Begusarai 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All girls comes in room, Najma says because of Priyom, we came here late, how will go out in night now? Priya says we will try to convince warden, she goes, Poonams says to Najma that i dont know what to wear, Najma says dont think much, wear and come, she leaves. Poonam looks at jeans and top which Guddi packed in her stuff.
all girls are trying to convince warden to let them go out to see Patna, she says nobody is allowed to go out after 8pm, its rule, Priyom comes there and offers her money, she says you are giving me bribe, he says no this is gift for giving happiness to these girls. he says these girls have come here first time to enjoy their life freely, you must have come here in your younger age, you wanted to enjoy and there must be someone who would have stopped you to live freely, it would have hurt you but why you want to give same pain to these girls too? let them live a little, she says but they are only girls, how can they go out alone in night? Priyom says dont worry about that, nobody cant even look at them when i am with them, Nanda ask warden to allow, Warden allows, Priyom offers her money, she doesnt take it and says these girls are going to live dreams too so spend this on them only, Priyom ask girls lets go.

Scene 2
Poonam in room wears jeans and short shirt, she smiles looking at herself in mirror but then says i cant go out like this, what all will think, she tries to open her bag to change but bag is not opening, she says what i will do now, she finds Priyom coming and hides herself behind curtain, she ask him to go out, he says why? arent you wearing clothes? she says i am wearing but i cant come out, he says there is mouse in your feet, Poonam shouts and comes out, Priyom sees her in jeans and top and says you are looking nice, whats problem? lets go, all are waiting for her, Poonam says i cant go out like this, what all will think, Priyom says i will tell you, he comes closer to her and says see you with my eyes, you are looking very beautiful that you are passing current in whole Patna and you have taken my heart, should i tell you my heart thing? i have started to love you, Poonam is shocked, he says i am in love with you, i love you Poonam, Poonam curtly looks at him.
Rekha comes back home. Rekha says to herself all are asking me why Lakhan and Poonam’s marriage broke, she finds some beating noise and goes to check, she is shocked to see Lakhan hitting himself with hunter, she takes away hunter and ask what are you doing, why you are beating yourself, Lakhan says i couldnt control Poonam, i am punishing myself for that, Lakhan says she used to not go to school without asking me and now she has gone to Patna with her college friends for two days, she didnt even inform me, my man informed me about it, i am weak, i am very much hurt that i cant do anything thats why i am punishing myself, i dont want to forget the pain which Phulan have given to me, he has snatched Poonam from me and these wounds will keep reminding me that i have win Poonam back, he starts hitting himself again, Rekha is shocked.

Scene 3
Priyom starts laughing, he says you were frozen, i was just joking, Poonam says can someone joke like this, she says go out i have to change, he says you are looking good like… she ask like.. he says i chimpanzee, your hairs are like of witches, seeing all this one can only be afraid of you, cant love you, she says i will make you afraid now, she runs behind to beat him, he runs and comes out of room, all girls are there too, she is still running behind, he stops and says inside you were saying how can you come out wearing jeans and now i have brought you here in jeans, Poonam becomes conscious when she realizes this, all girls look at her, Priyom says see everything is normal. Najma and Priya says you are looking really nice, all girls praise her, Najma clicks her picture and says i will upload it on facebook, girls are where should we go? Poonam says lets go for film, i never went to theatre, Priyom says ok lets go there, then we will do chaat party, he says which film should we watch? ghost? Poonam favorite, Poonam stares at him then laughs.
Badi Amma says thank God Pinto is fine, Choti Amma says Bindya saved him like an angel, its weird that Bindya have affair with Mitlaish, because of her brothers fought then because her we got saved from Chuna Yadav and now she put her life in danger and saved Pinto, all people have goodness in them, i feel profession is wrong, if she is given chance then she can live respectful life too, i think till Bindya doesnt fine fully, she should remain in Haveli, Phulan looks on, Choti amma says she will be checked here properly. Bindya and Ghungroo listens all this hiding behind wall. BAdi Amma says now i have to think about this Bindya. Bindya says to Ghungroo that see i made place in Haveli again with respect, i am close to my destination, now i am in Haveli so i will start my real drama now.
Mitlaish calls his man, Phulan ask what happened? Mitlaish says i had to send 15 lacs to minister but incident happened, so i will send now, his man comes, Mitlaish gives 15 lacs to him and says tomorrow is contract auction so dont do any mistake and give to minister only, its important, man nods and leaves on his bike with money. Lakhan’s man who is spying on Haveli, calls Lakhan and tells him Mitlaish’s man have gone from Haveli with money briefcase, Lakhan says ok and thinks.

PRECAP- Poonam ask who was she(Shaavni)?, Priyom says who? Poonam says the one who was outside hostel, you both were looking at each other with shock, Priyom gets angry and says dont involve in my matters. otherside Lakhan’s comes in Mitlaish man’s way and as him to give briefcase of money, Man doesnt so Lakhan puts gun on forehead, Man is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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