Beintehaa 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rehan informs Aaliya that Zain gave away his whole Barkat group’s shares and everything for her dhaba’s papers. Aaliya asks Zain why did he give away all his wealth for her dhaba. He says he asked his dad same question and realized that his dad left him much bigger thing than wealth, his and Aaliya’s relationship, says he is not doing it for himself or his family. He says he is trying to unite whole family as he knows they all can live happily as a family. He says he did not realize why she forgo her mehr/alimony amount, but now realized its significance. He says he is not bad at heart and walks out with his bags, but then comes back and thanks Rehan for his help, goes near Aaliya and drops his bags, says why should he do the same mistake which she did 1 year ago. says he will not go now as this dhaba belongs to him also. Rehan says he will leave now and will come back later. Aaliya silently looks at him.

Surayya tears Zain’s property transfer papers. Bilal asks why did she tear it. She wanted to break Zain and Aaliya’s relationship, but they united with her plan instead. She says she wanted to break Zain and Aaliya’s relationship, but they both are united. Zarina asks if she is planning to get back Aaliya as her bahu. Surayya says it will not happen and she will not let a girl who is responsible for usman’s death, but her son is mad behind her. Bilal says her house is under evil spirit threat. Surayya says Aaliya is evil spirit.

Zain asks Aaliya to come back home with him. Aaliya says she is ready. Zain gets happy and hugs her. She says he won, but she lost as she will go with him and will be guilty about herself. Zain says if she wants him to go away from him, he will but will go only if he feels

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Raheem chacha comes and says that his case of chit fund fraud is cleared and he is freed from it. He says he was broke after he was trapped, but because of her Rehan fought his case and won his case. He says he wants to thank even Rehan. She says Rehan is going to Mumbai. He asks when is she going. She says she is not. He asks if Zain says. She says their relationship is over now. He says even he used to think the same and was hating life after getting betrayed by his wife and son, but after meeting her, he changed his view. He says he felt he saw his wife yesterday and was shocked. He shows his wife and his pic. Aaliya realizes she is Surayya’s sister Zarina.

Aaliya meets Zarina who is enjoying her drinks on a swimming pool bench. Zarina asks why did she come back after troubling her sister. Aaliya shows Rehman’s visiting card. Zarina acts as not seeing it and asks if she wants help in her new business. Aaliya asks why did she betray her husband and get away with chit fund money. Zarina asks her walk out, else she will trash her. Aaliya says Rehman is free from that case and does not want to file case against her as he loves her and Bilal. Zarina says she does not want to see Rehman’s face and asks her to back off. Surayya watches their conversation. Surayya sees her and gets tensed.

Precap: Zain and Aaliya promote their new time slot of 11 p.m. Aaliya’s servants informs her of fire breakdown in dhaba.

Update Credit to: MA

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