Begusarai 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Komal goes to dadda’s room and tries to take the box from under his arm. Dadda wakes up. Komal hides under the bed. she says I hope he doesn’t see me. Dadda drinks water.
He sleeps again, Komal takes the box and sneaks out of this room.
Komal places the box in her room. she says you stay here box i will come after changing. She comes and takes the box. She opens the box, its a lizard inside it. komal says how are you? I was really missing you. Don’t move, wait. She takes out the lizard and says how are you? I really missed you. You have be in my blood and then run in my body. when dadda took you away from me I was so mad. People say that you are poisonous. but they don’t know its is good for me. Be mine. She smashes the lizard on table squeezes it. She burns the dead lizard in the coal and cooks it.
She rolls its ashes in a leaf and smokes it. Dada wakes up and sees the box isn’t there.

Komal shivers after smoking. she holds her head. She lies on bed and laughs. Dada sees the box is not there. He says I am sure that girl took it from here. He comes to room and sees her asleep. Dadda looks for the box. Dadda says you have the box and i will prove that. He goes out. Komal opens her eyes. She gets up and smiles.
Dadda brings mitlesh in his room. He says I placed the box here. Mitlesh says why are you after that box. I will make you gold box and let me sleep. Dada says why is she not giving me? There is something with that box and her.
Badi amma, choti amm come in. Badi amma says is there anything wrong? Mitlesh sasy no everything is fine. Dadda says call that girl. Choti says komal? dadda says yes. He says wait I will do it rather. Dada sees her asleep. Choti says she is sleeping. dadda says she is acting. Dadda says i will wake her up. miltesh says don’t do that. Choti amma will wake her up. Please bring her to his room choti amma. he takes dadda ji with him,.

Komal comes in dadda’s room with choti amma after a while. Dada says where is the box?

Precap-Komal says you had the box. Mitlesh sasy i found it. It was there under your bed dadda. Dadda throws the box away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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