Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 55# where is bride?

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Bs thode hi episode bche hai jhel lo yr..

We are on last plot now and my college is gonna start from 23 so..smjh jao ab..

Let’s start

Scene 1

3 days later..

Vansh’s pov

“Nooooo ways!! I am not gonna do this”I shouted jumping from my bed..

This two new  love birds are becoming my pyar ke dushman..

“Bhai u can’t meet bhabhi untill ur wedding happens” Maanyata said and i whinned like a baby..

Riddhima was laughing holding her this woman mad..they are saying we can’t meet for 3 days and here she is laughing like chudail

“Angre..see na what ur girlfriend is saying” i whinned like a baby complaining to angre..

“She is right bhai..u can’t meet riddhu for 3 days.” He said giving me a ear to ear smile..

I wanna smash his face badly..he is flying so high now days.. angre be like *pyar me pancchi bnu udta phiru mast gagan me …esa mukka maarna hai mene isko..dhapaak se girega us mast gagan se😏

“ na..they are seperating us” i whinned hugging her from back..

Why on the earth she is eating like a panda nowdays..

Always munching something..

“It’s a Ritual vansh” she said casually and i cried like a baby sitting on floor..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

If his rival will see him like this..they will surely have an heart attack..

The great god vansh raisinghania is crying like a 2 year old kid that too for his wife..

“ baby don’t cry”i said keeping his head on my boss*ms..

“Bhai.. enough now .leave..angre take him with u” Maanyata ordered and angre dragged vanshu with him..

He was literally nagging shouting my name..

Even i felt bad that I won’t be able to meet him but i trust my gunda raisinghania..he will surely come to meet me..

I started munching my chips again shrugging all my thoughts.

Pehle pet puja phir kaam duja…


“Vanshu..what are u doing here..if ur sister will see u here then u are doomed today” i said taking him inside the room from window ..

Told u na..he will surely come..but I didn’t thought he will come like this being monkey raisinghania..

“Riddhu u know na i can’t stay away from u..” He said hugging me.. poor vanshu…i hugged him back and we settled on the couch in a blanket..

“I can’t even tell u how happy i am..we are going to marry in 3 days” i said snuggling more in his chest..

“We  are already married love” he said and i rolled my eyes..

Honestly I don’t believe that paper pen wali shadi..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

“I promise jaan I won’t hurt u ..never ever..u will be my queen” i said and she kissed my temples

“And u are my king!!!” She said smiling sheeply..

“Vanshu what if Maanyata will come” she said and i rolled my eyes..

” She is behaving like a typical budhiya of daily soap..

Bhai..u can’t meet bhabhi it’s omenious..(mimicking her) buddhi kahiki..

I m telling u.. let angre and her get married I won’t let them meet on their suhagrat also😏” i said twisting my mouth..

“Awww..vanshu u are so cute ” riddhu said pulling my cheeks ..

“You were laughing on me i will punish u” i said and pulled her for a passionate kiss..

Pov ends

Maanyata’s pov..

“Angre .angre ..see bhai is inside .i am not gonna leave him now” i said peeking from outside bhabhi’s room..

N number of times i had warned him..god this majnu of now days..

“Bha…” I opened my mouth for shouting bhabhi’s name but instantly pulled back by angre..

“Let them do whatever they want..we can also do the same” angre said leaning towards me..

“Cheee..angre kitne chipde ho tum” i said making a disgusting face..

” U should go and forbid them from meeting and here u are doing romance urself” i said lifting my brow..

” Relex honeypie…” Angre said and leaned towards my lips..

Gosh is this even angre or some imposter..

“Ang…” I opened my mouth but stopped as i felt his rough lips on my soft one..

My eyes widened and seeking the opportunity he entered in my mouth..

I was too dumb to react..he pinched my waist and i came back in my senses..

He was sucking my lips like a hungry lion..i pulled him by his hairs and we deepend the kiss more..

“Ahhhahahahhah….meri riddhu se mujhe dur krke yaha dono laila Majnu romance farma rhe hai” (by keeping my riddhu away from both are doing romance here) vansh bhai’s voice came and we both parted away abruptly..

Bhabhi was looking with wide eyes towards us..

Angre blushed and we both ran away with the speed of light..

Pov ends..


3 days later

Riddhima’s pov..

Decking up in a red bridal lehenga i flaunted my look in front of maanyata

“Bhabhi u are looking extra pretty nowdays” Maanyata said and i fluttered my eye lashes looking towards the mirror..

My eyes welled up looking at myself

“What happened bhabhi” Maanyata asked holding my hand…

“I am missing my maasi alot..she used to deck me up in a saree in my childhood and u know my A…” I said in flow but stopped realising what blunder i was about to create..

“Its ok di.. she must be feeling happy from heaven” she said and i wiped my tears..

“Where is vansh if we are here in his room” i asked wondering where my dulha raisinghania is..

“With angre in his room”she said and i send her to check upon him..

I want my groom perfect..and when two men come together for makeover i can imagine what blunder they can create..

Roaming in whole room i thought to place a gift for my vanshu..

Keeping the gift in my hands i strolled in whole room finding the best place..

Idea…what can be the best place than almirah..

I opened his almirah and kept the gift behind his clothes..

Pov ends

Angre’s pov

“Oh my god are looking damn hot” Maanyata said looking towards boss..

Somewhere i felt jealous.. she never said i am looking hot..may be i am looking gunguna..

Boss’s eyes welled up and he hugged both of us..

I know what he must be thinking right now..

” I hope u will keep my sister happy always” i said and he nodded in yes..

Maanyata picked the sehra from table and made boss wear it..

” Lao mera shagun” she demanded opening her palm in front of boss..

“Grib” i muttured and instantly got a punch on my stomach..

I made boss sit in mandap and pandit ji started chanting hymns..

“Call the bride” he said and boss ordered me through his eyes..

I left to the room to bring my riddhu to alter…

After 15 minutes..

I ran as fast as i could with trembling legs to the mandap..

“Angre what happened where is bhabhi” Maanyata asked looking at my condition..

“Angre..tell me damn it where is Sweetheart” boss shouted making me flinch at my spot .

“Boss..wo..ab..wo bhabhi….” I said stammering..

And bang!!! Boss kicked the pot with his leg which was kept in front of him..

“Ridddhimmmmaaaaaa” he shouted and i gasped seeing the intensity in his eyes..

Pov ends..

Done done dana done ✅

Hope u all like it

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