Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 20 # pacifying vanshu

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Scene 1

Vansh’s POv

I ignored her like hell and now she is scrutinzing my expression to identify what’s wrong with me..

Let’s have some fun vansh..she troubled you alot..

It’s time for punishment now…

Pov ends

Riddhima (whisper) – Vansh…

No response*****

Riddhima (little louder) – Vanshu!!

No response***

Riddhima (shouting in his ears) – Vanshuuuuu behre suno na…(deaf vanshu listen na)

Vansh(rudely) -Stop shouting miss loud speaker.. I am gussa!!

Riddhima’s pov

What the hell…he is gussa…why…

What i did with him..

I calmed him down few hours ago and cleaned the mess created by him..

Still he is giving me this tantrums..

Mr.donkey raisinghania..

Pov ends

Riddhima (casually) – Ok then..stay gussa.. i am going to sleep…(yawning)

Vansh’s POV

Wait what…she is going.. wasn’t she supposed to pacify me..

This girls are impossible..first they do mistakes and then throw this so called ..attitude ..

Poor me!! I can’t let her go .i want her to Pamper me like i did when she was gussa!!

Pov ends..

Vansh (pouting) – you slapped me..i am gussa..pacify me now..

Riddhima’s POV

I laughed in my mind on his antics..

How cutely he is asking me to pacify him rubbing his cheeks..

I really felt bad that i slapped him..

FineΒ  Mr.pacify raisinghania..let me pamper u then..

I sat in front of him folding my legs and kept my palm on his cheek

Pov ends

Riddhima (smiling) – vanshu is gussa..!!

Sorry vanshu i was so angry that u were hurting urself that’s why i slapped u..

Sorry..maaf krdo plz..(plz forgive me)

Vansh’s POV

Aww…she is looking so let me trouble her more..

I again turned my face pouting..

Pov ends

Vansh – Pacify me..

Riddhima (raising his brows) -Howww!!

Vansh – i don’t know..but pacify me..

I did so much for u when u were gussa now it’s ur turn..go ahead..

Riddhima’s pov

Now i got it …he wants revenge..

I moved closed to him looking into his eyes..

Before i could drown into the ocean of his eyes i started speaking…

Pov ends

Riddhima (touching his cheeks) – i slapped u here na..

Is it hurting much.. don’t worry i will do magic and then it won’t hurt u..

Vansh’s POV

She was pacifying me as if i am a kid.. I won’t mind being for her..

I just wanted to have some fun..

She leaned to my cheeks blushing and kissed me on my cheeks leaving her lipstick mark..

I was shock..she kissed me..she kissed me.. without my asking…

Omg…its pawri time..teri toh lautry lg gyi beta vansh (u got lautry vansh)

Pov ends

Riddhima – Is it still hurting vanshu..

Riddhima’s pov

I kissed him on his cheeks smiling and now we both are blushing like hell…

I asked him is it still hurting and he nodded in no like a kid..

I know he just pretend to be kid in front of me..just to keep me happy..

I turned to leave blushing for my room but suddenly thudddd!!!

Pov ends

Vansh’s POv

She turned to leave after pulling this stunt..

This didn’t go well with me..

After having this much amazing moment how can i leave her..

I pulled her towards me..and she landed in my lap colliding with my torso..

Nodding like a kid i asked to stay here..and talk to me..

Pov ends

Vansh (like a kid)- O Hello..i am still thoda sa your punishment is you will stay here and talk to me whole night as i have slept much..

Riddhima’s POv

Is this man mad!He slept his ghode gadhe bech ke but i was

How will i stay awake whole night..

I nodded in no saying i am sleepy and he again made his iconic grumpy vanshu face..

I pleaded with my puppy eyes but he didn’t budge..

Giving up..i covered ourselves with duvet and leaned against his torso..

Pov ends

Vansh’s POV

I encircled my arms around her waist and she started her blabbering..

How can girls manages to talk this much..

Although i was not interested what was she saying because my whole sole focus was on her lips..

Who were syncing open and close tempting me to taste them..

I controlled myself as i felt an adrenaline rush in my body..

pov ends

Riddhima’s POV..

We were laughing like jokers there.. cracking not so funny jokes..

I was pulling his cheeks and nose and he was tickling me..

We were looking like 2 kids playing together..

We endulged ourself in an eye lock time to time…

Pov ends..

Vansh’s POV

We were talking suddenly i felt a weight on my torso..

I whisper sweetheart but she didn’t reponse..

I looked at here face and there..she is..

Sleeping with a cute pout on her lips like a baby..

I felt guilty for keep her awake ..

I took her in my arms and made her layed beside me…

I wanted to take her to her room but my heart deceived me and i prepared an answer in my mind that when she will ask why she slept here i will say i don’t remember we slept while talking..

Patting my back mentally i laid beside her admiring the sleeping beauty beside me..

Wrapping her in my arms i covered us with comforter and didn’t remember when sleep engulfed me..

Pov ends..

Scene 2


2 people are sleeping cuddling with each other.. it’s none other than our riansh..

Riddhima’s pov

Sun rays started kissing my face and i snuggled more in pillow to hide my face..

But wait..since when pillow started wearing shirt and using perfume..

I opened my eyes lazily and realised it’s not pillow..its my vanshu!! so called pillow raisinghania..he is looking so cute while sleeping..

But wait!why we are sleeping together..

Last night moments flashed in my mind and a smile crept on my face..

I caressed his face kissing his forehead..

Pov ends

Riddhima (smiling) – Good morning vanshu…

Vansh’s POV

I opened my eyes and saw my baby panda is cuddling with me..

I smiled at her saying good morning sweetheart ..

She gave me the brightest smile ever..

She asked me to leave her but i was in no mood to let her go..

I cuddled more with her..

But being ziddima she started struggling in my arms..

I brushed my cheeks with her asking..

Pov ends

Vansh – Are u miffed with me sweetheart..

Riddhima’s pov

I nodded in yes to tease him..but this weirdo raisinghania started tickling me saying then let me pacify you…

I started laughing my heart out and he continue to tickle me untill tears started coming from my eyes..

He instantly cupped my face asking for apology..

Pov ends

Vansh – I am it hurting somewhere.. did i hurt u..why are u crying..

Vansh’s POV

She looked at me cutely and pulled my cheeks saying awww…melle pyale vanshu..i wasn’t was because of laughing hard..

Like seriously am i kid that she keeps pulling my cheeks..

Before i catch her again she ran out of my room like bullet train leaving me behind smiling like an teenage love seek puppy..

I got up and left to washroom thinking about my baby panda..

Pov ends..

Done done dana done βœ…

Hope u like it..

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