CCTV footage and shows it to them. Everyone see Zubair entering hotel behind Usman and suspiciously tampering lift. Usman enters lift after that. Zain and everyone angrily look at Zubair. Inspector says with this proof, he cannot allege Zubair, but Rizwan told that Zubair was with him in Zain’s cabin and went out saying he will come back, but didn’t return. Usman’s accident happened after he went.

Zain angrily holds Zubair’s collar. Zubair asks why will he try to kill Usman as he believes Usman as his idol and says he can answer all their questions. Surayya says she does not need his answer and slaps him. She asks inspector to arrest Zubair. Inspector says without knowing the motive, he cannot arrest him. Zubair says that is what he wanted to tell. Surayya says he did it because she caught him red-handed sleeping with Aaliya.

Precap: Surayya asks inspector to arrest Zubair. Zain says if Zubair is guilty, he will make sure he is punished. Aaliya says she will not let Zubair punished as he is innocent. She says she will not let a govt lawyer fight Zubair’s case.

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  1. What nice episode??? Stupid hell ZAYA GETTING SEPARATED……….. Did you’ll even see the upcoming track………it says they are going to get divorced !,,,,,,,bl*****y hell to it…..I can’t see them get apart:(:(:(

  2. Are dont worry desi serial hai esa kuch nai hoga that means no zoya sepration.

  3. i think u all are dumbos u dont want to see twist and turns and it is a nice episode and devi uk never ever say me shut up.I think u only like saas bahu type serials so dont watch Beinteha from onwards

  4. Is zubair d real culprit?

    1. I think so

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