Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 11 # sharing Pain

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Scene 1

Riddhima (shouting) –

Vansh’s POv

I was so lost in her that i forgot i was driving…

Her eyes driven me crazy..

But she shouted next moment breaking the eye contact and i looked in the direction she pointed..

f**k!! Is this women mad or what .she almost gave me a heart attack ..

I huffed and stoped the bike glaring her..

Pov ends

Vansh(glaring) – What’s this sweetheart i got scared na..

Riddhima (pouting) – Sorry na vansh!! I couldn’t control myself seeing the sight..just look how beautiful it is

Riddhima’s POV

We were sharing an eyelock and my eyes went to a was as beautiful as my vansh is!!

Wait what!! My vansh!! Wese khayal bura nhi hai..

I chuckled at my own thoughts..

I pointed toward the cliff it was so beautiful.. and the cold weather was cherry on cake..

Pov ends

Riddhima – lets go there na vansh plz..

Vansh – It’s risky riddhima ..

We are late already and the weather is so cold you will be sick..

Vansh’s POv

She is kid really..

I refused her and she walked like a baby and sit in the middle of the road crying..

Now what should i do with this women sorry baby!! My Little munchkin..

Her puppy eyes uff!! I can’t refuse that..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s POv.

Excellent move by me..

Shabbaash  riddhima!!

Vansh came and sit next to me folding his legs..

We both are sitting in middle of the road.. quarreling..

#Perfect partner goals

Zada ni ho gya ye riddhu!! Don’t think too much..

Pov ends

Riddhima (pouting) – Chle vansh!!

Vansh (huffing) – do i have any other option..

Vansh’s POv

I made her stand and interwined our hands and take her to the cliff..

We both sat near a rock enjoying the scenario..

There was a silence of 5 minutes…

I crancked my neck and saw her..

Her face is glooming in moonlight and the purity on her face is adding extra serenity to her..

She is sitting beside me closing her eyes silently ..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s POV

I was in deep thoughts suddenly i felt someone’s stare on me and i know the owner…

Without opening my eyes i asked him why are you staring at me..

Instead of answering me he holded my hand and rested his head on my shoulder..

I understood his sign and kept my one hand on his temple..

We stayed in same position for few minutes untill i feel someone is shaking me ..this man!! Uff!! unbelievable..

Pov ends

Vansh (shaking her) – Riddhu riddhu!! Get up lets go home..see you are shivering..i can’t take risk..

Riddhima (glaring him) – If you want to go  then leave.. i am not coming..

Riddhima’s POV

I rested my head again against the rock and closed my eyes

But very next moment i felt something warm on me..

Don’t tell me vansh hovered upon me..

I opened my eyes and left baffeld!

Pov ends

Vansh’s POv

She was hell adamant not to go home ..and i can’t see her shivering here in cold..

I removed my jacket and made her wear that..

She is staring me as if i hovered upon her instead of my jacket..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s POV

Such a tharki creature i am ..

This guys is taking care of me like hell and i 😂 god!! Sapne suhane thrakpan ke😂

But i saw him shivering in cold..

I can’t let him fall sick because of me.

POV ends

Riddhima – What is this vansh! You will fall sick

Vansh- and what if u will catch cold..

Vansh’s POv

Nobody i repeat nobody can win from a women in argument..then who the hell i am ..

She made me flabbergasted by her action..

Now we both are sharing my jacket..

Yes! You heard it sorry sorry read it right!!

She removed her jacket and covered both of us with it..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s POV

We again locked our eyes and i rested my head on his shoulder..

He encircled me in his arms

Koi is aadmi ko btao ki me pgl ho jaungi agar ye esehi mere itne pss rha toh..

Then i realised I don’t know anything about him..

I decided to break the ice..

Pov ends

Riddhima – Vansh! let’s talk na we don’t know anything about each other..

Vansh(teasing) -ummm!! Someone is interested in me..not bad!

Riddhima (smashing his arm) – Shut up!!

Vansh (smiling) – what do you want to know sweetheart..

Riddhima’s POv

I always saw him alone..

He keeps smiling all the time but i have seen loneliness in his eyes..

He is hiding his pain and I want to share it..

I want to pay him off for what he did for me..

Without giving a second thought i asked him about his family..

Pov ends

Vansh’s POv

Damn!! She got this topic only to ask except so many things in the world..

Now what should i say to her! Truth!! Not even on my dead body i am gonna say this..

May be she won’t understand me too like my P…

No no!! I can’t loose sweetheart..

I will say half truth only..

Pov ends

Vansh (resting his head on her) – i was in my mother’s womb when my father abandoned us..

Then my mother died when i was 17 ..

She used to loved me alot..

I miss her so much..

I never got peace after her demise untill ..

Riddhima’s POV

His eyes watered saying his story..

I felt a pang in my can god be so cruel to such a pure soul..

I wish i can give him all the happiness he deserves..

But why did he stop saying something..may be he doesn’t want to share further..

Pov ends

Vansh’s POv

Shit!! I was about to say untill i met you!!

What she will think about me !!

But do i really get peace from her..

May be yes or may be no!!

But i am sure that i am happy with her..

I smiled after so many years just because of her..

She cupped my face and traced my face with her tiny fingers

Pov ends

Riddhima – vansh! You are so strong and i feel so lucky to have you as my friend..

I promise i will try to make you happy whenever possible..

Riddhima’s POV

He again hugged me and i buried my face in his chest seeking warmth..

But his next question waked my senses up!!

How can i not expect him to ask me back same  question..

Now what should I say to him that i am cursed!!

I can’t say everything what if he will leave me..

No no!! I can’t!

Pov ends

Riddhima –  my mom died while giving birth to me and my dad died after 3 years saving me from an accident..

I am cursed vansh!!i am cursed..

Whoever will come to me will get hurt or die..

Vansh’s POv

Damn!! I shouldn’t have asked her ..she is crying now sniffing in my chest..

If it would be happy moment i would have surely accept that but i can’t see her tears

I cupped her face and wiped her tears

Pov ends

Vansh – you are not cursed sweetheart you are lucky charm my lucky charm..

Riddhima (sadly)- i also suggest you to stay away from me you will also get hurt

Riddhima’s POV

As soon as i said this he started searching something near us..

Is he mental case..

What the hell he is searching at this much serious moment..

Pov ends

Riddhima- what are u searching vansh..

Vansh(chuckling)- the brain which you dropped few minutes ago..

Vansh’s pov

Her face was worth watching…

She didn’t expect this from me right now!!

But I can’t see her sad

She started beating me with her tiny fist and i enjoyed like hell being touched by her!!

I holded her hands and cupped her face

Pov ends

Vansh- you are not cursed dare you to say that again..

I am so lucky to have you!!

Riddhima- no vansh!!i lost so many people my mom , dad , my maasi and my A…

Riddhima’s POV

f**k!! What was the need to say further!!

I quickly buried my head in his chest and he stroked my hairs soothing me..

We both shared our pain and sooth each other..

Pov ends

Vansh – can u promise me something sweetheart..

Riddhima’s POV

I know he will ask me not to leave him etc etc..

But i know i can’t leave him now!!

I asked him raising my brows and his answered made me cry again..

I sobbed hard this time murmuring why are you so nice vansh i don’t deserve you..

Pov ends

Vansh’s POv

I asked her to promise me that she will stay happy always whether she will be with me or not..

But instead of being happy she cried murmuring bullshit again..

I kissed her crown ensuring her that she deserves each and every happiness in the world…

Pov ends

Riddhima(weeping tears and smiling) – ok!! No more crying we are together and that’s important..

Vansh’s POv

My heart fluttered listening her voice again full of happiness..

I made her stand again and side hugged her and started walking toward the bike..

But she stopped and look at me with her puppy eyes and i knew now she is ready with a new demand..

Something is on the way!! Best of luck mr.vansh raisinghania..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s POV.

I looked at him with puppy eyes and he bow down his head  in surrender..

As soon as i blurted out my demand..his mouth shaped into perfect O… Showing he is in shock.!!

Pov ends

Riddhima: vansh i want to *************

Vansh (shocked)- Noooooo!!!!


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