Beintehaa 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rehan informs Zain that Surayya is behind Bilal’s kidnapping. Zain asks what rubbish he is talking. Rehan asks kidnappers whom they were talking referring as RH Khan. Kidnappers say Surayya hired her and say she asked them to refer Rehan’s name. Surayya is tensed seeing her truth coming out in front of her family. Rehan then says Aaliya that he was beside her when Zain left her and nobody was there to help her, but she believed Zain who betrayed her than him. He gives her first talaaq/divorce and walks out. Aaliya tries to walk out behind him, but Zain holds her hand. Aaliya asks him to leave and says we troubled a man who helped us and she cannot see Rehan in pain now. Zain gets angry on Surayya and asks how can she do it to him. Surayya says she cannot forget Aaliya sending her to jail and Usman’s demise because of her and says she does not want her to be back, so she hired goons to kidnap Bilal and even locked Rehman in a room as he wanted to stop Rehan and Aaliya’s nikah. She says until she is alive, Aaliya cannot be a part of her family. Nafia thinks she is responsible for all this.

Zain reminisces Surayya’s hatred words for Aaliya and sadly looks outside window. Nafisa comes there. Zain says because of her one mistake, he and Aaliya are suffering and says he hates her and asks her to get lost. She starts crying and walks out of his room.

Aaliya reaches Rehan’s room behind him and says she did not know the truth. Rehan says she always referred herself as his friend but proved today that she does not believe him as her friend at all. She asks him to keep himself in her place and says she acted situationally.

Surayya says Zarina that Zain would have married Aaliya after Bilal would have divorced her. Zarina says she troubled her son and she cannot forgive her. Surayya asks her to stop her drama and says she did not know Rehan would divorce her.

Rehan says Aaliya that he likes her but loves only his wife Rida and says he would have married her in Hyderabad itself, but did not as he has a motto in life. She asks if it is his children. He says he wants to find out Rida’s murderer and will not be in peace until he finds him/her. Aaliya is surprised to hear that. Zain says if a person who made accident would have taken Rida to a hospital, she would have been saved. He asks who is it.

Zarina says Surayya that she has kept her secret of crushing a lady with her car and asks if she remembers it. Surayya asks what is the connection between that accident and today’s incident. Zarina says she kept her secret, but she kidnapped Bilal, what if something would have happened to her. Zarina says she left that lady on the road and she went to the hospital to meet that lady, but that lady was dead and she saw an old man/Habeeb with her. Rehan on the other side says he will find out the culprit and will punish him. He reminisces the incident where he sees Rida’s dead body in a hospital with Habib standing next to it. He says he will find out the culprit at any cost.

Surayya looks at her car’s nameplate and a barbie doll and gets tensed. Zarina thinks she will get her punished for her mistake.

Nafisa gets into Surayya’s room and does not find her. Servant tells her that she has gone to office. She says she will have to inform her at any cost and tries to walk out. Zarina stops her and asks where is she going. Nafisa says she cannot let Zain and Aaliya suffer for her mistake and will inform Surayya at any cost today and walks out from there. Zarina thinks if Zain and Surayya’s misconception clears, she will lose her chance of getting crores of rupees. She calls Bilal and tells him something.

Precap: Bilal asks his goon to crush Nafisa with his truck. Truck is seen speeding towards Nafisa.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Omg suraya is the one who ran over rehaan s wife she killed her by accident but that zarina is evil cow she wants nafissa dead because she doesn’t want suraya to know it was nafissa s fault they were in jail I think aliya is gonna start having feelings for rehaan just have to see what happens

  2. I feel suraya won’t care even when she finds out the truth she just hates aliya

  3. aaliya deserves a better person than zain…rehaan is the perfect choice for her.

  4. Kuch chois nai sirf aliya aur zain hi rahna beach me koi nai aana.zain and aliya,s love story make among them to heatless its amazing love story its teach how to love others in a real life.

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