Begusarai 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
priyom comes home, thakus says you might have an answer now, why i got you committed to poonam. you might take time to be a good husband but you can be the guy who can be her husband, who else can protect him from lakhan. if you still feel like you dont wanna marry her you can tell me, i will cancel the ceremony for today. Priyom recalls his time with ponam. Phulan looks at him.

Poonam is worried, she says why is he taking so much time? i dont know what is going on his mind. Priyom walks up the stairs. he greets birla. She says you have favored on us by saying yes to poonam. we lost the hope you lighten her life, she has faced so much humiliation i feel she will stay happy now. God bless you. poonam comes out and sees him. pryiom says to maya tell baba the ceremony will happen today. he looks at poonam and goes downstairs. Maya comes to poonam and says welcome to family. she hugs him.
Manjeeta comes to phulan he says i dont want lakhan to create a mess, you know waht you have to do. he says yes sir.

Bindiya gets a call she says i told you i wont let this happen, it cant happen. pryiom is mine. i do what i want. you dont have to worry about this, i wont give i will do what i am here for. Ghungroo says whom were you discussing your plan with? she says dont question me again or i will throttle you, you just have to follow my orders and stay in your limits.

Lakhan discusses the plan i would come from here and we will attack and abduct poonam. his mom says why so much for just a girl, he says poonam is the daughter in law of this house, talk about her with respect. Majeeta comes in, thakruain says i shouldn’t be scared. she says how dare you to come here? you are pointing this gun at lakhan, manjeeta says we only follow orders of thankur. lakhan is about to take his pistol. manjeeta says you just have to be arrested today if you try to act smart we are ordered to kill you as well. lakhan’s dad comes in. he says what is going on here? Manjeeta says lakhan has to be house arrested till the wedding, till then you and thakurain can live in haveli, she says i wont go anywhere. his dad says okay you follow the orders. Manjeeta says take the phones and cut the phone. He says chotay thakur if you need something ask my men they are waiting outside. he leaves.

lakhan says to his dad why dont you become a master in school and give your lectures there. You are a slave. he says i am not a slave but what you have done yesterday i would.. lakhan says kill me? go ahead but if i am alive no one can stop me from making poonam mine.

bindiya says to ghungroo i will kill all these men and free lakhan. only he can stop the wedding of poonam and priyom.
poonam is checking her dresses. a car comes. Birla says your baba is here i think. manjeeta comes upstairs. she asks what happened? he says dont worry abut him. thakur has got his house arrested. She says priyom lessn the burden of our heart. Manjeet says the way he stopped lakhan’s way i felt like tahkur was there.he will take care of her.

Precap-Poonam’s friend says i am sure feelings are equal both sides. priyom says i have said yes, i cant say no but poona can. i will talk to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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