Behir & Adiya FF : Chilling Visions Part 4

On highway

The group have dinner at dhaba and starts heading to Ooty. They reach around 11:00 pm at Vishaka’s house. The haunted house is behind her mansion near the forest where nobody lives till far away.

Bell ring

Vishaka : who is at this time?

Ajitabh : we will only find out when we open door my love please go

Vish stamps on table and goes to open door in huff for getting her sleep disturbed. She sees her sister standing in front of her

“Oh my god Bela, my jaan” Vish hugs her happily

Bela : surprise surprise, Ajitabh jiju thank you for not telling her

Vish : what? you knew

Ajitabh : see sister in law how she is dominating me like this

Vish : ah dominate? (raises her eyebrows)

Ajitabh : you came alone where is our rest of family

Mahir : yaar we were waiting for welcome but this two sisters are in their own world

“You are most welcome my newly jiju to our house wait wait, stand right there Bela you are too much wait here” Vish goes inside quickly

Ajitabh : in this years I still could not understand her

Bela : you won’t be able to jiju she is from another planet

Vishaka brings plate of aarti and does their grahpravesh.

Vish: you both came first time after marriage have some manners

Adi : somebody welcome us too, we are not married but still

Zoya hits his shoulder

Ajitabh : Vish give me that tray (does their aartI and puts tilak on them)

Vishaka hugs Zoya and Noor

“How are you our little princess” Vish asks

Noor : very good, what a house aapi

Vish : thank you guys, you all must be tired get some rest we will talk tomorrow

Mahir : I know yaar this long drive is like jet leg very tiring

Ajitabh helps them put luggage inside and shows the room.  Siddhique sisters and Hooda brother’s room are separate while Bela and Mahir stays in the guest room.

An invisible power observes the house. Bela is not able to sleep at night feeling suffocated and goes out for fresh air. She sees the house behind the mansion and starts walking there only to be found locked from outside. A hand on her shoulder scares her

Bela : oh its you?

Vishaka : what are you doing here and at this time of night

Bela : I couldn’t sleep so I thought to get fresh air why is this house closed

Vishaka : come lets go

Bela : wait you didn’t answer me

Vishaka : this is an old couple’s house, their young daughter died couple years go so both went out of town

Bela feels little nervous hearing but does not believe much of the story. She sees up at the room window closed with curtain and dark

Vishaka : Bela I am talking to you come

Bela : yea lets go

The girls go back to their mansion. In the haunted house a chair shakes with a doll dressed up in white frock and red hair (Annabell)

Next morning

Zoya : good morning

Vish : hey good morning you wake up so early, you are on holiday relax

Zoya : I know but I don’t sleep much and plus Noor’s snoring hurt my ears

Vish ; how will her husband tolerate her then

Zoya : let it be that would their matter do you need any help

Vish ; no worries I made breakfast where is Bela I guess she must be tired

Zoya : after all she is newly married night might be long (laughs)

Ajitabh ; I wish I was that lucky (holds her from back) for us everyday is equal and short

Zoya : Ajitabh ji we girls love surprises too much why don’t you give her one

Vish : you are advising wrong person wrong thing which he can never do

Arjun ; yea right you girls can do much better why don’t you all try something for us

Zoya ; ah I thought you are opposite to your brother I guess I was wrong

Adi ; were you talking something about me

Zoya : no why would I even dare to

Later everybody goes out for tour except Bela who didn’t join them with excuse of not well. She walks to the same house again look outside very strangely.

Precap ; Bela plays a piano in the house very intensely confusing others

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