Begusarai 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyom sit on cycle and ask Poonam to sit, she sit infront, she says we used to ride it like this in childhood, Priyom says things are changed now, you have become fat, she says you are fat, he says i pray that you get husband and kids like bear, she says i pray that you get wife like bear, Priyom says i am not going ot marry, she finds breaking star and prays that you get married next month, they keep fighting, he says you can give right slang even, she says i am saying slang, he says then say i love you, she say i dont like these kind of talks, Priyom loses balance and falls with Poonam, they are shocked to see Nanda and Sharma sit there, Nanda says you promised to bring girls back on time, it was my fault i trusted you, Poonam says its not Priyom’s fault, we got late because me, i lost my way and if there was no Priyom then dont know what would have happen, Nanda says then punishment should be yours and it is that you will not sing in tomorrow’s competition, Priyom says but.. Nanda says end of discussion, she ask Poonam to go in room, she goes, Priyom says you cant do this, Nanda says you can blackmail me but i will not budge, Poonam will not sing and thats final, she leaves.
Bhushan comes back home and says to Rekha you know what he did, he stabbed Ram, Rekha says i know, why you are making it issue, he will be fine, she ask him to drink cold drink and be cool, he didnt kill him, Bhushan says if he has mother like you then he will start killing people too, for you your son is saint, he ask where is he? Rekha says be his father and stand with your son, Bhushan says i cant stand with wrong, Rekha says what you got by standing wit right all these years, people ask me why did Lakhan marriage with Poonam broke and i cant answer them, Bhushan says so tell them what your son with her, day is not far that we wont be able to show face to anyone, handle your son, Rekha says he is heart broken, fault is mine, i brought relative for marriage soon, Bhushan says he is explosive, he can burn whole begusarai, he leaves, Rekah says i will be with my son always, i dont want him to be servant of anyone like you, i want to see him as king of begusarai.

Scene 2
Poonam comes in hostel room, all girls are talking about competition, Najma says i was tensed about you Poonam, she shows skirt to Poonam for competition, Poonam is lost, Najma ask everything fine? Poonam says yes, najma ask her to practice for song, Poonam says i will on backstage so no need for practice, all are stunned, Najma ask what happened? Poonam says i got late so Nanda Ma’am punished me that i cant sing on stage, Najma says we will talk to Nanda, Poonam says no need, i didnt want to sing, leave it, all are sad for her, she says to Najma that we have make our college win, you all prepare for program.
In morning, Phulan says to Badi Amma that i am missing Poonam’s tea, dont know what she mix in her tea, i dont like anyone’s else tea now, Mitlaish gets a call and is shocked to get news, Phulan ask what happened? Mitlaish says 15lacs which gave to my servants to give to minister didnt reach him, there is no news of the servants too, seems like they did disloyalty, Phulan says i have sent with much more money before, nothing happened before, Mitlaish says those days are gone, no one is like Manjeeta now, we cant trust brothers now, Mitlaish says i will torture their family, they will return themselves, Phulan sys dont do anything without proof and also we dont involve family in work, find out if someone else did this work, maybe some new or old enemy did this.
Bhushan is getting ready to go for work, he ask Rekha where is key of car, she says i am making breakfast for you so i cant help you, he ask tell me where is it, she says where you must have placed it, he ask her to make breakfast soon, i have to go to Haveli, she says oh i will make it fast as you will get punished by Phulan thakur now, he says Lakhan took car so he must have key, she says dont wake him up, Bhushan goes to check in Lakhan’s room. he starts searching for key when he gets brief case, he opens it and is shocked to see money in it, he says this much money? has Lakhan started robbing people? he comes to Rekha and shows her about money, she says how can you say that Lakhan stole it? he is your blood, why you think wrong about it, first find truth, Bhushan says i cant become blind, last night 15 lacs were snatched from Phulan’s man and today i find a bag of money in Lakhan’s room, what truth can be? did Lakhan kill them? i am worrying about Lakhan’s life now. he says i will talk to Phulan, Rekha says first talk to Lakhan, he will tell truth, Lakhan comes and says truth is what you people are seeing, this is Phulan’s money, i have robbed it and killed his men too, Rekha says what rubbish you are talking, you are sleepy, she ask him to go and sleep, Lakhan says i slept alot, now its time to wake up, i have decided how to live my life, he says to Bhushan that decide how you wanna live your life, living like Lakhan Thakur’s father or … he points gun at Bhushan and says or like Phulan’s younger brother, Bhushan looks in his eyes.

PRECAP- Bhushan says to Mitlaish that Lakhan himself told him that he has robbed Phulan’s man, if he didnt steal it then how he got money? Phulan ask to call Lakhan right now, i will talk to him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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