Hello doodles, thank you so much for the warm response in the last part, here I am back to post another part of BEHIND THE BARS. This story revolves around Saumya and her life after she gets arrested on the day of her marriage. Do read the story and share your opinions. A HUMBLE REQUEST TO BHAVYA LOVERS, PLEASE STAY AWAY DEARIES OR ELSE YOU MAY END UP FEELING BAD.



‘They say you as you sow, shall you reap. She has sown her deeds, was she alone in the game… well no, initially I thought him liar but…’ I am Lilly Raichaind, a lawyer… the story started two years back with my entry in her life and her entry in jail.



Daadi and I reached Oberoi Mansion. She welcomed me inside with a glad cheerful smile but only I knew how much I was uncomfortable there and after looking at one face, I wanted to leave… immediately.

“Where were you Daadi?” came Shivay running to them and asked the question glancing his Daadi worriedly.

“Went to bring this girl at our place, meet her… she is Lilly, DIGs daughter” Daadi said brushing my back while I wished a hello looking at Shivay and smiled, though a fake one.

Everyone else gradually gathered as I and Daadi got seated over the couch. Daadi introduced me to everyone. She purposely hid the fact that I am a lawyer and I understood it so I opted to stay mum.

“Hey Lilly, it seems I know you” Bhavya said after thinking something.

“Yup you do so” I looked away after answering.Ohh god why this girl always wants to seek attention, I so wish to not talk to her, even not see her face but as Daadi happily welcomed me so to show my respect towards Daadi, I had to keep mum and my smile on.

“Wait… wait, you are Raichand Sir’s daughter, ohh yeah… I remember it now, two years back I went to your place when you were in some depression and yeah you were studying law then… yup yeah, I am right… right Lilly?” Bhavya over enthusiastically asked me smiling brightly as if she got some prize for remembering me.

“Yes, you are correct” I answered very calmly trying not to loose my cool, looking at her.

“What happened to your studies then?” came another question from Bhavya’s side. I was hell irritated, why she always tries to interfere in everyone’s life.

“I left it in middle… and can we please stop discussing all these?” I said but my expressions state that how much I was irritated.

Bhavya hesitantly smiled and nodded a yes.

“But Lilly… please tell me na how you met my wife” Rudra asked and winked seeing Bhavya after completing. Bhavya hit his arm playfully and looked at Lilly.

Ohhh wow, look at this couple… wait newly wed couple, they looked so bad together, well wait I should keep my thoughts to me and answer his question.

I started to describe “two years back I was in depression, to be true my boyfriend was pushed into serious condition by some of my professors of my university. Those professors planned to kill him even but unfortunately failed as I reached the spot, my boyfriend slipped into coma as they has hit at the back of his neck and head very badly. I almost commited suicide but my father saved me. Meanwhile Ms. ACP Bhavya went their because of some work. My father was managing his works from home after I committed suicide. Bhavya got to know my case from my father and sympathized me, my father asked her to be my friend but due to her job she didn’t show much interest in friendship even after promising, well I knew that no one was there beside me then because the thought of loosing my boyfriend has made me crazy then, but then came a very special person in my life. Though not directly but indirectly she became my friend, she shared her anonymous number and we used to talk to each other everyday for atleast thirty minutes. Both of us never saw each other but our friendship grew through simple thirty minute call of everyday. I became normal. And now I am sitting in front of you all.” I completed and never knew when my eyes started to tear up, I blinked my eyes, to not allow the tears to come out. I took my own time and sighed and looked at everyone with a smile.

“That person must be amazing and so good at heart that even after not knowing you she helped you” Omkara said smilingly.

“Yeah she is, but look at her fate, she got betrayed and heartbreak from those person who she has considered her family” I just could not control more after seeing this so good side of this man, well I can’t consider any of the oberoi’s to be good after what they did with Saumya.

“Daadi, I should leave now. I am not feeling good here, please” I requested looking at Daadi, I was hell irritated by seeing the stupid smiles to every oberoi famly member and left.

Anika and Gauri came forward to offer me food but how can I forget that for them only Saumya doesn’t even get to eat food everyday so I just ignored them and went away.

The day ended, next day I went back to the cell again. Saumya was sitting and was staring at the light coming through the hole inside her cell.

“Hello… hello Saumya” I greeted, don’t know why but somewhere I was feeling that Saumya will share everything with me that day.

“Ohh so here are you again” Saumya left a deep sigh and got up from her position. I went in and extended hand for a hand-shake. Something was different that day, Saumya too shook her hand and smiled.

“Saumya… will you…” Lilly started to speak but stopped when she looked at Saumya’s sparkling eyes. Something was definitely different that day. In these few months this sparkle seemed new to me, very new but I felt good.

“Hmmm I know why you are here, I know you want to fight for me… but Lilly…” Saumya stopped after calling me Lilly and then corrected “ohhh sorry Ms. Raichand… please don’t mind, your name just slipped out of my tongue” she apologised.

“No it’s fine… please call me Lilly, it feels amazing when you call me so” I smilingly answered, only I know how much special it feels to hear Lilly from her mouth, from the mouth of my bestest friend though she is still unaware that I am the same Lilly whom she helped when I was in depression, I so hope that she will get to know my real identity soon but if she comes to know about me, then definitely she won’t share anything, so for now I have to hide my identity. I was looking at her and she was smiling. I asked her to continue.

“Okay so Lilly… see basically I know it was my mistake to burn an entire marriage hall to punish Oberois for their deeds, but yaar when you know everything then what more you want to know? As everything is known to media right… Oberoi’s has said everything to media” Saumya answered justifying each incidents through this one single sentence.

“Saumya… Oberoi’s told their part of story and now we want to know your part of story, your story” I said.

“We?? We means??” Saumya immediately cross questioned.

How much dumb was I to say we, now if she gets to know that Kalyani Daadi wants to help her too then for sure she will not share, god why is this girl to smart, I tried to lie “wo… actually… my father also wants to help you… so we slipped off from my mouth… please share your story… I can’t see you like this… please” I requested as I sat down along with Saumya. Now she should not ask that why I want to help her… as I can’t lie, I am a very bad liar. Thank God she didn’t ask and started to describe her story.

Saumya closed her eyes and started to explain, her story, their story “it all started when I met Rudra Singh Oberoi… in the hospital, he was crying… crying for his brother, his brother’s health…


As Saumya initiated I sat still to know her story… but the ending shivered me, I always heard that true love exists and in my life too I got my true love but after I heard about her true love, I had no words to say. I somewhere lost in the game of knowing the girl, Saumya… she won in hiding herself. When I stepped in to her life to help her, I thought her to be a simple girl who wants revenge… but she proved me wrong, completely wrong.


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