Beintehaa 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Fahad gets angry on her wives for talking about partition of the property. Nafisa and Shaziya say they are thinking about their children’s future as Surayya and Usmnan are thinking about their daughter. Usman says them that they are insulting their husband. Shaziya says she will leave the house and even Nafisa will come with her. She then thinks what if Nafisa turns back. Nafisa thinks she wants to turn back, but looking at the situation, she cannot. They both walk out from there.

Barkath says her parents that she does not want her property as Fahad and his wives are fighting because of her. Surayya says it is not because of her. Barkath thinks it is very easy to break the house which has these 2 fool women. Nafisa and Shaziya pack their bags and come out of their rooms. Kids say they don’t want to go. Surayya stops them and asks kids to go and play. She says them that she does not like anybody misbehaving with Usman. Nafisa says it is obvious for them to feel bad as Fahad helped Usman build this empire, but he gave 51% share to Barkath. Surayya says he gave his 51% share as he could not see Barkath get insulted. Shaziya if he has done that, then he should do partition also. Surayya says he will not do partition. Fahad says his wives that they can go, but kids won’t go. Shaziya and Nafisa say they will take kids with them and try to out. Nafisa says they cannot go without partition. Shaziya says Fahad will stop them.

Barkath stops Shaziya and Nafisa and says they cannot go like this. She thinks these two fools are her weapons and if they go, she cannot execute her plan. Zain also says he will not let them go. Barkath pleads them to stay for 2 days. Shaziya asks what will happen in 2 days. Barkath says a decision will be taken. Shaziya and Nafisa says if decision is not taken, they will not stay here. Fahad asks Barkath why did she stop her.

Barkath says she does not want her property share and will speak to Usman not to divide his house. Surayya gets emotional and says her thought is very noble and hugs her. Fahad and Zain also hug their sis and mom. Barkath smirks and thinks she will destroy Surayya’s house.

Aaliya brings medicine for Usman. Usman says a man spends his whole life and his dreams to build a house, but these 2 women want to divide my house. He emotionally speaks his heart out and says he did not think this would happen. He thought everything belongs to his children. He says when a man brows a seed and grows tree and if someone cuts the tree, he will feel very bad. He says he does not want division until he is alive. Aaliya promises him that she will not let the division/partition happen.

Aaliya walks towards her room remembering Usman’s words. She sees her room well decorated and Zain and her pics on the wall. She tries to remove the decoration. Zain asks what is she doing. She says he does not like it here, so she is removing. Zain says he likes the decoration now. Beintehaa….. song plays in the background. They both redecorate the room. AAliya sees him shuffling things and gets happy.

Zain says what did Barkath think before promising Nafisa and Shaziya. He says when they can stop division of their room, they can stop division of anyone.

Precap: Aaliya asks Barkath why did she tell Shaziya and Nafisa that she will divide her property between them and asks if she is trying to stop the division or trying to do it. Barkath runs towards Zain and informs him what Aaliya said. Zain asks Aaliya to apologize his sister.

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  4. Shaziya and Nafisa are the big fools of the serial

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