Hello doodles, I am back to post another story named as BEHIND THE BARS. This story revolves around Saumya and her life after she gets arrested on the day of her marriage. Do read the story and share your opinions. A HUMBLE REQUEST TO BHAVYA LOVERS, PLEASE STAY AWAY DEARIES OR ELSE YOU MAY END UP FEELING BAD.


‘They say I have been trying to find out exactly when listeners and performers decided that applause between movements would not be allowed, but no body seems to have been willing to admit that they were the culprit and believe me it’s true’   I am Lilly Raichaind, a lawyer… the story started two years back with my entry in her life and her entry in jail.



“Are you sure Rudra that this is the way?” I asked turning the steering to the left.

“Just believe me for the last time Lilly, I am her husband and unfortunately I know where she goes and what she does… at least I got this experiences in the last few months” Rudra said.

“But if she had hid everything from everyone then why would she share the truth with you?” Priyanka asked the exact truth I was about to ask.

“Believe me Lilly, Prinku… my heart is saying that for the first time I am on right track, please believe me” Rudra tried to sound believable but it’s quite hard to believe him.

“Okay… okay stop” Rudra shouted aloud looking at a big abandoned mansion. I immediately stopped the car with a jerk.

Rudra jumped down and looking at him, we both also jumped down and followed him silently. Few sounds of conversation rang from the right side, a dim light is also glowing that side.

“Last option is killing her… and… and I would become this innocent real Svetlana, no one would get to know” a similar voice sounded desparate.

“No Riya… this way we would be in more danger, it’s better that you just go away from here and I would submit her as the fake Svetlana who committed all the crimes… and after an year or two you would come back as real Svetlana… please Riya, don’t kill her” this is freaking ACP’s voice.

They are planning to kill the real innocent Svetlana and leave the actual criminal, how can she stoop so low… hell with this woman.

“Now you understood bhaiya that who loves you for real and who…” Priyanka did not complete her sentence and gave a disgusted look, looking at Rudra.

“Shivay must be here Rudra” I guessed out the feeling I was having since the time we entered this mansion.

“Why would bhaiya come, he always believed Bhavya… moreover he was the one to make the plan to punish Svetlana all by him” Rudra said.

“Rudra at times trust more than expected is dangerous and Shivay did one mistake of trusting Bhavya once by asking her to hand over fake Svetlana to police last time when she helped this fake girl to run away, so believe me he would have also definitely come here…” I said.

“No Lilly, Shivay bhaiya would definitely not come… okay leave that, just tell us what should we do now?” Prinku asked.

“We are two girls and one boy… and they are two girls there…” he didn’t let me complete as he cut my sentence in between “we are two girls and two boys here” Shivay Singh Oberoi said it with his own gained attitude.

“Bhaiya you…” shock would be an understatement, Rudra and Prinku were baffled and a shock stream ran down my vein as well.

“Yes… you three came here to confirm your doubt on Bhavya that is she really helping this fake Svetlana or you three are wrong and the same doubt brought me here too… I just doubted Bhavya but now it’s clear that she is helping fake Svetlana… we can’t use our muscle power to trap them rather we will have to wait for the moment to catch them one by one” Shivay explained.

“Annika has told you right Lilly that I am going somewhere and us usual I am behaving strange” Shivay asked looking at me. Well that’s the truth.

“Yeah Shivay…” I accepted and he smiled maybe thinking about his wife.

“Riya… why are we wasting time to think? You please go” ACP said.

“What’s so hurry Bhavya” Shivay entered roaring the words.

“Bade bhaiya… wo… see I got the fake Svetlana, let’s hand her over to the law… come Riya… you are under arrest” ohh god, why is she pretending when it’s clear from Shivay’s expression that he know everything about her.

“Stop that Bhavya Pratap Rathore, until when you would fake… everything has an end so just end this drama right now” Rudra entered this time speaking the words.

“Listen Rudra… someone had conspired against me… please believe me” ACP said in a begging tone.

“Will you say the truth or I would call the cops?” I asked.

“Don’t worry Lilly, cops are already waiting outside… Shivay Singh Oberoi always completes the circle of things he does… a single doubt compelled me to bring cops along with me, now I hope Bhavya and this fake lady would answer all our questions” Shivay said.

“Leave Bhavya, she was just helping me and my brother” fake Svetlana said.

“Ohh wow, you are still supporting her who passed all the blames over your head few moments back?” Priyanka asked.

“Yes Priyanka… I am Riya, Ranveer Singh Randhawa’s sister, you remember right… the same girl whom you and your brother left in bleeding condition after hitting her” Riya aka fake Svetlana said.

“Shut up… stop blaming my family” Shivay rorared.

“She is not lying, do you even know what your brother’s mistake did to her… you don’t know Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi and thus you still have the strength to shout like this” ACP said.

“Okay fine… say it out, say out the truth” Rudra said walking a step closer and looking at ACP.

“That night… that night I was running away from Sultan’s captive, yes the same Sultan who destroyed Bhavya’s childhood have destroyed my family too… he killed my husband because all he wanted was me… he was behind me and my one year old daughter after killing my husband when I ran away from there and went deep into that forest where Omkara’s jeep had hit me, my daughter was just thrown up in the air and she died the moment her head touched the ground… I became unconscious without even recognising who has hit me, after that all I remember was I woke up after many years from my deep sleep of coma” Riya aka fake Svetlana completed.

“Omkara bhaiya and Priyanka just ran away after hitting her, she was pushed into coma for almost long four years and after that when she woke up doctor declared that she can’t become mother ever again… she wanted revenge from Oberois for killing her daughter, for making her alone in this entire world. And all I did was helping my friend.” ACP completed the story.

“Excuse me… neither we had hit you… nor we ran away from that place that day, listen then what all happened after you got hit. We were travelling towards our farm house that night and we spotted a lady running away and was crying out for help. Omkara bhaiya increased the speed of the car and all what we saw was that someone else’s car has hit you and your daughter died and you fell unconscious, we admitted you to the hospital… we never came to front thinking that Oberoi family’s name would be taken in wrong way just like you all thought. Next day we went there again to look at your daughter who was already dead, we burried her and prayed for her soul’s peace. In all these we heard some people coming towards us, so we ran away from there so that none thinks us as the murderer, but unfortunately our car remained there and Ranveer thought that it was us who has hit his di” Priyanka completed.

“I don’t believe” Riya shouted.

“It’s yours problem to believe it or not… but one thing we know and that is, you two have to get punishment for what all you two did” Rudra said.

“And Bhavya I would definitely make sure that you loose your job, actually thank you for whatever you did for our family though I doubt it now that have you actually ever done anything or we always were beside you” Shivay said.

“Let’s go back Lilly, our work over here is done, the cops outside would do the rest works.” Priyanka said and we all went out.


We won, me, Priyanka and Saumya won in this game of destiny. She became free… she came out of the bars. I announced to her that how am I related to her. I was happy… actually very happy for her. I went to see the dazzling brightness in her eyes when everything just changed in very next hours.


Here is the next part doodles, do share your opinions down and please hit the star button. Thanks a lot for the support in the last seven chapters. 

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  1. Niriha

    Awesome update

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      Thank You so much Niriha

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    It is nice one

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Niki dear

  3. ItsmePrabha

    such an sukoon wali update hai yeh…sach mein yaar dil ko maano thandak si pad gayi hai..fully in love with this epi…will be waiting for the next..till then take care..Pyaar tum Baby

    1. Nilash

      Ayyee aayeee…. tere comment ko padhkar mere dil ko sukoon par gayi
      Next wala episode posted 🙂
      Take care, keep smiling, stay healthy
      Muaahhhh…. pyaar tum

  4. Wow…got all answers of the mysterious matters…but where is the real Svetlana yr…? nd why Rudra was forced to marry Bhavya? update next asap

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much dear
      Real Svetlana is in Bhavya’s and Riya’s aka fake Svetlana’s captive
      He was not forced, he married her thinking he loves her but then he realised that it wasn’t love
      Next part is posted

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