Begusarai 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam is in Haveli when Lakhan comes there, he comes to Poonam, gives admission form of college to her and says fill it, i will submit it, he leaves, Poonam smiles. Bhusham tastes the dish Phulan is making, Lakhan greets Phulan, Phulan says may God give you some brain, he ask Lakhan to come, i have to talk to you, Bhushan gets tensed. Rekha(Bhushan’s wife) comes and greets Badi Amma and Choti Amma(Majosi), Badi Amma taunts her on her jewelry, Rekha says i will massage your feet, BAdi Amma says we dont take work from guests.
Phulan brings Lakhan at port, one man is getting beaten up there, Phulan ask Lakhan about violence? Lakhan ask what you mean? Phulan says we use violence only to protect ourselves, to protect our pride, to protect our land, property and women, like we are beating this man so that he realize that he cant deceive me, people here call us king, i am king because i rule over their hearts, i am with them in their good and bad times but if king starts using violence to make his people upset then its not good, he shows Lakhan the couple which Lakhan robbed and injured them last night to give Poonam earrings, Lakhan is embarrassed, Phulan ask Lakhan to say sorry to that lady, give her respect, Lakhan says but.. Phulan thakur says to Lakhan that if it is about your personal life then you can decide for yourself but if it about Begusarai then only Phulan Thakur can take decision, he ask him to apologize, Lakhan nods, he comes to couple and says i did mistake, accept my sorry, Phulan gives the couple money, man says no need for it, Phulan says if we can use your respect that you give to us then we can bow to us and can apologize too, he ask Lakhan to comeback home.

Scene 2
all Thakur family is at dining table, they are eating lunch made by Phulan, Lakhan recalls how Phulan asked him to say sorry, Rekha ask Lakhan if Phulan scolded you only or did he beat you too? you used to butter him but what was need the for it, use your manliness, Badi Amma starts laughing and says Rekha is telling some joke to Lakhan, she ask Rekha to say it aloud so all can enjoy, Rekha says i didnt say anything, Badi Amma says good, the phone of servant(daroga) starts ringing, Phulan angrily looks at him so he breaks his phone, Priyom says that you can buy another then why did you break it? other servant says it was my phone, not his, all laughs. Badi Amma says that Poonam wants to join college, Poonam shows admission form to Phulan, Phulan ask which field you wanna choose? Priyom says she will answer in week, she want to to Ba honors in English, Badi Amma says i am proud of you, she says Poonam study very hard, she made our name otherwise all in this house used guns to get grades, Lakhan recalls how Phulan insulted him, he angrily looks at Phulan, Badi Amma says so its decided Poonam will take admission in B.A, Lakhan says what will she do by studying further? Mitlaish says what you mean? Lakhan says what will she do by going to college? will she become governor? she have to marry and degree is not necessary for it, see your wife Maya, she didnt attend any college, but she runs this house very well, Phulan ask what you wanna say? Lakhan says you can decide anything for begusarai but this is my personal life, i dont want my would be wife to go to college, Poonam gets tensed, he says husbands decide for their wives in this house, i accept that Poonam is not my wife but she will marry me only and as her husband i dont want her to go to college, i want her to work in house, the much she wanted to study is enough to make her kids learn ABCD in future, he says to Phulan that you are king of Begusarai, whatever you decide will be done, Choti Amma says that Poonam is good in studies, its about only 3 years, let her do B.A, Phulan says all in this house have right to take decision of their personal lives and if Poonam’s would be husband doesnt want her to go to college then she will not go to college, all are saddened, Priyom shockingly looks at Lakhan in disbelief, he gets angry on him, Rekha ask Poonam to give her food, its spicy but i want to eat, she ask Poonam to serve Priyom too, Priyom looks at Poonam who is sad, she is about to serve him but he says i dont want it.

Scene 3
Poonam is crying in her room, her mother comes there, she wipes her tears, mother says you want to study further thats why you are sad? Poonam hugs her, mother says that parents make their kids study so that their future is good, if you are going in Thakur family as bride then you will get everything which any girl dream of, your marriage was decided earlier only, flashback shows that when Poonam was a teenager, Manjeeta and Bhushan decided that Poonam will marry Lakhan, Lakhan is elder than Priyom so its his time first for marriage, Majeeta folds his hands infront of him, Phulan says you always served us without asking for anything, its our good luck that Poonam will be our daughter in law, fb ends. mother says you know we cant find any other good match than you, its our life to serve husband and we get slangs in return but it will not happen with you, remember one thing that we women have to compromise on our dreams for our family, accept that, this B.A is nothing infront of the relation with thakur family so take care of Lakhan, Lakhan will keep you happy, Poonam sadly hugs her.

PRECAP- Jooro’s entry(Shweta Tiwari) is shown, she is a dance girl, she does item number for her customers at bar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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