Begusarai 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Show starts with going back to 1974. A car is shown going through deserts of Bihar, the family is in car, lady ask her husband that we should stop somewhere to eat, the car is being stopped by a lady (badi Dadi) and two teenagers (phulan and bhushan) with her, she points gun at man, man ask will you steal from a family? Dadi fires at Man, the teenagers attack the family with dagger.
in 2015, a lady is telling story of Badi dadi to some kids, she says that they had to snatch from others so they could eat themselves, lady says that was first robbery of your grandfathers phulan and bhushan, kid ask that did they killed the family? flashback shows how an tried to snatch gun from badi dadi so Phulan comes and kills the man with dagger to save dadi, fb ends, lady says to kids that they used to rob but they didnt use to kill anyone.
now 1981, Phulan and Bhushan enters the train and rob everyone in train.
in 1986, Phulan and Bhushan have made their gang, they have become so strong in Begusarai area that everyone had to bow to them and those who didnt bow to them got killed.
in 1989, Phulan and Bhushan are eating food, Phulan(elder) says to Bhushan that my wife mix so much spice in food, please increase speed of fan, a person is hanging upside down on fan, his wife pleads to Phulan that forgive my husband, we will give everything to you, we will go to Culcatta, let us go there, this Begusarai is yours, you are master of it.
Phulan and Bhushan became the the kings of Begusarai, they are called Thakurs. all natives would bow to them and would take them as their God.
2015, lady(majosi) tell kids that Phulan and Bhushan’s strength was not weapon but their unity, they had so much love for each other, Phulan used to fire and Bhushan used to save him from every attack. Dadi comes there, she talks in wrong english, kid says that every story have one king so Phulan is king or Bhushan, Dadi says every kigndom have one king but government doesnt run without prime minister, my Phulan is king and Bhushan is prime minister who runs the state, kid ask then who is the one who keep standing behind Phulan dada with gun? other kid says says he is Manjeeta kaka, Majosi says he is captain of army, the one who can kill and can give his life on insistence of king.
A Man is shown to be tortured by Manjeeta, the trade Bhushan says to Man that there are mistakes in finance, Man says its written there, Bhushan says oh yeah its written there, he ask Manjeeta to stop torturing, Manjeeta stops. Bhushan shows finance copy to Phulan thakur, Phulan says i can rule but i cant understand this finance, why you make fun of my illiteracy, Bhushan says if you want then i can enroll you in college in this old age, king says i am 56 years of age but not old, Manjeeta says no Thakur is not old, Bhushan says that time have changed, Phulan says but this river is same, we used to jump in it when enemies would attack us, he takes off his shirt, Bhushan says that time wather was hot but now water is cold, dont jump in, Phulan jumps in river, Bhushan and his men follow Phulan in boat while Phulan is swimming, he comes to shore, Bhushan ask what this madness is? Phulan says the thakur should have little craziness, i was checking if i should retire, Bhushan says you can get cold, lets go home, Phulan says i have solution for this cold, the tea made by my daughter Poonam.

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Scene 2
Poonam is shown in kitchen, she is waiting for newspaper to arrive as her result of 12th standard is coming. her mother comes and says why are tensed, result will come, concentrate on tea, if taste of tea is changed then you know anger of Thakur, she tastes the tea and says you made it very nice, she ask Poonam to go and get ready and go to Haveli to check newspaper. Poonam comes in Haveli, Maya bhabhi meets her, she says i cant make tea like you, Poonam ask can i check newspaper, a thakur (son of Phulan) comes and use abusive language for workers, he ask Maya (his wife) to come, Maya goes. Poonam says newspaper didnt come here too. a Guddi comes to Poonam and says why dont you make bad tea once then Thakur will stop asking to make tea, Poonam says i like making tea for him, Guddi says when you have t make tea then why do you study so much, what about your result? Poonam says i didnt get newspaper, Guddi says lets go to market then, i will come to protect you from boys of Begusarai.

Scene 3
Priyatam Priyom Thakur is at some girl’s house, he makes breakfast and wakes up his girlfriend, his GF Jaya says will you change after marriage? Priyom says other 70 girls asked same question, you know i dont like marriage, she says i know but why you have problem with it? Priyom says how can one spend his whole with one one person, the same face you have to seen 24 hours, Jaya says you are a jerk hero, Priyom says i am hero and that matters most, Jaya’s brother is coming to her room, Priyom says i will leave, jaya ask when will you come again? he says dreams have no specific time, Jaya hides keys of his car so he can comeback to pick it up, Priyom says i will comeback to collect it, he kisses her forehead and jumps from window, he takes cycle of jaya’s brother and leaves, brother says my cycle’s breaks are failed.
Guddi and Poonam comes to newspaper vendor, Guddi ask why you didnt come to give newspaper, he says all collected in morning only, only one is left, Guddi says dont lie, you must be selling in black today as its result day, she takes paper from him, two boys come there and says let them check result too, Guddi says if you want paper then flirt with me, boys are tensed and says you are white like paper, Guddi says if this is called flirting? leave from here, they leave, Poonam ask arent you ashamed of teasing boys, Guddi says i am daughter of Phulan tahkur, i have 4 brothers, no boy dare to tease me, i also want boys attention, i also want to feel like a girl, i feel like my husband would also be afraid of me, they find Priyom coming there, Priyim ask them to move aside, Priyom hits newspaper vendor, Priyom says as compensation, i can show you dance of girls, vendor gets shy, Priyom ask Guddi and Poonam what you are doing here? he ask Poonam do you also wanna see dance, he takes newspaper from her, poonam says i am not in mood to joke, give it back, Priyom says first smile, Poonam says i will slap you that you will start dancing like girl, Priyom says one slap will do this much? please hit me then, Poonam says you are shameless, he says you always tease me, i am innocent, Poonam says you and innocent? she says look at your T-shirts buttons, they are opened like goons, nobody can say you are a thakur, he says girls die on my style, Poonam says they are fools, they should beat you, Priyom tease him, she runs behind him to take paper, he doesnt give her, Poonam ask Guddi to leave from here, Priyom says you are my sister Guddi, come with me else your pocket money will be cut, Guddi says we should not let her leave alone, Priyom says nobody will eat her, she can come, he takes Guddi from there and leaves. Poonam says how will i go alone, Priyom says you coward, Poonam says i am not afraid of anyone, Priyom says i know whom you are afraid from, she ask whom? he says you are afraid from Lakhan, Poonam’s face gets pale listening to it.
Lakhan is shown, he is busy in weight lifting.

PRECAP- a worker tries to steal money, Badi dadi says if a penny is missing then all’s underwear will be checked. Poonam is trying to grab paper from Priyom. Majosi says that a great kingdom can destroy cause of fight, money and Juru (girl).

Update Credit to: Atiba

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