Begusarai 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
In Haveli, Mitlaish talks to his wife Maya, he ask are you worried about Poonam? dont think about it, its between husband and wife, we cant do anything, even Phulan couldnt say anything, Lakhan was right, Poonam should understand the heart thing of Lakhan, Maya says if i had asked to let me study further, what would have been your decision? Mitlaish says why moving canon on my side, Maya says i dont want my daughter to have child marriage, promise me that you will not let anyone else write her future, we will make her study till she want, Mitlaish says i promise you, i will do whatever you want, Maya smiles, Mitlaish says you smile like new bride, he comes closer to her, she smiles.
Choti Amma is worried that Badi Amma gives her work, Maya comes and ask what work? Choti Amma says nothing. Badi Amma is on terrace, Choti amma comes there with cigarette, choti Amma says i dont like it to bring cigarettes for you hiding like this, what do you get by smoking, Badi Amma says i am enjoying my freedom, we women spend our whole life serving father, husband and kids, we can only enjoy in old age, today what happened with Poonam proved that we women cant decide for ourselves, today also men control us, Badi Amma ask Choti Amma to enjoy freedom and puff cigarette, choti Amma reluctantly puffs it, she says i know you are angry with Phulan that he took Lakhan’s side and Poonam cannot study further now, Badi Amma says this house works on decisions of men, choti Amma says Phulan did right, if he had gone against Lakhan and allowed Poonam to study further then Poonam would have to listen taunts of Lakhan and Rekha whole life, for 3 years of study, she had to suffer whole life thats why Phulan decided this, she shows Phulan walking in lounge tensed, Choti Amma says Phulan is king but couldnt decide for Poonam’s future, Badi Amma says but we have to show anger to our own people.

Scene 2
Priyom comes to Poonam’s house, he finds Poonam packing her books, he recalls how in childhood Poonam got beaten up by teacher for not completing homework and it was actually Priyom who had sell her copies to watch cinema, then how Lakhan beat the teacher only for beating Poonam, fb ends. Priyom says to Poonam that its your habit to not say anything to anyone, poonam says you have your date with Priya, Priyom says now my girlfriend is Jaya, Poonam says what? you changed gf in one month, Priyom says you are worrying about my gfs and what about yourself? poonam doesnt answer him, Priyom ask what are you doing with these books? Poonam says i will sell it so that we can buy new mixer, Priyom ask what are you saying? Poonam says dont talk about this, Priyom says atleast talk to Lakhan, its about your future, Poonam says no one will understand, Lakhan is right too, i will marry him and will handle house so why study so much? i am going to be daughter in law of thakur family, i will have everything, i will not do any work, i will become fat then you will make fun of me, she gets in tears, she turns to see Priyom gone from there.
Rekha comes to Lakhan, she gives him tea and says dont think much, you did right, a illiterate daughter in law would listen and will obey to us, Rekha says you did great work, nobody could change Phulan’s decision but you made him shut up, Lakhan says Phulan robbed whole begusarai, it was fine but if i robbed a lady then i was wrong, i had to say sorry to that lady so i told Phulan that he cant rule over me, i am king of here, i made him silent but i am not able calm down, Rekha says why calm down? be angry and burn everything, Bhushan comes and says you want to be king but you dont have brain, Phulan takes you as his son, he made you say sorry so that you learn something, Rekah says for you only Phulan is right, we have brains too, we can see what is wrong, a strong one is right here and weak is wrong and my son is not weak, he proved it, she leaves, Lakhan thinks.

Scene 3
Lakhan comes out of home to find Priyom there, Priyom says to Lakhan can you give me lift? Lakhan says i am going for work, Priyom says you are selfish, i am your bestfriend and you cant give me lift? Lakhan says stop your drama, i will give you lift, Lakhan gets call from Mitlaish, Lakhan says Mitlaish has called me, it must be some important work, Priyom says i wanted to talk to you, Lakhan says not now.
Lakhan and Priyom comes to port, Lakhan says the way i put my stance infront of Phulan, Mitlaish must have thought that i have guts so he must have called me to give me some big work, he ask Priyom to keep sitting in jeep, he goes to Mitlaish, Priyom says God when will he get brains. Lakhan greets Mitlaish, Mitlaish recalls how Lakhan said no for Poonam’s studies, Mitlaish says its Piddi’s bday after 3 days, i have called you to prepare for it, Mitlaish says Piddi want to call some dancer from Patna in celebrations, Piddi says her name is Bindya, Mitlaish says to Lakhan that you have to bring her here, thats the work, Priyom starts laughing on Lakhan, Lakhan gets angry, Mitlaish ask why you are laughing? Priyom says you have given such a important work to Lakhan that i cant stop laughing, Mitlaish says i am sending Lakhan as he is not characterless, if i had send you then you would have not brought her here, Priyom ask Lakhan to go and do his important work, Piddi ask when will you bring Bindya, Lakhan gets angry on him, Piddi says i will show you her dance video, he plays video, Priyom watches it. Bindya(shweta Tiwari) entry is shown, she does item number Bareli ke bazaar main for her customers at bar, men splurge money on her dance.

Scene 4
Bindya’s assistant is counting money, manager comes, Bindya ask why you gave me 500rs less, manager says i saw you hiding money in you blouse while dancing so cut it in your salary, Bindya says people cant respect talent of mine, manager says the money which was splurged by people on stage will be mine, Bindya gets angry on him, she takes out knife, she says i get mad seeing money, she takes money from him, she says people splurged on me not on your stage, if you dance, people will not splurge money but tomatoes on you, i will not work with you, Manager says dont say like this, not be abusive, Bindya says i will beat with shoes so much that your generation will be bald, i pray that your wife run away, you die on roads, manager runs from there.

PRECAP- Lakhan shoots in water, Priyom says it was Phulan who asked you to say sorry to someone but you sacrificed Poonam’s dreams to satisfy your ego, Lakhan says i dont want to talk about Poonam, i dont like it if someone involve in husband wife matter, Priyom is shocked. otherside Bindy prays to lord that send one rich guy to her, her door knocks, she opens it, someone attacks her with stick, she falls unconscious, Priyom comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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