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Beintehaa 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain calls Aaliya and asks her to kiss him referring her as his girlfriend. He says his wife is very cunning and does not kiss him, so he called her to kiss him. Aaliya gets jealous and says she will go to Bhopal if he tortures her like this. Zain says when is she going then. Aaliya says she will go to Babban’s knife shop and get a big knife to kill him. Zain says it is good and asks her to give Babban’s address.

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Shaziya calls Gowhar and says Barkath who used to give her 2 lakhs weekly left the house because of Aaliya and scolds her. Aaliya comes there. Shaziya starts praising Aaliya. Aaliya says she heard her whole conversation and says how can she be so cunning and says if she starts her weird games again, she will inform it to Fahad. Zubair comes there and drags Aaliya out from there. Shaziya smirks and thinks they are too friendly. Surayya and Usman see Aaliya and Zubair on a bed. Usman is shocked to see that. Surayya asks him what does he say now. Zubair says he slipped and fell with Aaliya. Surayya slaps him and asks him to get out from her house. Zubair says she is mistaken. Usman asks Surayya to let Zubair complete his words. Surayya says she does not want to hear anything as it is Zain’s life’s matter. Zubair says he will go from there and says Usman that he will pack his bags.

Aaliya sadly sees Zubair packing his bags and leaving. Usman calls Zain and informs about the incident. Zain shockingly listens to him.

Zain angrily comes home. Aaliya is crying remembering Surayya’s harsh words. Zain sees her crying and says Usman had called him and informed about Zubair. Aaliya says she will not see Zubair again and says Zain she loves only him and cannot think of anyone else. Zain drags Aaliya out to the hall where Usman and Surayya are sitting Shaziya and Fahad. Surayya sees them and says that is the reason she did not want to inform Zain as they would fight. Zain says he brought Aaliya for that reason. Surayya alleges Aaliya was sleeping with another man, it is good Usman saw himself, else she could not have informed him. Zain says even he doubted Aaliya once. Surayya says Usman that even Zain doubts her. Zain says his words are not complete and says he doubted Aaliya and Zubair, but his thinking was wrong as he did not stay in a joint family with cousins. Though Aaliya has friendship with many guys, she only loves me and no matter whatever happens, he will not doubt her. Usman gets happy hearing that and says Surayya that is the reason he called Zain as only a husband can understand his wife. He says Surayya that she doubted this innocent girl and slapped Zubair, that is their good culture and up-bringing. Surayya angrily tries to go from there. Usman holds her hand and says when kids make mistakes, elders should forgive them, but when elders make mistake, what should they do. Shaziya says Surayya cannot ask sorry and asks Usman to forgive Surayya. Aaliya signals Zain no. Zain says mom will not ask sorry, instead he will ask sorry to Aaliya and asks Aaliya to forgive his mother. Aaliya emotionally looks at him while Surayya angrily goes from there.

Usman says Surayya that she did not understand her children well and says he took a right decision of Zain and Aaliya’s marriage. Surayya sits alone and remembers Usman’s words that he took a right decision of Zain and Aaliya’s marriage and remembers Zain and Aaliya’s marriage, she then remembers Usman asks her to apologize Aaliya and then Zain apologizing Aaliya. Surayya meets Surayya and brainwashes her by telling she could not have tolerated someone insulting her and says now Aaliya is queen of this house, not her.
Zain and Aaliya are partying when Usman stucks in a lift.

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  1. omg!! seriosuly love aliya and zain my fav couple in the world!!! omg zain is sooo nice and sweet and aliya shes bloody beautiful acn’t wait till the next episode and that shaziya needs a fucking slap the bitch

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