Beintehaa 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Fahad and Zain attends their client’s party. Fahad says he took a right decision about accepting the proposal. Zain says Aaliya thinks he is wrong. Aaliya comes just then. Zain sees her and gets mesmerizes with her beauty. Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai….. plays in the background. Client sunny praises Zain for arranging such a funtastic party. Shaziya also reaches party venue. Sunny distrubes drugs to his friends. Shaziya introduces him as hotel’s owner. Police reaches the venue and arrests everyone for taking drugs. Zain asks inspector why is he arresting them. Inspector says he got an info that rave party is happening instead of birth day party. He thanks Aaliya for informing him and asks how did she know about it. Aaliya says she researched about Sunny Mehta who is famous for rave parties and had already celebrated his birthday 3 months ago, so she informed him about Sunny. Inspector thanks Aaliya again and says he will praise about her and her hotel in news paper. Zain scolds Aaliya for spoiling hotel’s name and says she is more than an enemy now. Aaliya says she is not enemy and says she did not want to spoil Barkath Royale name and Usman’s hard work. Surayya also gets a calls from commissioner about rave party and thanks him.

Zain comes home and sleeps. He reminisces Aaliya and gets irked. Ye tanhaa kyun rahe…. song plays in the background. He looks at his marriage pic and then goes back to sleep, but cannot sleep. He imagines Aaliya sleeping next to him. He asks Aaliya what is she doing here. She says she knows he cannot live without her, so she came. She asks if he loves her. Zain reminisces divorcing her. He regains his senses and searches Aaliya, but does not find her next to him.

Shaziya sees office files and thinks why people read it instead of gossip magazines. She calls her PA and asks him to bring gossip magazines. Fahad hears that and asks her to go home while he takes care of business. He is surprised to see company’s finance head bringing magazine and tea for her. Shaziya says she promoted him as her PA. She gets a call from Surayya who asks her to come to conference hall.

Aaliya reaches conference hall and sees Rehan there. She asks him why is he here. Surayya comes and says she called him. She greets Aaliya and asks her to sit in boss’s seat. She calls Nafisa and Shaziya who bring bouquet and cake for her. Aaliya thanks her. Zain asks what is she doing. Surayya says police commissioner called her personally and congratulated her for catching rave party red-handed and said Aaliya is behind this bravery, so she is honouring Aaliya. She asks Zain to apologize Aaliya for his misbehaviour. Zain apologizes her. Aaliya thinks hope this happy moment comes to us forever. Surayya asks everyone to clap for Aaliya and asks her to cut the cake. She asks a special guest to call and says Zain that it is 1 month since your dad’s funeral. Fahad brings kazi saheb/priest. Surayya asks Zain to repeat 2nd divorce. Zain repeats talaq twice while Aaliya cries.

Precap: Surayya asks Aaliya if she liked her gift and asks her to have sweets. Aaliya gets nauseated.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Aaliya might be pregnant!!!!

    1. i am also thinking the same

  2. Of every hindi serial after they show the intemate moment it happens

  3. But beintehaa is Ultimately Unique

  4. Keen to see the next

  5. Keen to see the next episode

  6. I to think aliya is pregnant I think the divorce will not happen

    1. hope da truth comes out fast…n aaliya’s pregnancy brings love b/w zain n aaliya!!

  7. i think aliya must b pregnant and hoping that divorce will not happen

  8. waiting 4 the nxt epi.

  9. next epi kab aye gaaaaaaaaa

  10. quickly

  11. Today’s episode please

  12. kahe he aaj ka epi???????????????

  13. It’s too late

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