Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 59# Diary

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Let’s start

Scene 1

Riddhima’s pov..

“What the hell is this angre..why you took me here like this” i shouted shooting daggers at angre who was standing before me like a scared cat..

“Bha..bhabhi..plz listen to me..boss is..inno..” he tried to say but i cutted him of showing my palm 🤚..

” Oh..i forgot he is your boss first and then i am your stupid i was to expect from u that you will take my side..” i said averting my gaze from him..

I was hurt deeply.. nobody on this earth is with me ..

I wiped my tears turning my face ..

Thuddd!! He collapsed on the floor in front me on his knees .

” Bhabhi..i know you are hurt beyond the limits..but their is another story which is unknown to u ” he said and i rolled my eyes..

“Then why vansh didn’t tell me.. obviously he can’t say anything because their is nothing to say now” i said and tears again made their way from my eyes..

“Boss is scared ..he fears that you won’t believe him” he said and i chuckled sadly..

” Atleast he knows me well” i said wiping my tears..

” I don’t have any right to say between you two..but today i am begging in front u bhabhi just to listen me once..

The man who protected me like a shield till now is crying there like a broken soul..just for u..” he cried begging in front of me..

My mind badly wanted to discard that offer but my heart again betrayed me and i nodded in yes..

“This is for u” angre said hand overing me a black colour diary with “ANSH”  written beautiful craved on it

Vansh’s diary..but why is he giving me ..and who asked him to..did no..why will he..

“Angre..this..i mean how..” i tried to speak but failed miserably

” I stole this from boss’s library…your all answers are here..and trust me this is the only truth ..

He has written each and every detail of his life in it..” he said and  we both set down on a wooden bench beside the read..

I rubbed my palm lovingly on his name “ansh”and again a lone tear escaped from my eye..

“He will kill u if he get to know u did this” i said looking at angre..

” I don’t call u my sister for name only..i will love to die if it cost your happiness” he said and burst into tears ..

Why are you so nice angre… I don’t deserve this love and care..

“This is not the time to cry..go ahead before it gets too late” he said and i opened the diary with my trembling hands..

—(The whole diary is from Vansh’s pov)

Chap 1 – The Kid inside me..(when i was 10 years old)

Dear diary…Ansh here…

Today i am feeling so lonely..

Maa is busy in her work as she is alone to raise me up..

My all friends have a sibling ..they play with them..they fight with them but i am alone

I too want someone who can play with me..

I asked maa to give me a sibling but she ended up crying.. I don’t know why she cried ..may be i am too young to understand that..

After dad’s demise we both are reason for each other to live..

Maa said one day god will send a angel  for me..and i am waiting for that day eagerly..

When will my angel come..come fast angel..your ansh will love you so much..


Chap 2 – The Angel of my life

I was walking with mumma near temple suddenly a loud noise of baby’s cry heard…

Searching near whole area my gaze fell on a wooden basket covered with a cloth..

I ran towards it in hope may be god has sended my angel for me..

Despite being scolded by maa i ran and uncovered the basket..

These she was .. my angel..

Drapped in a white cloth crying miserably..

As soon as i picked her up in my arms..she stopped crying..

“Shhhh angel don’t cry plz..see your ansh is here na..” i tried to make her calm..

I looked upward in the sky and said ” Now don’t worry about angel god..i will protect her..thnq for sending her”

“Ansh.. what are u doing..who is this baby” maa scoled me..

“God has sended an angel for me..look how cute she is..” i said patting my angel’s back..

Mom was hell bent on sending her to police but i took her and ran towards our house..

I made my maa agree to keep my angel with me after so much of pleading..

“She is so small na..maa” i said Looking towards my angel who was sleeping peacefully in my arms..

“Yes ansh..she must be 3 years old..” maa said and i made her sleep on bed Comfortably

She woked up rubbing her eyes cutely after few hours..

“Bhele i am(where i am)” she said pouting cutely..

Aww my look so adorable..just like a cotton ball

“Angel…you are with your ansh.. don’t worry” i said trying to make her comfortable..

Maa and i made her understand that she has to live with us now .

Decking her in a cute baby pink frock ..i made her  silky hairs in a fountain ponytail and she clapped her hands laughing..

I noticed her little features..cute little nose..doe shape eyes..pouty pink lips…

Its been 3 days my angel is with me and i am no more lonely now..

I stay with her whole day..she talks so cute in her childish tone..

“Anth..anth(ansh ansh)” she came whinning like a doll

“Yes..angel what happened” i asked placing her in my lap..

” papa..bhele ij he..(where is my papa)” she started sobbing digging her head in my chest..

I looked at mom and she came near angel..

“Baby..your papa was so  nice…and god called him but he said to us to take care of u.. won’t u obey your papa” maa tried to explain her and she stopped crying..

Thnk god ..i can’t see her crying..her whole face become red due to crying..

“Who aal u( who are u)” she asked and i chuckled at her tone..

“You can call me your maasi..” maa said  and she hugged her happily..

“Bhat ij my name (what is my name)” she asked innocently..

I was about to say angel but maa cutted me off..

“Pari..your name is pari baby” maa said and i smiled looking towards my angel who was already looking at me .
3 months passed and i am the most happiest person now .

She keeps blabbering whole day and i keep listening her talks..

She don’t sleep without me and I don’t leave her for a second even..

“Anth..anth” she came and sat in my lap..

Aww my baby..i pecked her chubby cheeks stroking her hairs..

I just want to bite her cheeks they are so soft..

I didn’t realise when i bitted her cheeks in real..

“Aaaaaauuuuuu” she shouted and started crying badly..

Shit shit!! I hurted my angel and what if mom comes..she will eat me raw for hurting her daughter..

“ don’t cry plz” i tried to make her calm but she kept crying

” Anth..bad..anth bhely bad (ansh is very bad) ” she cried more and i took her cheek in my mouth..

Sucking her cheek to soothe her pain i kept rubbing her back and thnx to my starts she slept in my arms only..

“Ansh baby..what will u do when she will get married..u can’t keep her with u always” maa said stroking my hairs..

“Noooo😡” i shouted making her flinch…

I never got this much angry..but just by a thought of going her away from me scared the hell in me..

“I won’t let her go away from me..she is my angel my pari” i said angrily

“But she will get married one day” maa said as a matter of fact..

“I will marry her..she is my angel i will keep her always with me..” i said and left the room taking her in my arms who was sleeping peacefully..

1 year passed and my pari and i became unseparable part of each other…

“Tal mele ghole tit tit tit(walk my horse )” she cheered happily beating my back sitting on it .

Now this became our daily routine..i keep playing with her everyday..

One day a boy of our neighborhood try to bully her and i beated him black and blue..

How dare he to hurt my pari.. bastard..

“Anth.. pali ij hungly (pari is hungry)” she pouted and i took her to kitchen in my arms..

Placing her on kitchen slab i started cooking her fav meethi bhaat..

Maa makes this for us.. although I can’t make like her but she liked mine one also..(who else remember riddhu made meethi bhat for vansh and he got flabbergasted by its taste)

“Meethi bhaat” she clapped her hands throwing her legs in air..

“Anth ij bhest (ansh is best) ” she said kissing my cheek..

“ pari..i love u so much” i said pecking her forehead..

“I lob u too anth (i love u too ansh) ”  she said and i made her eat..

Making her eat is the most difficult task on this earth..

She smears whole food on her mouth and dress including mine..


“Pali ij looting lite a blide(pari is looking like a bride) she said happily as i decked her up in a beautiful red lehenga..

“Yes my pari is looking like a beautiful bride..hena pari” i said taking her in my lap..

“Youl bhill be my bhula(your will be my bhula)” she asked scrunching her brows..

And i laughed loudly holding my stomach..

“Its not bhula paru..its dulha..and yes i will be your dulha” i said pecking her forehead..

I can never get tired of pecking her cheeks and forehead..but the most beautiful feeling is when she kisses me with her cute pinkish pouty lips .

“Yeah..anth my bhula ..(yeah ansh is my dulha)” she clapped her hands happily and i kept admiring her beautiful angelic face..

Indeed she is my hunnu bannu..


Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

I closed the dairy  with thuddd as I don’t have any strength left to read further..

I didn’t know he used to love me like this..

My heart wanted to believe that he can’t hurt me..the guy who loved me like this since he was 10 years can he thinks to hurt me..

“ can he hurt u when he loved u so u know..when bhai didn’t meet u means riddhima..he used to talk about his pari in front of me..

Whole day he used to talk about u ..your likes your dislikes..

My pari loved loved that..and what not..he used to eat meethi bhaat in your memory..

He used to say that i don’t believe in god now..he snatched my angel from me..but i will write my own destiny..i will bring my angel back..

You know why he loves you.. because he used to see his pari in you.. unknowingly he fell for his pari once again..” angre said and my brain and heart again started the battle of deciding what is right and what is wrong..

“Bhabhi plz read further..its important” he said and i nodded in no frenticaly

“No..angre..i can’t..i am already feeling suffocated thinking about everything.. I don’t want to get confuse more…” I cried looking at the diary..

“Bhabhi..i understand what are u feeling but this diary will soothe every wound inside u..

I don’t want u to regret  later that u had a chance to change your destiny but u feared and lost your love..

Boss is a gem bhabhi..he loves u more than his life..

I have seen him suffering for u in this years..

He never said anything but i know him very well..

He shows that he is the stone cold hearted mafia but deep down he is a kid who needs only love and care..

You can give that bhabhi..only you can give that..plz read ” he begged and i looked at diary again with my blurry vision..

Pov ends

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Hope u all like it.. revelation will be in next epi

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