Behir & AdiYa FF : Chilling Visions Part 2

Sehgal house

Sumitra welcomes Bela first in the house. Though she has known her from long time, relations have changed.

Sumitra : now push this urn of rice and put feet in red water walking inside

Bela leaves the red footprint while coming inside the house.

Sumitra : you both might be tired from all ceremonies and ritual

Zoya : aunty if you don’t mind me and Aditya will drop them at hotel (takes Bela in room)

Sumitra : of course why not, after all rituals you all are free to take them

Zoya ; okay

After all ceremonies Aditya and Zoya goes to drop Mahir Bela in hotel for wedding night

Aditya ; here are your keys, look at their faces, Noor click one picture

Zoya : what?

Noor gets her phone out and tells them to smile

Aditya : by the way Mahir, I feel very sad you know marriage is like getting prisoned in wife’s jail

Noor and Aditya makes fun of them but Zoya drags both outside

Aditya : let me know if my words come true bye newly wedded couple

Zoya : they had enough wishes now come both of you are free always

Bela and Mahir goes to their room which is decorated with all flowers.

Mahir : you get changed, I want to talk something important

Bela nods and goes inside. After a while she comes out and finds him waiting for her desperately.

Bela : you were saying something

“Look we are childhood friends till today we both shared everything be it our happiness, or pain but today things have changed” Mahir sit next to her

Bela : but you didn’t want to marry me, when foundation is baseless marriage does not exist for us

Mahir : because I don’t want to give you false hopes you are my friend tonight is our wedding I want to give you something

Bela looks at him confusingly

Mahir ; our marriage be without love but I will fulfill all promises of marriage we took

“And I will also fulfill my all duties of protecting you from all danger” Bela tells him

Both hold each other hands in front of moon starting new life

Mahir : by the way spicy chilly you look real ghost in this dress and make up

“Mahir, I won’t spare you” Bela starts throwing things at him

Mahir ; I just said you are ghost don’t prove that please what will people say you turned into witch on marriage night

Bela : shut up don’t irritate me, I am starving from whole day and you are making fun of me

Mahir : okay i am sorry stop, you go and change I will order something, usually bride brings milk for her husband but look here

Bela : excuse me I am not an ordinary bride, go and order some food

Mahir : hey you are not supposed to order me go now

Both shares good laugh after long time

In car

Noor gets dropped in library for some work but unknown to everybody she meets Arjun

Arjun : always late

Noor : what do you mean? I was helping my sister in wedding

Arjun : you are talking as if it was your sister wedding

Noor : right, my sister’s wedding will be very grand that whole city will remember, and I will decorate everything with my own hands

Arjun : I didn’t ask whole future, when time will come your hands won’t even work

The librarian tells them to be quiet

Adiya : where are you lost?

“I am very tired” Zoya gets sleepy

Aditya ; no way, after long time  you are in my hands then I have to go

Zoya : again? god, this is what happens when professions are different

Aditya ; then we can do one thing, lets get married and problem will be solved

Zoya (hits on his shoulder) : at least think before saying anything

Aditya : what wrong did I say? our partnership will be the best

Zoya : no change okay, I am not in mood to get married right now

Aditya ; alright fine, I have very good idea (stops the car near stall)

Zoya : why did you stop here

Aditya : because I am hungry, lets have ice cream which flavor you will have

Zoya : I am not in mood

Aditya : don’t be so grumpy madam

“Mango, vanilla, raspberry” Zoya says

Adiya : I am not a vendor

Zoya : mango flavor (laughs)

Aditya gets vanilla for him and mango for her

Zoya : thanks for this treat, I feel better this wedding planning is big headache

Aditya ; at least you stay on earth, my job too dangerous, I take risk of so many lives

Zoya : by the way I hope you took some off we all are going for holiday

Adi : but why should we go to Mahir and Bela’s honeymoon

Zoya : come on it will be fun, on mountain sorry i forgot you are always at sky

Adi : don’t make fun of me, where are we planning to go Kashmir?

Zoya : no in Ooty I heard very nice tourist and there is is big palace

AdI : I hope being wedding planer didn’t make you boring

Zoya ; thats Noor’s departement she is fond of history of places

Adi ; how is ice cream

Zoya ; very nice, but nobody can compare our Mussorie’s food

Adi : really? then i will definitely visit once

Zoya : you should, but not right now till I am here when I go back you come

Adi : by the way when are you going back?

Zoya ; once we come back from trip, till then I told Maria to handle office, listen I have to go back now

Adi ; come I will drop you back at home

Duo starts heading to Zoya’s house.

Zoya ; good night

“Bye good night” Adi waves her

Main taa tere naal hi rehna ji
Har gham sang tere sehna ji

Main taa tere naal hi rehna ji
Har gham sang tere sehna ji
Jo jag se kaha na jaaye woh
Mujhko bas tujhse kehna ji

Zoya turns around looking at him smilingly and goes inside

Sohna sohna itna bhi kaise tu sohna
Sohna sohna itna bhi kaise tu sohna
Tere ishq mein jogi hona
Mainu jogi hona


Mahir orders food for them in room

“I am very hungry” he starts eating

Bela : you are such big glutton, here wife is starving from whole day

Mahir ; did I tell you to starve? consider your own room

Bela : god give him some wisdom

Mahir ; why are you dragging him in between now

Later both goes to sleep after long tiring day of wedding.

Siddique mansion

At midnight Zoya feels restless and is unable to sleep. She does not disturb Noor and walks downstair in kitchen. A shadow passes from window scaring her

Zoya ; who is it? (picks up knife)

Her feet start to tremble with every step walking forward.

Precap : Youngsters start heading to Ooty for trip unaware of storm lurking

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