Begusarai 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyom says to Poonam that you are coward, she says i was fighting with him, i could have handled him, Priyom says you were shivering, Poonam says this all happened because of you, he ask what are you doing here? Poonam says i found you tensed so i thought to go behind you, Priyom says the Poonam who used to not go out of house without Guddi got so worried for me that she came alone in night here, Poonam says dont change topic, tell me who is that girl, he says who? she says dont act, he says if you know her house then take me, Poonam is afraid to go back, Poonam says leave it, i got in problem because of you, how will we go back to hostel? there are no rickshaws seen here, Priyom finds cycle there, Poonam says you will ride it? Priyom says i only know who to steal hearts, he smiles at Poonam.
Choti Amma says to Badi Amma that Bindya was right, her situation is different, Badi amma says my mind is saying something else and heart is saying something else, Choti Amma says we can help her to get some respectable job, it will be good for her. Bindya and Ghungroo listens this, Ghungroo says you didnt tell me that your mother sold you, she says it was no use to tell you, these things should be told where it can effect, i didnt know my past will affect them so much. Choti Amma says to Badi amma that Bindya did favor on us, we have to return it, Maya looks on too, Badi Amma says you are feeling pity for her, she ask Maya? Maya says maybe wife inside doesnt like her but as mother i accept her favor which did saving my son, as thakurs we should help her, Badi amma says to Choti Amma that i will give one chance to Bindya but you will take her guarantee, Bindya have sucked poison so she is not less poisonous too. Bindya listens all this and says these thakurs are hard from outside but soft from inside, i will use their softness, she says to Ghungroo that they will be nice to me and i will rule them.

Scene 2
Maya has called some guests in house. Lakhan comes there and finds girl and her family, Rekha is shocked seeing him and thinks that if he gets to know that i am arranging his marriage then he will make issue, Lakhan ask who are these people? she says how come you came so soon? Lakhan says so should i take your permission, he ask who are these guest, man says i am Ram, i am here with my wife and daughter Radha, we are not guests but going to be relatives, Lakhan says so you want to make me your son in law? Rekha is afraid and whispers that for my respect, be silent, i am doing all this for your good, Lakhan says am i mad that i will disrespect them? Lakhan ask Ram to have refreshment, i will come, Rekha thinks how come this volcano so calm today? Lakhan leaves.
Rekha talks with girl’s family, she says i am having sweat of happiness, Ram says i listened about tears of happiness but this? Rekha says now you will learn blood of happiness etc as you are tying knot with us, he says you are funny, Ram says we are ready to give 2 crore and i have 10acres property, Rekha gets happy, Lakhan comes back, he sits and says if everything is set? Rekha says yes, we are talking, Rekha says i liked girl and talked about things, you talk to them, Lakhan says i will talk about dowry and all but he ask Ram what you know about him? Ram says all know about you, you are lion, Lakhan says then you should know that lion was engaged to one girl for 10 years, name was Poonam, it broke now only, Ram says its all about fate, everything happens for good, if that relation had not broken then this new relation would have not formed, Lakhan says so you are saying that my marriage with Poonam broke for good? Ram says no, Lakhan brings our dagger, he stabs Ram in his leg, all are shocked, Rekha says Lakhan what you did? Lakhan says what mistake i did? i was talking nicely to him but he is saying that my marriage with Poonam broke for good? was it good? Rekha says no it was sad, i couldnt sleep. Lakhan says if any family comes here with proposal for marriage then i will shoot them, Rekha is shocked.

Scene 3
Priyom is trying to open lock of cycle, he ask Poonam what song will you sing in competition tomorrow? he says you sing any song which you like and will win first prize, Poonam says i am afraid to go on stage and you are talking about 1st prize, Priyom says you dont do things but when you do, you do it to win 1st prize, i am imagining you coming on stage, spot light on you, you will take mic, will smile and will start singing, people will be engrossed in your song, when you will end song, there will be silence for second then clapping will start which will not end, Poonam smiles and says you know some magic? i was afraid to go on stage and now i am excited listening all this, Priyom says tomorrow many boys will come behind you, all will try to give you rose, she says i dont wanna take rose from anyone, Priyom says ok i will announce to give you pricks, Poonam says enough, leave this cycle, we will go by walk, Priyom breaks lock, he puts money inside house of cycle’s owner.
Rekha ask Lakhan what was his mistake? he came her with proposal of her daughter, Lakhan says you are probing my wounds, Rekha says i am trying to heal your wounds with marriage medicine, i am your mother, i cant see you burning like this, she is in tears and says accept my thing, and forget that cheap Poonam, Lakhan says enough, telling you for first and last time dont call Poonam cheap ever, i will bring jewelry for you as much as you want but dont come inbetween me and Poonam, only Poonam will become daughter in law of this house.

PRECAP- Poonam is riding cycle, Priyom is sitting behind, she loses balance and they fall. Nanda comes there and says there is limit to everything, you promised to bring back all girls on time, Priyom says sorry.. Poonam says its not Priyom’s fault, it was my mistake, Nanda says then you will have to bear punishment and punishment is that you will not sing tomorrow in competition, Poonam is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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