Beintehaa 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 15th April 2014 Written Update

Nasir Khan refers Usman’s family and asks Meer Jhan who are these people. Usman says he is Narkath’s father. Nasir asks Meer Khan why did he tell Barkath is your daughter and promised to marry her to me. Police comes and arrests Meer Khan. Barkath sees Meer Khan being arrested and calls abbu. Abhi mujhme kahin….. songs plays in the background. Barkath removes her veil and reveals her face. Usman’s family sees her face and get emotional. Usman remembers Barkath playing with him in her childhood. Surayya also remembers Barkath’s childhood. Even Fahad and Zain remember playing with Barkath in their childhood.

Barkath comes near Surayya. Surayya tries to touch her, but Barkath stops her and asks who is she. She aks Usman’s whole who are they and says they are telling lie. She goes near Meer Khan and says she is his daughter. She says they must have mistaken and asks them to go from here and let her get married. Usman says Meer Khan is forcefully getting her married to Nasir. Barkath says she is marrying with her wish and will marry whoever her abbu/father asks to marry. Usman asks Meer Khan to tell the truth. Barkath also pleads to tell the truth. Zain holds Meer Khan’s collar and asks him to tell the truth. Usman asks Meer Khan to tell the truth that he kidnapped Barkath in her childhood.

Usman asks Meer Khan how can he let Barkath marry a 70-year-old man. Meer Khan accepts Barkath is Usman and Surayya’s daughter. He starts coughing. Barkath gets worried and gives him water to drink. Meer Khan tells Barkath that it is true she is Usman’s daughter. Barkath is shocked to hear that and cries vigorously. Meer Khan says he kidnapped her when she was 2-year-old. Surayya tells Barkath how Meer Khan kidnapped her. Usman also narrates the whole story. Surayya says she lived without her for 18 years with just hopes. Barkath calls Meer Khan and says he brought her up with love and did not let her realize that he is not her father. She says he took care of her very well like his own daughter and requests Usman to free Meer Khan. Usman says you asked me something first time in life. He asks inspector to free Meer Khan. Inspector warns Meer not to come near Usman or his family again. Barkath hugs Meer Khan. Meer khan goes from there. Barkath goes and hugs Surayya. Her whole family hug her hen.

Usman and his family bring Barkath to their house. Zain shows Barkath name board of their house and says they kept her name in their remembrance. Barkath gets happy seeing that. Fahad and Zain hug their sister. Usman and Surayya also join them. Surayya says Usman their family is complete now and gets happy.

Precap: Zain asks Aaliya why is she tying a thread. She says Barkath came back so. Zain ties another thread and says it is for their friendship. Aaliya says she accepts his friendship and shakes hand.

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  1. Plz update faster

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  4. Spoiler Alert: This Barkath is fake, apparently! So, Aaliya is going to go and find the real one!

  5. ohh i didnt knw barkath is fake sinc she accepted de fam so sun…………
    lve u zain and aaliya
    update fast pls
    i loooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee u ZAIN

  6. It is the First time,Aliya was quiet

  7. She is fake barkhat.this is planning of meer khan to destroy is nt psbl to find. Barkhat easily

    1. I think u r right uma

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  9. Barkhat is real but she sometimes become enemy of Aliya

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