Begusarai 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Phulan says to Badi Amma, i am not afraid of fire but i still dont want my house to be burned down, Lakhan has swore that he will die anyone who will marry Poonam but only thakur can stop other thakur, Choti Amma what this marriage will bring to begusarai? Phulna says its only way to save Poonam and begusarai, if you have any other way then tell me and if you dont have then take my side, i will never let wrong things grow under my rule, he leaves.
Poonam is in thoughts, she is looking at Priyom’s door, Guddi comes there and says seems like someone didnt sleep and was dreaming whole night, she says to Poonam why are you silent? you are marrying person whom you love, you will be happy, Guddi says wil he be happy? when Phulan announced our marriage, Priyom became silent, i love him but i dont know whats in his heart, Guddi says Priyom must be in shock because of happiness, dont think much, Poonam says i have to ask Priyom if he is happy with this marriage, if he is not happy then i will request Phulan to break this marriage, i dont know where is he, did he comeback? Guddi says maybe, Poonam goes to talk to him.
Pundit matches Poonam and Priyom’s kundli, he says june will be good for marriage, Phulan says this marriage should happen fast, he says to Priyom that i fixed your marriage, you have any problem with this marriage? Priyom is tensed, Poonam is going to Priyom’s room, Maya stops her and calls her, she congratulate her, Pinto says now you are our chachi, Poonam ask maya where is Priyom? Poonam says he must be in hall, Poonam goes to talk to him.

Scene 2
Poonam comes in hall, Piddi stops her. Phulan ask Priyom to answer him, Priyom says i cant deny your order, Phulan says its good to respect elders but you have right to tell whats in your heart, Priyom says i dont wanna marry, we thakurs live for others but marriage.. its about life of person, many girls came in my life, i can never be loyal to one girl, i can protect Poonam but i wont be able to keep her happy, i am not made for marriage, he turns to find Poonam standing far, Phulan says there are very less people who know their defects and can accept that, i liked it you said all this but i believe that your marriage with her will be successful, who say that good friends cant be good life partners? you both know each other well, my experience say that your marriage will be good, i will wait for your answer till evening, he leaves, Poonam starts approaching him, he moves toward her too, music plays, they feel awkward, both says that they wanna talk, Priyom ask her to speak, servant comes and tells Priyom something ins ear, Priyom looks at Poonam and says i will talk later, Ponam thinks i was right, he is not happy with marriage, why i am thinking so much, he ask her to leave, she leaves, Priyom ask servant whats problem.

Scene 3
servant brings Priyom in Haveli’s porch, Lakhan is busy doing antim sanskar (death ceremony), all comes out from haveli, Pundit ask who died? Lakhan says Phulan, Badi Amma, Choti Amma, Mitlaish, Maya, Priyom, Guddi, Pinto, Soni, Piddi, Priyom ask have you gone mad? Lakhan says yes and this madness will stop only when i will get Poonam, he says i have brought bullets equal to your family members, i will kill everyone if i dont get Poonam, all are stunned, Priyom says i believed that your are my brother and friend so didnt raise my hand but now i have understood that you are just monster so i will not step back, Lakhan says i promise you, i will kill you all in your marriage mandap and will marry Poonam in same mandap, Priyom gets angry and says i promise too, i will not let your shadow fall on Poonam or my family, Phulan feels proud, Lakhan says then we will see if my bullets are more heavy or your chest, Dolt and Lakhan leaves, Maya says to Mitlaish what problem is this, why dont you do something, Mitlaish says we will get nothing if we jump in other’s problem, its Phulan’s decision, Priyom’s marriage, Lakhan’s enmity, then why should i jump in? let them find he leaves, Choti Amma ask why Phulan didnt say a word to Lakhan, Phulan says Lakhan have helped us, he has given birth to new king of Begusarai that is Priyom Phulan thakur.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Tx…. no precap tdy also atiba ji

  2. u can go on And tv youtubr channel and check the preview

  3. Can anyone tell me abt the plot of Begusarai….i wanna start watching it..

    1. this is the story of a place called begusarai… basically the eldest n the one ruling the p[lace is phulan thakur who once was a “dhaaku” his right arm is “” ….phulan thakur had fixed daughter poonam,s and his brother’s son lakhan marriage at a very tender age… poonam grows up with the fact that her furture willbe to marry lakhan…. n lakhan is a way too wierdly possessive about poonam…. no one knws about the harms and violent lakhan is with poonam due to his possessiveness exept poonam’s parents…. phulan thakur has three sons of his own… Mithelesh thakur.. he is the eldest and is shown falling for a road side dancer, bindiya..(shweta tiwari)who is dreaming of becoming the begum of begusarai…n is playin her own games.. apart for being married to maya with 2 kids…. suraj is yougest and till now has shown no recognisable play… priyom ius one the the mainj characters and is the hero… he is poonam,s best childhood friend…..n phulan thakur finds preyom eligible for the throne of begusarai… to which mithelesh has been dreaming of…in recent epuisodes phul;an had come to kn3w about behaviour of lakhan towards poonam and had cancelled the marriage… lakahn wants poonam at any cost… he has vowed to kill nyone who will wish to marry poonam…. so phulan has fixed his own son priyom’s marriage with poonam…another strong character in the dadi…. its her deciosion apart from phulan thakur that are firm and unshakable……i hope this much can help u get the show/……now u can understand the rest of it urself…..

  4. Tank u very very much manya I wil watch it ofcourse 🙂

    1. ur most welcum.. @krittika

  5. After a very long tym, a found a serial that has no stupid saas bahut nautanki and reincarnation clichés.. Fresh, with dynamic cast, strong story plot and great dialogues.. I hv recommended this show to several of my friends.. Even guys watch this show and appreciate it.. Hope it gains the highest trp..

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