Hello doodles, I am back to post another story named as BEHIND THE BARS. This story revolves around Saumya and her life after she gets arrested on the day of her marriage. Do read the story and share your opinions. A HUMBLE REQUEST TO BHAVYA LOVERS, PLEASE STAY AWAY DEARIES OR ELSE YOU MAY END UP FEELING BAD.


‘They say each betrayal begins with trust, was it seriously the unforgivable betrayal what the main man did whom she and her sister trusted’ I am Lilly Raichaind, a lawyer… the story started two years back with my entry in her life and her entry in jail.



Saumya wasn’t speaking to anyone since the day she got to know about fake Svetlana. I am going to meet her, I talked to Tia yesterday and got to know that how Shivay was helping Dushyant, Tia’s husband in setting up their business. She told me that her mother is under treatment as she couldn’t bear the shock of Saumya’s arrest.

“Lilly, please don’t suspect anyone from Oberoi family for my di’s condition, I don’t think that they knew about it. But Lilly after seeing Bhavya’s reactions on the hearing day I don’t know why but I think she knows something about my di’s case” Tia said, I also won’t deny that Bhavya’s changed behaviour looked strange to me but seriously I overlooked it as I am least bothered about her.

“Tia di… see everyone is in my list of suspect and I need to talk to everyone individually, but for that I have to keep check on everyone’s movement. And please di, do share everything with me… I must go now” I came back to my house after that.

I don’t know from where I will find Svetlana di out. She is kept secretly somewhere which is only known to some of the police officers and Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi. I reached to the correctional home while the thoughts were running through my mind. I hurriedly went close to Saumya’s cell but stood at distance and noticed that Saumya is crying holding someone’s hand.

I understood that he is a man looking at his physique but his face is covered or maybe due to darkness I am unable to see. I went a bit close to listen to their conversation.

“Calm down… nothing would happen to di” the man said.

“No… all these happened because of me… only because of me, you said it correct that I am a bad omen for everyone” Saumya sobbed and completed the sentence.

“Please don’t say so… I said that because I was unnecessarily angry over you then, but after that everything just changed… please don’t cry” I felt as if the man wiped away Saumya’s tears very lovingly.

“You go now… and please don’t come back soon… take care of everyone” Saumya said wiping off her tears.

“But promise me that you would help Lilly to get you out from here… yaar without you it’s really getting difficult for me” the man knows me as well, who is he. I questioned myself.

“Okay bye” the man kissed on Saumya’s fingers and went away, he glanced at me thorugh his sunglasses and went away. Saumya too noticed me then.

“Yeah Lilly… did you find my di?” was her first question. I felt bad for her and nodded a no while bowing down my head. “Ohh okay” her reply was cold.

“Who was that man Saumya?” I asked her.

“One of my friend Lilly, he also wants to help me… just like you are doing” she completed her sentence.

“You aren’t hiding something from me right?” I asked glancing at Saumya.

“Why would I hide anything from you Lilly, and when I know that you are helping me and want to free me from here… believe me Lilly, I said everything that happened with me in my life” she answered but somewhere I am not satisfied. I am feeling as if something big is missing, somewhere Saumya is lying to me.

“You told me about you… Oberoi family, their good sides, when you went to Australia and why but you didn’t say anything about you and Rudra, you didn’t say anything about your love towards Rudra, you didn’t say anything about Rudra’s feelings for you… why are you skipping these parts?” I asked her hoping that she would pour her feelings out or maybe pour her hatred out for Rudra.

“Lilly, see I told you everything that is needed for you to know regarding my case, and yeah you need not know more” she answered. To be true I became angry listening to this reply.

“Listen Saumya, I know you are hurt… but only I know what is required for me to know and what not for this case… so it’s better you say everything to me” I said that with a bit of rudeness in my voice but what to do, I am also a human being who gets angry.

“Okay then… you need not help me, I am actually very happy behind these bars, I am getting loved at least” Saumya said and turned back.

“Fine, you stay here… I don’t want to shout over you right now… give me sometime to pacify myself and then we will talk… take care Saumya” I said and went away from there.

I know that I was wrong to live her alone at that time but I needed some time for me to pacify and calm myself down. And yeah the next irritating thing appeared in front of my sight to irritate me more. Mr. and Mrs. Rudra Singh Oberoi is arriving to the police station. I am deffo sure that this so called Rudra has come to drop his lovey dovey wifey. Urrghhhh I must leave from here right now.

As I went out and got settled inside my car, I noticed ACP getting inside Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi’s car and they are bidding bye to Rudra. I was wrong, Rudra didn’t come here to drop ACP but he is here to bid bye to his wife and brother because they are going somewhere. Shivay left with ACP in his car.

“I have to follow the car” I said and started the engine. My target was fixed at Mr. Oberoi’s car and I had to make sure that they doesn’t see me. I was following them but suddenly at one turn, I missed one glance and they were nowhere to be seen.

“Ahhh…” I cried my anger out loud and hit the steering. “How will I find them now… I know they both are upto something big… uurgghh God…” I kept on blabbering until I noticed a man over his motorbike at  some distance ahead my car.

“Is it Rudra… no… how can he be here… no wait he is Rudra” after getting sure he is Rudra I immediately thought to follow him in the hope of getting to know something. I started to follow him and after an hour reached in front of a big bungalow. But Rudra were nowhere to be seen after I got down from my car. I tiptoed and followed the shouting sounds until I saw what came as the first shock to me.

“Tell me Svetlana… tell me what all you want” Shivay howled standing in front of Svetlana, fake Svetlana or the real one… came the question in my head.

“Listen Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi you do anything and everything but I am not going to say anything about the real Svetlana to you” the fake Svetlana answered huffing.

“Shut up” ACP slapped her hard.

“See you want freedom right… I promise that you would get freedom but please tell us that where you have kept real Svetlana… please say” Shivay said rather in a calm voice.

“Wow… so this is how an Oberoi sounds when they are in need to save their good name… I always wanted to destroy you and your family and for that I had to use Saumya and Tia and their mother but now if I tell you that where have I kept her then you will punish me… and I don’t want that” the fake Svetlana smirked and devilishly smiled.

“Okay… I promise that we will live you free but please just tell us where have you kept real Svetlana… please tell us” ACP sounded worried.

“Listen Bhavya, no need to plead in front of this woman… let’s go… we will ourselves find the real Svetlana… and don’t worry about your job, you are Shivay Singh Oberoi’s brother’s wife… so just be calm, I won’t let you loose your job, ask your men to keep strict eye over this woman and now let’s go back before anyone starts suspecting her” Mr. SSO said and walked off.

ACP turned back and looked at fake Svetlana and smiled and walked off.

I hurriedly went out before they comes out and left the place as soon as I could. Was that true… whatever I heard… that means real Svetlana isn’t in the captive of police, she got kidnapped and this fake Svetlana ran away after getting arrested by the police. Where is Saumya’s di then… I doubt she is alive or not… this fake Svetlana is more than dangerous and Mr. SSO knew about this. Why did he cheat Saumya and Tia again, why is he doing all these…. where will I find Saumya’s di.

Moreover, Rudra were nowhere to be seen after I came out, his motorbike wasn’t there as well… why didn’t Rudra go to that place along with his wife and brother when he went afterwards. Does Daadi know about this truth, does other Oberoi family member know. How will I tell them… what would happen now… I need to find Svetlana di before everything goes out of my hand. I have to do something, and do something really quick.


I was lost at the turn which leads to two ways. The unexpected man came to my help, the priorities of the case changed, the different strings that connected the case got broken and then the new search started. I became sure that Saumya was hiding something that day but the most important thing that lead to the end was his story.


Here is the next part doodles, do share your opinions down and please hit the like button. Thanks a lot for the support in the last five chapters. 

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