Begusarai 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhushan ask Rekha to open door, Mitlaish has come to ask sorry, inside Laddo is stuck in Rekha’s throat, she cant even speak, there is no water too, Mitlaish ask Rekha to open door, its me here, he says to Bhushan that you were saying she has not eaten anything, see if she died.. i mean see if she is unconscious, Lakhan says i will break door, Rekha is stunned and breaks vase to show she is alive, Bhushan ask Mitlaish to leave, Rekha finally spits laddo, she opens door, Priyom comes home, he says i am going to meet Poonam, Maya says she left begusarai, Priyom says she cant go to market, dont joke, he leaves to meet Poonam, Maya says they are weird, sometime she is findign him and other time he is finding her.
Poonam is thinking about Bindya’s words that she has affair with Priyom and marrying Lakhan, Priyom comes and knocks her door, she doesnt open, he says Ms. fighter, i know you are inside, open door, its very late, you cannot come to me to say sorry so i have come to say sorry, open window, i will forgive you, he says ok i forgive you without you asking it, he says i want to talk something important, open door else i will get miffed and if this time i get miffed then i will not talk whole life, he says ok i accept my mistake, just open door, i am holding my ears, should i start beating myself? Poonam listens all this and smiles, Priyom shouts that he got hurt my nail, he says blood is coming out, Poonam come and save me, Poonam gets tensed and is about to open door when she recalls Bindya’s words and stops, Priyom says will you not help me? is this your friendship? Poonam comes to window and puts hand on it, Priyom puts hand on otherside of window, he says i know you are standing on otherside, whats the issue that you are not even talking to me, there is only 1 month in your marriage then you will go to Lakhan’s house forever, i dont want to waste this time in fighting, he gets angry that she is not responding back, he says you are stubborn, weird, lizard, what you think that you will make me lose by closing this window, i can break it too but i dont like to force, irritate me the much you want, show your anger, i will show my courage to bear it, Poonam gets in tears, Priyom angrily leaves from there, Poonam opens window and finds him leaving, she is sad.

Scene 2
Mitlaish folds his hands infront of Rekha, Rekha says i didnt listen, Mitlaish says i am sorry, my tongue slipped, Rekha says yu are not saying from heart, just doing formality, she shows her feet to touch and say sorry, Mitlaish s angry but controls his anger, he touches her feet, Rekha smirks to Bhushan, Rekha starts acting ang hugs Mitlaish.
Priyom comes to home, he is tensed, Piddi and Guddi teases him that is Poonam angry with you, Badi Amma comes there and ask Priyom did any girl said no to your proposal?Guddi tells her that Poonam didnt talk to him, Guddi and Piddi leaves, Badi Amma ask Priyom to sit beside him, he sits.
Phulan is cleaning his gun, Mitlaish comes back home, Phulan calls him, he ask are you angry on me? Mitlaish says dont say like that, it was my fault i guess, Phulan ask him to sit, Mitlaish says i am fine here, Phulan says what you think that i dont know Rekha is hurrying for this marriage only for money, Mitlaish is stunned listening this.
Badi Amma says to Priyom that Poonam is your friend from childhood, she doesnt have any friend other than you, Poonam bear all your tantrums, Priyom says i bear her tantrums too, she says thats why you both are habituated to each other, first get angry and pacify it, but you have to change this habit, maybe thats why she didnt talk to you today, Priyom says is this habit of some tabocco that she can leave it like that, this is friendship and will remain like this, Badi Amma says it will not remain like that, meeting everyday, fighting, pacifying and going to each other’s terrace, this will not happen after marriage, Priyom says yes she will go away but Lakhan’s home is not away much, i will go to her, Badi amm a says how she will come to you? she has understood this, its your time to understand, after marriage, life changes for girl, she has to be in limits, see your Maya bhabhi, how many times she meet to her friends? Priyom says so friendship will end? Badi Amma says no but you both will get away from each other, Priyom says you are not modern at all, its Priyom’s friendship and will remain like thsi forever. otehrside Poonam is tensed thinking about Bindya’s words.

PRECAP- Priyom comes to Lakhan and says i have one request, let me drop Poonam to college today, Lakhan says for friendship, i am allwoing you, he says to Poonam that Priyom will drop you, Poonam comes down, Lakhan is in his jeep, Priyom is waiting for her on his bike.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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