Beintehaa 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain painfully stood up and announces his second talaaq much to Aaliya’s chagrin and pain. The only ones who wore satisfactory smirks were Shazia and Nafisa. Surraiya taunts Aaliya on how does she like her gift. Suraiyya blows the candles and cuts the cake while Aaliya remains stunned and lost in Zain’s eyes. Surraiya forces Aaliya to consume a piece a cake to which make her choke. Zain removes himself from the room and Surraiya apologizes to Rehaan for delaying him to the courts she wanted him to stay to witness after all he is a ‘waqeel’.

Rehaan meets up with Aaliya, but she stops him from saying anything,She does not want to listen to him at the moment.

Zain swiveled in his chair lost in thought. Fahaad approaches his office.He speaks to Zain and says what was done earlier in front of everyone was not nice and it should have been done, privately. Farhaad tells him that it was not something Aaliya deserved. Zain says he knows that. Zain then justifys himself in his reasons for hurting Aaliya.

Then, Zain tells farhaad he wants to be alone and Fahaad leaves. Zain slowly picks up the uneaten cake and recalls all the mishaps that occurred at the Jail cell ,Usmaan’s death etc. He walks back as if he is walking back in time. He swiftly turns and smashes the cakes against the wall where the ppt presentation displayed, leaving him desolated.

Night approaches Zain is in his room and lost in thought once again,this time his FB was on the second Talaaq given to Aaliya. He remembers her coughing when Surraiya forcibly fed her the cake. He remembers the love notes he place on the mirror for Aaliya to read after Eid. He then finds the jar in which some of the notes were stored in. Scene changes and Aaliya raises her hands in dua and simultaneously Zain does the same. However Zain keeps having FB and as he painfully recalls he folds his hands in fists, painfully gripping. They both blindly speak to each other through their duas, Zain’s eyes wells up with tears and Aaliya dussolved in tears on on her Musala (prayer mat).

Next morning, at BR, Aaliya argues with Zain over a project that her mamu loved and declares that she will be a part of it. Zain sarcastically asks her ‘Really?’ they have a kit kit moment, Aliya is much more spirited and was ready for her verbal battle.Mr Meheta being the poor witness to the verbal scuffle.

Aaliya serves Zara food and she announces she has office work to do. The Rehaan comes and asks her why she is disturbed and Aaliya tells him about the project. Rehaan offers her assistance to a much elated Aaliya. Zain and Fahaad is seen working on the same project with much enthusiasm and dedication. Aaliya is determined to make a successful proposal and works tirelessly along with Rehaan. Zain gets FB of Usmaan and feels happy. Aaliya too gets FB of Usmaan and she continues her hard work. Shazia disrupts the focus of Zain and Fahaad by snatching the file to which farhaad takes from her.Both Zain and Aaliya give their best on that project.both falling asleep at their respective work stations. Surraiya comes in and the she worked with Zain,while Rehaan covers a sleeping Aaliya. Both mother and son fell asleep after she tells him only he can work on such a project.

Next morning at Rehaan’s house, as Aliya prepared breakfast she glimpses the clock knowing she is pressed for time. Aaliya is offered kheer and she hustles Zarra to school. At BR, everyone awaits Aaliya at the boardroom. A clean shaven Zain is ready and waiting to see Aaliya’s downfall. Aaliya is late and all were getting impatient, one of the members suggested a meeting cancellation. As he stood up, Aaliya shows up, she apologises and she was rebuked for not calling. Zain announces makes his introductions to the members and what the project entails. Aaliya is tense and nervous. He then offers her the attention of all. She thanks him and starts her presentation. However the worst happens Zarra drawings shows up in the slide shocking all,but Zain smirks and Aaliya is oblivious. When Farhaad points to her slides, she tenses and is shocked. Zain glees in her failure and gives her a double thumb sign

Precap: Surriya takes promise about something from Zain. Later, Nafisa tells Surriya that Aaliya and Zain are going out for a project and their can patch up.

Update Credit to: perfumeheaven

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  3. Hi guys! Can someone plz tell me the story so far plz! I really wanna start watching this serial but kinda confused about characters like who is who

  4. Read the wikipedia page for Beintehaa. It gives you a very good summary of what has happened until now.

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