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Beintehaa 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Fahad’s secretary informs that shareholders want Barkath to speak on their meeting as they feel Barkath is the real owner of Barkath Royale and not him. They say that Fahad can come in meeting but cannot take decisions. He then says he already informed Usman about it.

Fahad sadly comes home and asks Usman what will Barkath do in shareholder meeting as she does not know anything. Usman says she does not know anything, but will be present in the meeting and will be helped by Usman’s secretary. Fahad says he worked hard to bring up their company, but now Barkath is made owner of it and he has just being used to arrange meetings. He asks Usman did he do this. Usman asks what is he talking about it. Fahad says the truth is my reality is totally different from my hopes. He says why I feel that after Barkath came in, all other family member’s rights are brushed away. He asks Usman why did did make such a will and asks him to execute and divide his property. Barkath hears their conversation and smirks. Surayya says Fahad she cannot believe he is thinking about division and asks him the reason. Usman asks if it is his final decision. Fahad says yes and goes from there. Aaliya hears their conversation and gets sad. Barkath goes to Usman and starts crying, she then smirks.

Barkath says Aaliya that she must also be shocked by Fahad’s words and asks her not to inform Zain about it till she speaks to Fahad. Surayya backs Barkath and asks Aaliya not to involve Zain in this. Aaliiya agrees. She comes to her room and sees him sleeping. She thinks she cannot break her promise and will wait till the morning to inform him about Fahad’s decision.

Aaliya meets Fahad and asks if Barkath spoke to her. Fahad says Barkath did not speak to her anything. She thinks why did not Barkath speak to Fahad as she looked serious at that time. Aaliya then asks Fahad if he knows what is he doing. Fahad says a day will come in every person’s life when they have to think about their children’s future and she herself showed it in holi Quran. Aaliya thinks to remove the goodness mask from Barkath’s face, she has to do something. Fahad says he is helpless. He then gets a call from his lawyer who informs that Mir Khan took Patel and Patel law firm’s help to get bail. Aaliya remembers Barkath getting call from Patel and Patel law firm. Fahad says that law firm fights for rich people and how did Mir Khan get so much money. Lawyer informs he does not know about that. Fahad asks him to fight their case and get Mir Khan back in jail. Aaliya says it is not a coincidence that Barkath got a call from them.

Aaliya sees Barkath speaking to Mir khan about his bail. Barkath sees her and cuts the call and ask why did she cut the call. Barkath says she was speaking to her friend. Aaliya asks if she spoke to Fahad. Barkath says she spoke to Fahad, but he is not ready to understand. Aaliya says Fahad told he did not speak to her. Barkath says it seems she does not believe her, so she lied. Aaliya says she would have told directly that she did not speak to Fahad. Barkath says she would have directly asked why did not she speak. Aaliya then says Patel and Patel law firm is fighting Mir Khan’s case. Barkath says she does not know them. Aaliya says that law firm fights for rich people and how did Mir Khan get so much money, she will fight out who is helping him. Barkath says she does not want to speak about Mir Khan as he betrayed her and Usman. Aaliya says she will find out the culprit and says she will not let the partition/division of property happen.

Aaliya and Zain eat kulfi icecream on street. Zain says his employee told that Fahad asked their lawyer to prepare some papers. Aaliya asks if he likes roadside kulfi or his hotel Sunday icecream and so on. She asks if he likes their marriage gifts. Zain asks why is she thinking about going out again. Aaliya asks if she asks him to give his property share to Fahad. Zain says he can give his life for Fahad, even Fahad will do the same to him. Aaliya says Fahad demanded partition from Usman.

Precap: Zain gives his property share to Fahad. Usman signs his partition will.

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  1. Plz show some romance btween zain and aaliya

  2. whoo beintehaaa

  3. i now right tell me about it they are such a good couple

  4. Come on pls barkat is such an annoying bitch I hate her she is ruining beintehaa. I jus want more love scenes with zain and aliya they are perfect pls produces make more love scenes . Like my comment if u love beintehaa and wanna see more love scenes xxxx

  5. Dis whole drama is bwt zain and aliya but der is no romance or anything like dat in dese episodes

    1. were you dragged up whats with dat dese der dis go back to school sugar

  6. end this fake barkat wala chapter as soon as possible plzz…..its annoying!!!
    zain and aaliya…love u both… 🙂

  7. I also also agree with u kavita aliya should find truth about that witch barkath and zain is so………..cute and rocks

  8. Wots it to u devki uk??? Was anyone even talking to u for a start. N anway DIS was my opinion and DATS how most of us use txtin language. So if u have a prob i really don’t care. Don’t u have anything better to do instead of talking bwt DA way others talk

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