Beintehaa 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya starts conference and shows her presentation, but everyone is shocked to see kid’s painting slides instead of presentation. Aaliya turns back and is also shocked to see painting instead. Zain smiles and shows her double thumbs. She then changes her speech and says this painting is an inspiration for her presentation and her project. She correlates it with the paintings and says she wants her guests to enjoy at her hotel forgetting everything, etc. Board members like it. Zain says her project is good, but looking at the value of land, we should make this hotel according to international standards and explains his proposal. Board members like his proposal also and clap for him. One of board members say they both are perfect and should work on this project together. Zain and Aaliya look at each other and say they agree working together.

Independence day celebrations start at Barkath Royale. Rehan comes with kids also. Shaziya introduces herself and starts the participation. She says kids have to write something on kite and they should fly it, whoever wins the competition, will get a mug signed by her. She says Zain and Fahad will start the competition first as they are owners of Barkath Royle and even she is. Zain says Surayya that he will not participate in the competition. She says he is owner of BR, so he should act like one.

Everyone write their feelings on kites and start flying them including Fahad, Zain, Aliya. Aaliya and Zain clash with each other during competition and compete with each other, but Zain loses competition to Aaliya and gets sad.

Surayya reads Zara’s writing that she likes Aaliya. Nafisa sees her smiling and asks why is she smiling. She says her son is going to be freed son. Zain reads his niece’s writing that Zain has become sad after Aaliya left and requests Aaliya to come back. Zain looks at Aaliya saldy. Main adhoora jee raha hun… song plays in the background.

Shaziya calls Surayya and informs that only 3 days are left for Zain/Aaliya’s third talaq/divorce and now they are going together, hope they dont get closer again.

Aaliya packs he clothes and says Zara that she is going on an important work and to let her. Zara agrees and gives her taweez saying Rehan gave her to get away from bad dreams, now that she does not get bad dreams, she should wear it. Aaliya wears taweez. Zain on the other side finds Holi Quran and reminisces Aaliya telling to find his answers in Quran. He reads it. Aaliya also on the other side reads Quran.

Surayya sees Zain and asks if he is ready for his travel. He says he was coming to take permission from her and ask her to take care of her. He says he knows she is worried about him going with Aaliya. Surayya says she promised him that whenever Aaliya goes from their life, she will stop wearing black clothes and says she wants him to promise her one thing. He promises and says he believes her.

Precap: Surayya thinks after third talaq/divorce with Aaliya, her son will be freed and start a new life.

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  2. Love u zain ur really handsome and cute. I wish I could meet u.
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