Begusurai………..20th june episode episodic review

I found Bindhya’s nature very disturbing in todays episode. How can she bury Adarsh’s wife or any other woman for that case? It is ironic that she boasts about her parvarish(Upbringing) and mamta(Love)? But I felt good seeing Garv’s and Shakti’s reaction towards entire scenario.

As for Shakti’s reaction(He gave keys and saluted to Adarsh couple), I believe he is proud of his brother that Adarsh did what he could not do? i.e., He did not have courage to admit his love for ananya and bowed before his mother?

It is strange that the youngest kids samar and amar are so ruthless more than their other brothers? Well it turned to be a good episode in the end but precap is again disturbing in nature. This serial will spread brain related diseases that occur due to stress for sure.

Please post your opinions below.

  1. It;s a story about thakurs ,think of rural areas or older time before where society is still growing ,villages and farmers ,they try to rule or be dominant ….Accept the story .What abt other serials or films ,there is a villain or sthg negative in it ….actually they are ending the show soon ,thats why all the changes now .u cant put everyone on right side so soon ….actually in the new begusarai nothing much happened till now noone kills or sthg or ananya stopped them.Mind transformation was expected …..

    1. Mona146

      I did not know about the show ending soon probably today. Well Im sorry to see it go.

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