Beintehaa 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 10th April 2014 Written Update

Zain and Aaliya leave to find Barkath. Gowhar adds bengal baba’s powder in juice and thinks with this juice, Rizwan will be hers. Chandbibi comes and asks why is she preparing juice. She takes the glass and keeps with other juice glasses. Gowhar insists she will serve juice to everyone and takes the tray from Chandbibi.

Shaziya and Nafisa say Fahad that they will also search Barkath along with Zain and Aaliya. Fahad says too much crowd is not good, he has already informed ACP to find Meer Khan. Rizwan comes and says jiju is telling right. Gowhar comes serves juice to everyone. She gives bengali baba juice to Rizwan and thinks he will be mine soon. Aaliya and Zain come. Aaliya says Zain she did not see Meer Khan as he was running behind Meer Khan. They both take everyone’s glasses and exchanges all the glasses explaining how the situation happened. Gowhar gets confused and sees everyone enjoying the juice. Rziwan asks her to drink the juice, but she does not. Rizwan forcefully makes her drink juice. Aaliya says she has Meer Khan’s sketch made by a sketch artist and says let us find Meer Khan near the taxi stand where they saw him last time.

Zain/Aaliya shows Meer Khan’s sketch to the taxi drivers and asks if they saw this man. One taxi driver identifies Meer Khan and says one of the driver dropped Meer Khan. Driver identifies Meer Khan and tells them where he dropped him.

Gowhar messages Rizwan and asks him to come to her room as she wants to tell him something important. Gowhar feels drowsy, seems she drank bengali baba’s powder mixed juice. Gowhar says she loves Rizwan and falls asleep. Shaziya listens that and thinks she had a doubt, but now confirmed, she loves Rizwan. Rizwan comes and says Gowhar loves him, but he does not love her. He is going from this house and will not meet her any time. Shaziya asks if he does not love, why was he so close to her. He says it was his mistake and is going from here as it should happen again.

Zain/Aaliya shows orphanage manager Meer Khan’s sketch and asks if he saw him. He says he does not know him. He shows his boss Nasir Khan’s pic and says he must be knowing that person. He comes out and informs Nasir Khan that two people came searching for Meer Khan. Zain and Aaliya are just behind him and says he does a good acting. Zain says he did not tell his name is Meer Khan, then how does he know the name. He beats the manager and asks whom he was speaking to. He says he was speaking to Nasir Khan. He says Meer Khan’s marriage is with Nasir Khan today. Zain and Aaliya are shocked to hear that. Zain asks where is the marriage. Manager tells him the address. Nyamath khuda naacheez.. song plays in the background. Aaliya asks Zain to go that place. Manager informs Nasir Khan about Zain and Aaliya and says if he would not have told him about the marriage, Zain would have killed him.

Zain informs Fahad about the marriage. Fahd informs the whole family. Zain and Aaliya reach marriage venue. They see a mass marriage board. Aaliya then says it means Nasir Khan is marrying Barkath in mass marriage.

Zain/Aaliya are about to enter the marriage venue, but guards stop them and say without card they cannot enter. Aaliya asks Zain not to worry as they will find a way. They hear a lady asking about the couple Abdul/Saira who are to be married. Aaliya identifies herself as Saira. Lady asks Saira/Aaliya to enter in as it is getting late. Zain says how will she marry without groom. She asks if he is abdul and asks them to enter the venue soon. Zain congratulates Aaliya for their re-marriage.

Precap: Zain and Aaliya remarry.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I love dis show. Waiting 4 tudes episode n I wanna c who is barkat. Lots of twists r gonna come ahead

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