Beintehaa 14th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nafisa informs Shabana about cyclinder blast incident and says she many times told Surayyat that Aaliya is a good girl, but she is rigid minded. Shabana is shocked to hear about the blast incident.

Zain, Aaliya, Aayath, and Rizwan are in dargah. Aayath informs Zain that Aaliya believes in this shrine/dargah a lot and even prayed for her prince charming. Zain asks Aaliya if her prayer is fulfilled. Aaliya smiles and nods yes. Zain says we both will pray for us togehter and they pray for their love. Aayath and Rizwan also pray, but get engraped into each other’s eyes. Zain and Aaliya come and wake them up. They get conscious and say they were waiting for them.

Aaliya prays shrine Kwaja Saheb to cure Usman soon. Her uncle meets her and asks when did she come from Mumbai. Aaliya says she came in the morning and asks he did he get cured from paralysis. Uncle says a unani doctor cured him and praised that doctor. Aaliya asks him to give doc’s number. Uncle says it is at home and he will give it later. Aaliya thinks Zain will be happy hearing that.

Nafisa provokes Shabana to call Surayya and ask about gas blast. She calls Surayya and asks about it. Surayya angrily asks what else did your daughter tell. Shabana says a mother has a total right to ask about her daugther’s well being. Surayya gets annoyed and says it is Aaliya’s mistake that she did not smell gas leak and instead starts alleging her. She asks her how dare she to allege her and asks her not to call her with these kind a pity issues again. Nafisa asks Shabana if Surayya alleged Aaliya and brainwashes her that Surayya wants Aaliya to be out of house and informs the whole incidents happened. Shabana shockingly hears all the incidents and gets sad for her daughter.

Nafisa says Zain could not stop her mother from misbehaving with Aaliya and says Zain and Fahad are their mother’s sons and then husbands later, they are under Surayya’s control. She says Usman used to control Surayya, but now with his illness, Surayya is free to play her games. She says Surayya forcefully let Fahad marry Shaziya as she could not bear a boy and says she may even force Zain for a second marriage. Shabana gets worried hearing that.

Fahad informs Shaziya about Rizwan and Aayath’s engagement in Barkath Villa. Shaziya says she does not want their engagement here. Fahad says Rizwan his Nafisa’s brother and Aayath is his sister and he wants their engagement here by heart. Shaziya thinks her reason is different than Nafis’a jealousy.

Shabana sees Aayath and Aaliya happily trying engagement dresses and gets sad reminiscing Nafisa’s words. Aaliya sees her and asks if she is sad that Aayath is getting married. Shabana asks why did she tell lie. Aaliya asks what did she lie about. Shabana asks what about gas blast then.

Aaliya says she wanted to tell her about it, but Zain stopped her saying phuphi will get tensed. She asks if Aayath told her about it and says she is fine. Shabana starts crying saying she must have hidden many incidents like this thinking I would get worried. Aaliya says a lot of small incidents happen which she can handle. Shabana sees burn wound on Aaliya’s hand and asks her what will she say about it. Aaliya says it was her mistake that she did not smell gas and asks her not to worry. Ghulam comes there. Aaliya asks him to console Shabana and goes to kitchen. Ghulam says Shabana he heard her and Aaliya’s talk and asks what is happening. Shabana says she knows her daughter, she would not make such silly mistakes. Nafisa hears their conversation and smirks.

Shaziya sees Surayya preparing food in kitchen and asks if she can stop Rizwan and Aaayth’s engagment. Surayya says she is least concerned about them. Shaziya asks if she can stop their engagement at Barkath Villa and explains her reason. Surayya says if this is the case, then engagement will for sure happen at Barkath Villa. Shaziya asks how will Zain be under her control then. Surayya says if he is under her control or away from Aaliya, both mean same.

Precap: Aaliya asks Surayya’s permission to let hakeem/unani doctor examine Usman. Surayya does not agree and starts shouting. Nafisa calls Shabana and makes her hear Surayya’s shoutings.

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  1. do anyone know that really wats going to happen?


  2. wats surriya’s plan?

  3. I think nafisa is doing right….even if her intentions are bad

  4. today’s beintehaa episode was so boring .

  5. I think shazia and suraya are wicked cows they can try to cause as much trouble for Zain and aliya but they will never succeed

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