Beintehaa 10th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain and Rehan run towards kitchen and see fire bursting out. Zain shouts Aaliya… They both search Aaliya in kitchen. Rehan sees Aaliya’s dupatta burning and shows it to Zain. They both lift a heavy table from there and see Aaliya lying under it. Zain picks Aaliya and is relieved that she is alright. They both hug each other. Rehan asks Zain go from there while he informs fire department. Zain lifts Aaliya and goes from there.

Whole family gater around Aaliya. Zain gives her water and asks what happened. Aaliya says she said Bismillah and lit matchbox, but table fell on her. She escaped fire because of table. Zain asks if she did not smell gas. Aaliya says she did not. Shaziya says Aaliya she should thank Zain who rescued her, she was about to enter kitchen, but did when she saw Saif, says who would have saved her. Nafisa says Fahad is there for you. Surayya asks everyone to come out and let Aaliya rest. Rehan says Zain he came to take signatures on papers.

Surayya along with fire department staff investigate fire venue/kitchen. Fighter department employee says gas stove does not have any problem, some one must have cut the pipe. Surayya sees room freshener and thinks it would have masked gas smell, someone must have done it purposefully. She then sees Nafisa’s watch on ground.

Zain reads Holi Quran and prays for Aaliya. Ali Ali mere Maula… song plays in the background. He says he learnt dua and today it came handy. He asks her not to prepare food from tomorrow. Aaliya says she is fine. Zain asks what would have happened to her if table would not have falled on her. Aaliya says don’t worry, I will not leave you so easily.

Aayath brings milk for Aalyia and says Ammi’s dua will work on Aaliya for sure. Zain says really??? and tries to go out. Aaliya asks where is he going. Zain says we are all going to Bhopal and to pack their bags. Zain says Aayath he will speak to phupa/phupi about her and Rizwan’s alliance. Aaliya says we should discuss it with Nafisa first as she is Rizwan’s sister and only relative. Zain says she has become smart being withh him.

Nafisa scolds Rizwan for thinking about Aayath and says she is so ugly, what did he see in her. Rizwan says he came to inform her, not request, he is going to Bhopal with his alliance and asks her also to come with him. Nafisa says he is doing a big mistake. She turns back and sees Zain and Aaliya there. Zain says Aayath is a good girl. Nafisa says Rizwan is her only brother and is her responsibility after mom/dad’s death. Aaliya asks her to think calmly and take a decision, if she is okay, they all can go to Bhopal.

Nafisa informs Surayya that Rizwan wants to marry Aayath and says what standards does Aayath have. Surayya says what standard she has. Nafisa says she did not understand. Surayya shows her watch and asks why did she try to kill Shaziya, what if she would have gone there instead of Aaliya. Nafisa says stopped Aaliya, but she did not listen. Surayya says she accepted her mistake at last and says she will ruin her life she does any mistake again. She asks what if Aaliya would have died, if she would have severely injured.

She says she will not let anyone play with her status, etc., and warns her if she does anything, she will have to pack her bags and leave. She says she will not let her ruin her reputation and asks if she is clear. Nafisa says okay. Surayya asks her to go Usman’s plastic surgeon friend and repair her face. Once she goes Nafisa angrily breaks things and says her wound is not simple, she will teach Aaliya a lesson. She starts angrily shouting again and throwing things. She says she is living in pain since 6 years and thought Surayya would give he a status which she is entitled to, but Surayya misused her, this scar may be simple for her and Fahad/Shaziya’s marriage may be simple for her, but it is not simple for her and she will know about it soon.

Precap: Aaliya and Zain pray god to protect their love. Nafisa informs Shabana that Surayya does not like Aaliya and she is the one behind cylinder blast.

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  4. Thank God aliya is fine otherwise i would not see the show because of the burnt face htey would show…

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  7. omg thnk god aliya is safe and sound i bet nafisah will try and ruin her life and why is surrayah saying that to nafisah i thought she hated aliya.

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  8. i think zain and aliya should be a real sweet couple. 🙂

  9. I think rehan is suspicious of suraya even though this time it was nafissa I hope he finds out about suraya and naffisa she’s wasting her time to get revenge that shazia is too clever for nafissa after all she did marry her husband and gave him a son

  10. its good aaliya is alright but there is no romance there its ok i want to watch this till ending

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